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    Denver, Colorado – Technology home security systems is developing and expanding at an exponential pace, both in invention and accessibility. While advancements in this field can improve security methods, they can also infringe upon or usurp them altogether. Companies such as DD Counter Measures post information that encourages homeowners to protect their privacy. 

    Not every homeowner believes in the importance of security systems. DD Counter Measures knows that not having security surveillance is a dangerous option and believes all homeowners should have a working system to protect their property. They also believe security should be as implemented without risk of being hacked. The site posts frequent reviews, tips, and insider information about the security system industry to ensure consumers are knowledgeable about their systems. 

    DD Counter Measures conducts thorough research and opinions on available security tools. They expand beyond layman knowledge to ensure that they are communicating valuable research as well as the most reliable systems for their clients. With over twenty blog posts analyzing various surveillance options, as well as their advantages and disadvantages, they contribute highly to public awareness in regards to existing and accessible security measures.

    DD Counter Measures recommends drones for large properties. They believe this new technology is be exponentially more helpful in tracking the activity in a large area. 

    Another suggested device to consider is a smart home gadget, a piece of equipment that functions as a live-in assistant without the actual human workforce behind it. Large companies have honed in on this idea themselves, developing technology that is constantly listening to its surroundings to better serve the needs of those in the house. However, since it has come into public knowledge, it has garnered a lot of speculation about just how “safe” such a device could be, constantly listening and recording. DD Counter Measures addresses their concern in their own review. The site knows that “security” and “safety” are not always synonymous with one another, and seeks to give readers the most up-to-date information about these current issues. 

    DD Counter Measures have listed their contact information on their website for readers with questions about purchasing and operating their own security systems. DD Counter Measures encourages homeowners new to security camera technology to research the best method for their property and stay current on the latest security technology.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: DD Counter Measures
    Contact Person: Alex Sayad
    Email: Send Email
    City: Denver
    State: Colorado 80239
    Country: United States

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    Lisbon, PT – Because of Lisbon’s expansive housing market, the city offers a large quantity of living spaces and properties. The city is filled with old buildings and new projects that give residents a feel for historical and modern areas alike. For those interested in delving into houses for sale in Lisbon, Portugal, HomeLovers offers an online platform for sellers, buyers, and renters of property in the city and surrounding areas.

    HomeLovers has several unique services that they offer to people looking to get involved in the Lisbon housing market. Since 2011, HomeLovers has been offering a unique online forum for home buying and renting with an understanding of what it is like to reside in a space in the city. Their online platform also offers buyers a simple and easy-to-navigate interface that makes the property searching process convenient.

    HomeLovers gives buyers access and insight into some of the hottest Lisbon real estate and trending deals on the market. One of their features includes properties that are listed for full sale for those looking to make a long-term investment/decision. They also list properties that are available for rent to those looking for something less permanent and fixed.

    Another feature they have is resources for potential sellers. They provide information and instructions for sellers who are interested in listing their houses for sale in Lisbon. In addition, homeowners can explore other options such as listing properties suitable for special events and filming opportunities. Thus, they match buyers, sellers, and renters to one another all through one portal.

    HomeLovers prides itself on their ability to offer a wide variety of properties for their clients. They provide options of every size and style in the city. They also make efforts to cater to special tastes and aesthetics, making sure to list properties that are suitable for all types of clients. Those looking for a decadent luscious multi-levelled space will find a property on their site as much as a couple searching for a quaint cottage. In addition to houses they offer luxury properties, villas, and apartments.

    HomeLovers works to help clients meet their needs for property investment and acquisition. Their trained and qualified staff work professionally and efficiently with clients to ensure each finds a great property that fits with their lifestyle. HomeLovers is readily available to new clients and can be contacted through their website.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Home Lovers
    Contact Person: Rui Lopez
    Email: Send Email
    City: Lisbon
    Country: Portugal

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    Colorado City, Arizona – Java Green’s recently-launched website means that consumers now need only visit one site to compare all of the best ice makers currently on the market. Based in Arizona, the site’s owners have made it their mission to make it easy for people to find the best ice making solution for them and their homes. Java Green has a plethora of ice maker reviews for people to utilize on one webpage.

    Java Green starts off each appliance description with a quick, but in-depth overview. They describe the aesthetic aspects like the colors it comes in and the material it is made from. The company also spends some time describing each machine’s functionality. They let readers know how much ice each machine can produce in a day and how fast it can produce it.

    Other facts included are how much ice the appliance can hold, what options it offers for size and shape of cubes, and its overall portability. In addition to individual descriptions, Java Green has sections comparing aspects of all the machines. From their webpage, consumers will be able to see a clear price comparison and how each machine is rated on Amazon.

    The Java Green website’s sole purpose is to help those trying to find the best ice machine. That is why their countertop ice maker reviews clearly describe the important details and compare all the aspects of each. Their webpage conveniently has multiple headings that make it easy to find specific information, and they include links to buy each machine at the end of each review.

    Whether someone is preparing for a big party or are particularly fond of frozen beverages, getting a separate machine to make ice is a great way to avoid having to buy pounds of it from the grocery store or gas station. Buying a new appliance can be a stressful task: there are so many options to choose from and deals out there, that one might give up rather than spend time comparing and deciding on appliances. Java Green strives to give their readers accurate, easy-to-read ice maker reviews of the most popular machines available right now.

    Visit their website or contact the owners for custom tips on the best maker for you and your family.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Java Green
    Contact Person: Joseph T
    Email: Send Email
    City: Colorado City
    State: Arizona 86021
    Country: United States

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    The Wisdom Teeth Professionals has limited their practice to wisdom teeth in Sydney with the aim of providing affordable and safe oral surgery with the highest possible standards of dental care.

    Sydney, New South Wales – December 6, 2018 – Wisdom teeth are the last molars, having no space to erupt properly, in most of the cases they are extracted. Wisdom teeth removal is a surgical procedure and should only be performed by dental professionals or oral surgeons with proper training and experience in performing such dental extractions oral surgery. The team in The Wisdom Teeth Professionals are highly trained and passionate about their work and to help people receive quality treatments, offers affordable oral surgery without sacrificing quality or experience.

    Wisdom Teeth Removal Sydney

    The spokesperson stated, “Yes, wisdom teeth removal is all we do. Our Sydney office is dedicated exclusively to painless and safe wisdom teeth removal. We do not perform general dentistry. When we say wisdom teeth Sydney and oral surgery is all we do, that is what exactly we mean. By concentrating on this single aspect of dentistry, we have become extremely experienced in the field. All procedures are done under extreme care and safety by a highly qualified dental surgeon with practice limited to oral surgery and wisdom teeth removal and impeccable safety record”.

    When asked about pricing, the spokesperson stated, “Our wisdom teeth removal cost Sydney is affordable to one and all, and hence we are the best choice for wisdom teeth removal in Sydney. We also provide patients with cheap wisdom teeth removal Sydney payment plans available with a variety of payment options that includes all major credit cards and health plans which can reduce tooth extraction cost and the wisdom teeth removal cost in Sydney. The maximum price of all four surgical wisdom teeth removal is just $970 at our clinic. We do not charge for review appointments!”

    “We offer a painless surgery, and hence general anaesthesia and IV sedation are included sometimes and when requested. 85% of MEDICARE rebate applies to some treatments where most of our patients pay as little as $100 to have the removal of four wisdom teeth in our hospital,” he concluded.

    One of their satisfied patients delightfully added, “the best professionals met. Clean environment, great stuff, awesome professionals! I am even excited about my next visit to take out the rest of my wisdom teeth. Thank you for the great service I appreciate it! I would recommend their service to anyone who is looking for affordable wisdom teeth removal Sydney that is completely painless and comfortable”.

    About the Author:

    The team at The Wisdom Teeth Professionals are highly trained.  Limiting their practice to wisdom teeth removal Sydney, they offer the highest possible standard of Dental care. To book your free consultations now visit

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Wisdom Teeth Removal Sydney
    Contact Person: Paulo Pinho
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 1300 217 858
    Address:Level 12, 187 Macquarie Street
    City: Sydney
    State: New South Wales
    Country: Australia

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    Wholesale Packaging Supplies Australia by Superior Paper
    Superiorpaper is the leading supplier and distributor of high-quality, biodegradable packaging supplies in Australia and they are pleased to introduce their Eco buy range products at an affordable price.

    Sydney, New South Wales – December 6, 2018 – Superiorpaper specialises in the supply of premium quality braking paper, greaseproof paper, and other packaging supplies that are manufactured from biodegradable materials.

    The firm’s manager stated, “For more than three decades, we are specialised in converting sheeted paper and delivering the superior paper to various industries across the Sydney Metropolis and throughout Australia. With the state-of-the-art equipment, tools, and machinery, we provide our customers with a complete paper solution at a competitive price. Though we manufacture wholesale packaging supplies in different shapes and sizes, our team is always ready to customise them according to our client’s unique requirements.”

    He emphasised, “We are an environmentally and socially responsible company. In all our dealings, we insist on the sustainable use of natural resources and energy efficiency. We source raw materials from evergreen forests and also guarantee our clients that our baking paper, greaseproof paper, and other products are eco-friendly and biodegradable which are safe our both the environment and the consumers.”

    “We offer a wide range of services including printed greaseproof paper, cutting, slitting and rewinding, and surface treatment. Also, we provide outstanding customer support, from a selecting a suitable paper for your application to its smooth introduction into production,” he added.

    The spokesperson said, “We are also proud to be the distributors of a wide range of papers that are accredited by HACCP a food safety accreditation program. All our food packaging supplies are certified to prove that they are food safe including the wrapping paper and the other packaging paper supplies.” 

    “Supported by a dedicated team and superior technology, Superiorpaper is able to offer customers a wide range of tailor-made wholesale packaging supplies for various applications,” he concluded.

    One of their clients added, “Superiorpaper provides a flexible service and premium quality products at a reasonable price that exceeds our expectations. I would never hesitate to recommend Superiorpaper, and in fact, I will make sure I do.”

    About the Company

    Superiorpaper is Australia’s leading supplier and distributors of environmentally-friendly wholesale packaging supplies to various industries. Visit for more details.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Superior Paper
    Contact Person: Todd Peovski
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 1300 558 908
    Address:11-13 Phillips Road
    City: Sydney
    State: New South Wales
    Country: Australia

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    Santa Clara, California – December 6, 2018 – Shrimpy, a portfolio automation tool for cryptocurrencies, officially announces KuCoin as their preferred exchange partner.

    Shrimpy’s partnership with KuCoin focuses on providing users with automated portfolio management tools. Recent market developments and conditions have had a strong impact in slowing the adoption and usage of cryptocurrencies. Despite this market downtrend, Shrimpy and KuCoin have joined together to provide better portfolio and investment management solutions for cryptocurrency users and traders.”

    To celebrate Shrimpy’s official partnership with KuCoin, Shrimpy will be hosting weekly trading competitions from December 10, 2018 through January 7, 2019. Users are encouraged to join and use Shrimpy’s free portfolio automation tools to trade on KuCoin. As an additional bonus, all users that join Shrimpy and perform a rebalance on KuCoin will receive a free month of Shrimpy Premium.

    According to Michael McCarty, Shrimpy’s Founder and CEO, “We’re excited to launch this unique partnership with KuCoin to provide investment grade tools to cryptocurrency traders and users. We hope to bring crypto to the general population and make investing in cryptocurrencies a simple and painless process.”

    Try Shrimpy for Free

    Trading Competition Details

    About Shrimpy

    Shrimpy is a free portfolio management application that lets cryptocurrency users automate their entire investment portfolio in just a few simple steps. With just a few clicks, users can set their asset allocation and rebalancing strategy for their cryptocurrency ​portfolio. Once a portfolio strategy is created, Shrimpy takes care of the rest and executes the user’s strategy to achieve the desired portfolio.

    Visit ​​ to learn more.

    About KuCoin

    Launched in September 2017, KuCoin is a global cryptocurrency exchange based in Singapore, with additional offices located in China, Thailand, the Philippines, and Bulgaria. Known as “The People’s Exchange”, KuCoin aims to provide users a secure and convenient trading platform for digital asset and cryptocurrencies.

    Recently, KuCoin closed their Series A round of funding, raising $20 million (USD) from IDG Capital, Matrix Partners and Neo Global Capital. Backed by some of the most prominent digital asset investment groups, KuCoin aims to make a strong push to bring cryptocurrency to the masses.

    Visit ​​ to learn more.

    Related Links:,ETH,LTC,XMR,DASH,ETC,NEO,XEM&p=1d&r=20

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Shrimpy
    Contact Person: Kevin Wang, Marketing Director
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 510-565-5042
    Country: United States

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    The historic building reopens with a modern day twist

    Seaside, OR – The Times Theater Building on the corner of Broadway and Columbia has come back to life. Opening in October of 2018 after over a year of renovations, the historic theater has reopened as under the name Times Theater and Public House. After closing 30 years ago, you can now catch a movie, a game,  grab some food, or drink a house brewed “Sisu” beer in the beautifully restored building.

    The theater has reopened to rave reviews from locals, and visitors alike. Many note the historically preserved interior, as well as the ambiance the new construction brings. While renovations were extensive, TD&M Enterprises, also the entity of just under 10 local businesses, did an amazing job of keeping the buildings unique feel. After 30 years as a storage unit, talk of the new theater began in early 2017.   At the time, Marketing Director for TD&M Enterprises, Marla Olstedt, said “This is a unique project because the locals are excited. It’s in the heart of downtown Seaside, and there is automatic foot traffic. It will be exciting to watch the collaboration between the brew pub and the theater.”

    To ensure they got it right, the owners, The Utti family of Seaside, partnered with Seaside Brewings Vince Berg. Berg, a local brewer, helped get equipment in place, and recipes perfected for their house “Sisu” beer. “Sisu” meaning perseverance, or stubbornness in Finnish, is an ode to the Utti families heritage. In addition to beer they have a full pub menu, movie concessions, and another Seaside classic – Phillips Candy. You can enjoy all three in their dining area, or in one of the theaters large, theater style seats.

    About Times Theater/Times Theater and Public House:

    Times Theater was a movie theater in Seaside, OR open from 1940-1989. It is remembered by locals as a place to drop off your kids and feel safe about where they were, and what they were doing. After attendance slowed in the late 1980’s, the theater showed its last film, “Parenthood,” on October 12, 1989. The new Times Theater and Public House now shows second-run movies, sporting events, and special events. After expanding into the old Tom & Larry’s candy, they now have a full service kitchen where you can order classic pub foods like burgers, specialty hot dogs, and more. Movies primarily show at night at 7, or 9pm with the only exception being live entertainment, or a special event. The Times Theater and Public House is open 11am – 11pm on weekdays, and 9am – 11pm on weekends.

    Read the full article on the Seaside Times Theatre here:

    Visit The times theater website here:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Seaside Oregon
    Contact Person: Seth Morrisey
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: (971) 308-3055
    Address:615 Broadway St Suite 275
    City: Seaside
    State: OR
    Country: United States

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    From domestic cleaning to end of tenancy cleaning, the company caters to the needs of commercial & residential clients on reasonably affordable rates

    London, England, UK – December 6, 2018 – PNP Cleaning and Maintenance Ltd. has proudly announced that it is offering a wide range of cleaning services to the residential and commercial customers of East London. The cleaning company has recently announced a wide range of packages for its end of tenancy cleaning services and these packages cover accommodations of studio flat, one bedroom flat, two bedroom flat and even three-bedroom flats. Moreover, PNP is emerging as a one-stop cleaning solution provider to East Londoners at prices that are unbeatable and a quality that is unmatched.

    “You can now leave your old house in a perfect condition with our end of tenancy packages and our experts ensure the highest standards of quality for each job,” said the spokesperson of PNP Cleaning, while introducing the company’s end of tenancy packages. “We are also very grateful to our valued customers for their phenomenal reviews and testimonials regarding our services,” she added. According to the spokesperson, the company’s high-quality services are backed by years of experience in the cleaning industry, professionalism and reliable customer care.

    In addition, PNP cleaning services cover various areas in East London and caters for people with allergies and respiratory diseases. Moreover, the company is an official distributor of Dr. Schnell cleaning products, which are known nationwide for their exceptional quality and eco-friendly ingredients. This also makes PNP an ideal choice for families with little children or pets and the company has received an overwhelming response from such clients in their phenomenal reviews and testimonials.

    Another amazing service offered by the company is its remarkable website and customer support department. Potential clients can get free quotes by calling the company or using the live chat feature on its interactive website. Online bookings can also be made and these amazing features along with a reasonably affordable price make this company unique amongst its competition in East London area. Furthermore, the company also offers carpet cleaning, steam cleaning, spring cleaning, after party cleaning and much more in its wide range of services.

    To find out more and to book these affordable cleaning services online, please visit the website at:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: PNP Cleaning and Maintenance Ltd
    Contact Person: Media Manager
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 075 8868 7034
    Address:5 Groveside Road
    City: London
    Country: United Kingdom

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    Currently the number of EOS accounts has exceeded 500,000. These EOS accounts receive a fair amount of airdrops every day.

    If airdrops don’t get to circulate, they are just a bunch of worthless random characters. It seems to be a common sense for early EOS users that once you got airdrops, you trade them on Newdex. This allows Newdex to quickly overtake the top ETH decentralized exchange IDEX in both daily active users and 24h trading volume.

    Data screenshot
    – (Source: SpiderStore2018.11.26)

    Getting Rid of Registration and KYC, Newdex Gives Users its First Hit

    When users start their journey on some kinds of exchanges, the first step it comes is registration. Such process could take users a lot of time to fill out their personal details. Email or mobile text verification might also be included.

    Some exchanges even require users to show certification titling “I [CERTAIN NAME] certify to register the [CERTAIN EXCHANGE] exchange”, then upload a picture of them holding that certification. Process like this drives users away from their exchanges.

    As exchanges for cryptocurrency, registration that requires KYC verification contradicts the anonymity principle of decentralization. Therefore, Newdex was able to impress users firstly by its friendly user experience that allows them to skip the registration.

    Open Newdex’s official website, click on Sign In, the interface will show up as follows:

    Users can sign in and start trading simply by authorizing with either Scatter Extension or mobile wallets. Both ways are starter-friendly, there is tutorial about using Scatter on the sign-in interface. For wallets, installing navigations are all very clear on their official sites. 

    There are 11 wallets supported on Newdex Web Version, including TokenPocket, MEETONE, Math Wallet, Bitpie, NovaWallet, EOS.Live, MOREWallet, Starteos, 51Token, Pocket EOS and PRABOX.

    Despite IDEX requires no registration as well, they don’t support the function of code scanning, users still need to import wallet to start trading.

    The Exemption of Registration Allows Users to Skip Deposit and Withdrawal

    Behind the exemption of registration, users private keys are guarded by wallet.

    On Newdex, users authorize with wallet directly. Because users do not need to make any deposit, their assets will be protected until deals are finished. Once orders are matched, selling assets will be charged from wallet, greatly reducing the time that assets are exposed.

    When deals are finished, buying assets will be transferred to wallet directly, meanwhile the transfer details are clear and traceable on EOS main net. Users do not need to submit any withdrawing claim.

    Although IDEX is a decentralized exchange, this platform still requires deposit and withdrawal. Not to mention the loads of withdrawing time effected by Ethereum’s poor performance. 

    Capturing User Needs is the Fundamental to Newdex

    No withdrawal means no withdrawal charge on Newdex.

    Limited to the operating cost on Ethereum, IDEX charges fees on placing and revoking order. Apparently such charging list is unacceptable by most users.

    With friendly user experience, fast trading and various Tokens (listing 102 trading pairs), Newdex is able to seize target users firmly.

    For investors who haven’t step in EOS ecology yet, it is not too late to get engaged and learn more about EOS.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Globalnewsonline
    Contact Person: JAN
    Email: Send Email
    Country: United States

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    On Sunday December 16th, 2018 at 6pm, Award Winning International Gospel Artist – Frank Edwards will be performing live at Grace International Church Houston for the church’s annual Christmas Concert. In their bid to celebrate a memorable and fun-filled Christmas, Grace International Church will host the free concert in the church auditorium. While Frank Edwards will be the headliner, other gospel artists will also be performing live to bring down the spirit and glory of this Christmas season.

    Sharing more details about the event, a spokesperson at shared, “Christmas is always a very special occasion and it provides a valuable opportunity to gather all the members of the community together. This year the church will be organizing the Sunday evening concert in addition to offering other holiday services to individuals, families and other members of the community.”

    Frank Edwards (nicknamed Frankrichboy) is a member of Christ Embassy Church in Nigeria and LoveWorld Music Ministry alongside other gospel musicians including Ada Ehi (gospel musician), Sinach, Eben, and Joe Praize. He is a contemporary Christian singer-songwriter and recording artist from Enugu, Enugu State. Edwards is the founder and owner of the record label Rocktown Records, which is home to recording artists such as Edwards himself, Gil, Divine, King BAS, Nkay, David, Dudu, Micah Heavens and among others. He began singing at the age of ten and learned to play the piano from his father when he was young. He became a born-again Christian in his teenage years and has six albums and many hit singles to his name. His recent album is called Frankincense. He is currently known as Nigeria’s Hottest Gospel rock artiste in Nigeria. In 2013, he appeared in the live performance of Sinach’s “I know who I am” video. Besides being an artiste with many songs in all musical genres, he is also a genius producer, master mixer. As a result, Rocktown Records, has a generation of upcoming talents including Gil Joe, King BAS, Divine, Nkay, Soltune, David and others. In 2016, he collaborated with famous American gospel artiste, Don Moen on an album “Grace”.

    Grace International Church is located at Bellaire Blvd, Houston (Texas). Grace International Church has always been at the forefront of organizing memorable events and services for people. The church is headed by Senior Pastors Drs. A.A. & Alice Ajim, and their primary focus is to share the joy and love of Jesus Christ with one and all. In addition, the GIC’S Television Ministry connects people with each other through life changing services with powerful worship and practical teachings. The church firmly believes that serving is the key to worship, stewardship as well as membership.

    To know more about the church, its activities and the Holiday Services events, please visit

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Leoserv Inc.
    Contact Person: Jennifer Taylor
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 281-698-7483
    Country: United States

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    In the past several years, blockchain technology has rapidly achieved global prominence. Deemed an important driver of the fourth industrial revolution. The logistics industry is considered by the insiders to be the field with the highest potential for innovative application of blockchains besides the financial industry.

    The logistics industry has broad prospects. On the scale of the global market, it will reach $12.256 trillion by 2022, but still remains behind in terms of technology and operation. This is due to the decentralized nature of the industry, which has caused the entire logistical process to lack transparency, many important areas of accountability cannot be attributed to any one participant.

    One might say, blockchain provides a logical course for the standardization and digitization of the logistics industry. At present, blockchain teams from logistics giants have tested the logistics public chain, but whether they can match technology to business, or whether it will have value for large-scale commercial application, has become an important criterion for judging the success of a public chain.

    Exploring Eight Application Scenarios

    As the world’s first public chain based on EOS underlying technology and designed specifically for logistics industry applications, the OPT team has delved deeply into the study of application scenarios over many years. In their latest white paper, they published their case studies in this field.

    “Blockchain has a lot of advantages, saves time and costs, reduces risk and fraud. By utilizing blockchain technology, the logistics industry can optimize resource utilization, compress intermediate links, and improve overall industry efficiency. The head of the OPT team introduced the eight application scenarios one by one in the white paper.

    Firstly, logistics platforms easily make chains: Since blockchain is decentralized and data cannot be tampered with, the cargo owner, drivers, logistics behavior and key information can be placed in the chain, allowing tracking of and accountability for issues. The logistics platform easily builds and deploys its own Dapp using the DAPP development engine module provided by the OPT’s BASS platform, solving the credit problem also solves the problem of high cost of blockchain development.

    Secondly, instant matching of industry chain collaboration: Small logistics platforms fill the role of the transportation agent through the Dapp provided by the OPT ecology. In this process, the OPT’s advanced interface is used to search and screen inter-provincial long-distance transportation, multiple drivers planned iterations for inter-city logistics and same city deliveries, thereby creating an efficient logistics team.

    Thirdly, traceability of goods: Goods from planting and production to delivery to consumers, the logistics links play a central role, allowing information about the loading, transportation, unloading, schedule, and responsible person to be totally uploaded into blockchain, so information about the whereabouts of cargo can be traced but not be tampered with. Taking food safety as an example, blockchain can realize complete traceability and visibility of “from farm to table” in the true sense.

    Fourthly, logistics monitoring and driver dispatching: Logistics platforms can use the relevant Dapp on the OPT platform to manage routes and transport, monitor the entire logistical process, discover anomalies, follow up and handle them in a timely manner, as well as find and dispatch a suitable driver.

    Fifthly, the whole process can be tracked: Logistics usually spans many steps, hundreds of geographic locations, and transport by multiple parties. Using the OPT related Dapp to connect each logistical leg as well as track the entire process.

    Sixthly, security and privacy: Many manufacturers are concerned about data leakage during the logistical process. This has caused many logistics SAAS providers to lose opportunities. If the company quickly stores the information about customers, drivers, logistics transportation after encryption using the development engine provided by the OPT public chain, which can only be viewed with the customer’s private key, therefore, it can completely dispel concerns about data security and privacy.

    Seventhly, insurance services: Uploading drivers transportation data to the blockchain makes it tamper-proof, which means credibility in terms of insurance and premiums will be reduced correspondingly, putting an end to insurance fraud.

    Eighthly, supply chain finance: At present, there are few financial products for small and medium-sized brick-and-mortar stores, logistics, or drivers. This is because supply chain financial institutions are unable to obtain sufficient real data to analyze and evaluate a comprehensive credit limit. In the face of this rigid remand market, financial institutions can obtain valid data authorized by lenders using the advanced query interface on the OPT platform. At the same time, data flow creates a chain reaction, expanding value and profits.

    Insiders believe that the multiplicity, small size, decentralization, and unpredictability of logistics companies are pain points of the industry. The eight applications proposed by OPT have practical significance. Their core meaning lies in using blockchain technology to create an efficient operating model based on the premises of automation and information sharing, ultimately reducing the cost of transportation and improving customer experience.

    Committed to Building the First Public Logistics Chain

    Of course, everything has two sides. The coordination of “blockchains + logistics” also faces many challenges. For example, smart contract vulnerabilities, consensus mechanisms and private key protections, 51% attack, cryptographic algorithms and other technical security issues. There is also the talent aspect, and due to blockchains’ multidisciplinary nature, combining cryptography, mathematics, algorithms, and finance, the requirements for versatile talent are very high.

    This requires the blockchain team to have highly skilled personnel and technological advantages in order to incorporate the logic of business in technology and application scenarios.

    OPT is one of the top blockchain technical teams in the world. Team members not only have educational backgrounds at MIT, the University of California, the University of Michigan, the University of Southern California, and the University of Pennsylvania, they also have work experience at large-scale technology, finance, and logistics companies as well as many years of experience in the blockchain industry.

    The head of the OPT team said that any new technology requires a certain development process, and believes that with all the team’s efforts, future blockchains can play a bigger role in logistics. OPT is committed to the use of blockchain technology to achieve intelligent logistics, solve the problems of information islands, system security, privacy violations, payment uncertainty, and low efficiency of overall industry collaboration as well as to achieving a logistical process that can be traced from origin to destination, to ensuring there is an accountable person at each link in the process and seamless delivery, and providing a simple, low cost, highly efficient, safe and reliable blockchain solution for the entire logistics industry.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Globalnewsonline
    Contact Person: JAN
    Email: Send Email
    Country: United States

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    Dallas, TX For social security card replacement, Online Application now offers a live chat support in an effort to better help users with their social security replacement needs. The live chat support is designed to answer user questions and help with the form submission process that some people fumble with. Users can now use the live chat support or call 24/7 to receive immediate customer service.

    A Social Security Card is one of the mandatory national cards required by any American citizen. But the process of acquiring a replacement social security card is cumbersome, and many people get rejected for errors made during the application process. In order to facilitate, simplify, and enhance the application process, was launched. is a professional application filing service with the core goal of helping Americans navigate the intricate and bureaucratic process involved in applying for a social security card replacement. However, Online Application is not affiliated with the Social Security Administration (SSA) or any other governmental agency.

    Online Application offers a private service to individuals looking to escape the time wasting process of waiting in line, making mistakes, and having social security card applications rejected by the Social Security Administration. The platform has helped many people successfully file for a replacement social security card. This replacement card process works in three simple steps:

    1. Answer form generated questions: The system automatically generates an SS-5 Form in 100% correct format, easily filled by the individual online without having to go to the SSA office.

    1. Read instructions and submit the form: Instead of reading complex government regulations at the SSA office, users receive personalized information with step-by-step instructions to read and submit the relevant documents for application completion.

    1. Get a new card: a new card is sent directly to the applicant via mail. Social security card replacement is easy and convenient with Online Application.

    “With the live chat support, users can get answers to any of their questions. If you don’t understand any instruction, questionnaire, or guide, all you have to do is send us a message through the live chat and we will get back to you as quickly as possible,” says the spokesperson of the company. “We have helpful staff ready to answer any questions in order to make the online social security card application process as easy as possible.”

    Read more about their application service at

    Online Application’s office is located at 1415 Main St Dallas, Texas, 75202. Contact them via phone at 214-446-3941, or via email at

    For additional information about their services, visit their website.

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    Company Name: Online Application
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    Phone: 214-446-3941
    Address:1415 Main St
    City: Dallas
    State: Texas
    Country: United States

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    Ringway Plumbing and Gas is a name people can rely on when it comes to their plumbing and gas concerns. They strive to offer excellent service ensuring customers will get the friendliest plumbers in Manchester and its surrounding areas.

    RingwayPlumbingandGas are a household name in Manchester and its surrounding areas, known for their quality work and professional team of plumbers. Plumbing and gas faults can be one of the most difficult concerns homeowners encounter and Ringway Plumbing and Gas strives to make their customers’ lives easier by prioritising customer satisfaction. They believe in the philosophy that all work should exceed expectations, meet deadlines, and offer the best value for money. On top of that, they see to it that they go beyond offering great services by building rapport with their new and existing customers. They don’t only mean business but they also work closely with their clients. Their team of expert and professional plumbers underwent various training programs to make sure they are updated in the best plumbing and gas techniques in the industry. Their equipment is also top of the line that ensures the jobs are done right.

    Ringway Plumbing and Gas Ltd is the best choice when it comes to plumbing and gas issues due to their priorities. They believe that friendly plumbers are appealing to customers, therefore, they are proud to have the friendliest team of plumbers in Manchester. They prioritise punctuality, competitive quotes, honestly, reliability, surpassing expectations, client satisfaction, and last but not least, quality workmanship. They also have a myriad of services including installing Valliant heating products, boilers, central heating, upgrades, replacements, smart thermostats, underfloor heating, gas cookers, gas fires, landlords gas safety checks, unvented and vented hot water cylinders, power showers, and power flushing.

    There are many reasons why customers should choose Ringway Plumbing and Gas Ltd for their plumbing and gas concerns. Apart from an exceptional service and premium workmanship, they also offer the greatest rates and quotes for any plumbing service. Being ahead of the curve in the competition is extremely important, therefore, they continuously research their competitors to give their clients the best services. Last but not the least, all their local Manchester team of plumbers have generated a wealth of experience over the last 30 years which ensures all plumbing and gas services have the highest standards. 

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Ringway Plumbing And Gas Ltd
    Contact Person: Lee Grimshaw
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    Phone: 01614370883
    Address:54 Longlevens Road, Woodhouse Park
    City: Manchester, M22 1AX
    Country: United Kingdom

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    Alpha Building Restoration Ltd caters to its clients encountering various kinds of damages pertaining to water, fire, and mould. Apart from these services, they also provide cleaning services and more. Their efficiency and reliability are unmatched in the industry.

    When it comes to problems pertaining to water, fire, and moulds – AlphaBuildingRestorationLtd is trustworthy incident response organizations that help mitigate these damages. The company is based in London and is an established company of helping people in times of crisis. They truly pride themselves in providing a 24-hour emergency service so that people can sleep well knowing they have an excellent organization to call whenever the need arises. Their team of professional and highly-experienced technicians is guaranteed to assuage people’s worries and concerns. They are happy to assure their customers that when hiring their technicians, there’s no need to hire subcontractors as they can do the job completely and effectively. These technicians have attended the educational program at The National Flood School and have gained sufficient know-how through years of hands-on practice in their field. Therefore, an exceptional level of service and unparalleled customer care is always a priority.

    Alpha Building Restoration Ltd is a name you can trust when you need help with flooding and sewage contamination, water escape from domestic appliances, bursting pipes, bursting tanks, and other water-related incidents; fire, smoke, and soot damage, and spills or stains on carpets, rugs, and upholstery. Water damage issues can be from several causes such as leaking dishwashers, heavy rain, a leaking roof, packaged-up sewage, and more. Their expert technicians have handled uncountable water damage control concerns in recent years. On the other hand, fire damage can be a dreadful thing that can happen to someone’s property. The organization strives in making their customer’s life as stress-free as possible while they restore the property competently. In addition, sewage blockage can have a huge impact on your daily routine, their technicians have years of experience in unblocking sewage drains. Last but not least, their cleaning specialists get carpets and other types of fabrics spotless without disrupting their customer’s usual routine.

    There’s no doubt that Alpha Building Restoration Ltd is everybody’s servant in restoring valuable properties into their clean and happy state. With affordable prices, exceptional service, and accommodating staff; these unfortunate events will seem like easy obstacles to overcome.

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    Company Name: Alpha Building Restoration Ltd
    Contact Person: Mazen Aldmeri
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    Phone: 01895813911
    Address:Rear Of 113 Hillingdon Hill
    City: Uxbridge, UB10 0JQ
    Country: United Kingdom

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    Any garage should only have the best equipment in servicing vehicles. This ensures that mechanics can focus on attending to the cars without doing backbreaking work. At Garage Equipment Online, they only provide high-quality garage equipment.

    There’s no question that opening a garage is a lucrative business endeavour. People who have an inherent passion for all things automotive will not only derive great satisfaction at repairing and enhancing cars but will fulfill their heart’s desire of turning a wonderful hobby into a means of making money. But few realize that opening their own garage can be a logistical nightmare that could prove difficult to overcome. For one thing, the location of the business plays a huge part in its success. And another factor would-be business owners should consider is the right equipment and tools they have in their arsenal. A talented and skillful mechanic can only do so much without the right equipment. Garage Equipment Online offers a solution to any mechanic dreaming of opening their own garage. They have the best garage equipment in the market all at a competitive price.

    For many years now, GEO has been the UK’s fastest growing supplier for garage equipment. Included in their services are fast responses to sales query and delivery, efficient installation as well as servicing throughout mainland UK. They stock all the necessary equipment a well-rounded auto shop would need. They have tyre changing machines, 2-post, and 4-post lifts, wheel balancers, OBDII diagnostic scanners and so much more. With a combined industry experience covering the better part of 60 years, customers are assured of quality products and services.

    One particular gem in GEO’s crown that they’re particularly proud of is their 5-star customer service rating. All feedback by customers is received and address by GEO’s staff. They take bad reviews very seriously and consider it an opportunity for growth. Through this proactive response, they have garnered the trust and loyalty of all their customers across the country.

    Garage Equipment Online also offers lease financing for all their products. Customers wishing to purchase equipment through this process simply have to fill out a short form with the necessary information and the dedicated team will make sure that a quick decision is made about the application. And to top it all off, GEO is affiliated with a number of funders, meaning their lease approval rating is one of the highest in the industry, some in as short as one hour.

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    Company Name: Garage Equipment Online Limited
    Contact Person: Jason Pengelly
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    Phone: 0151 601 4945
    Address:1 Sandford Street
    City: Birkenhead
    State: Merseyside, CH41 1BN
    Country: United Kingdom

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    New Payment Processing Solution will Lower Costs for Merchants and Consumers

    TravelCash, a new mobile payment system, is using blockchain technology to provide a digital alternative to the credit card industry by introducing a lower cost payment processing solution, resulting in significant savings for merchants and customers. TravelCash is developing a cryptocurrency and integrated mobile payment and rewards system over the Stellar platform which is capable of processing between 1,000 and 5,000 transactions per second.

    TravelCash Announces Digital Alternative for Mobile Payments; New Payment Processing Solution will Lower Costs for Merchants and Consumers

    When it comes to credit cards, merchants face high processing and transaction fees that can run as high as 3.5 to 4 percent. For merchants that experience a high volume of chargebacks, this fee can run even higher. Even paying 2 percent — not counting the additional monthly and per-item fees — can dramatically alter the cash flow of a business. With brick-and-mortar retailers facing increasingly tight margins, a low-fee payment system could mean the difference between profitability and running in the red.

    “With our fees at just 1 percent, we save merchants 50 percent to 70 percent over credit cards and because the app lets merchants take payments immediately, no additional equipment is needed,” says Will Gozzard, chief vision officer for TravelCash. “The process is designed to be seamless and the savings are substantial.”

    For consumers, TravelCash is developing a digital wallet in the form of a mobile app, with many of the features being built to streamline the purchasing process, reduce the risk of fraud and eliminate waste. In the future, consumers will be able to pay for goods and services using a TravelCash QR code, collect merchant rewards such as airline miles or grocery store gas points, and save receipts, all through TravelCash’s recoverable wallet, stored securely on the Cloud.

    “In fact, we envision TravelCash being accepted in every aspect of life: from online travel booking sites, to grocery stores, from hotels to restaurants and at gas pumps — even on sharing economy platforms such as Uber and Airbnb,” says Gozzard. “With our app, consumers can simply pay on the go with their phones and not have to worry about any of the risks of carrying cash or credit cards.”

    Funding/Token Sale:

    TravelCash has adopted a two-token structure with a non-security token to be solely used as a payment medium on the platform, and a security token that comes with certain ownership rights but that can also be used as a payment medium on the platform. Initially, TravelCash will be seeking up to $10 million from the sale of its Series Seed Preferred Stock, which can be converted into either TravelCash’s security tokens or Common Stock at the holders’ discretion. This two-token approach will ensure compliance with federal securities laws while at the same time create the means with which the company will run its operations.

    About the Stellar Platform: 

    Stellar uses a federated byzantine agreement model, called the Stellar Consensus Protocol (SCP), to provide ultra-fast transaction processing though quorum slicing. Stellar is currently ranked 6th on with a total market capitalization in excess of $4 billion. Stellar is a non-profit organization that offers open-source development on its platform for existing and emerging financial technology companies.

    About TravelCash

    TravelCash is a digital payment and rewards management system that leverages blockchain technology to simplify purchases, reduce credit card fees, and limit the risk of consumer fraud. In addition, a cloud-based TravelCash mobile application will allow consumers to pay on the go at grocery stores, restaurants, at the gas pump, and even on travel booking sites and ride and home sharing platforms. TravelCash is proudly headquartered in Columbus, Ohio.

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    Country: China

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    Amateur golfers across the country vie for a chance to compete for their charity at Pebble Beach Resorts each December.

    The storied account of the successful launch of the Lexus brand has been told many times in books and articles, but little is known about the charity program that was launched by the brand at the same time. Even before the first dealership opened, Lexus had begun plans for giving back to local communities, and Lexus Champions for Charity is now in its 30th year of raising money for a host of nonprofit organizations across the country. 

    Lexus Champions for Charity 2018
    Perhaps the longest running charitable program of its kind, Lexus Champions for Charity has helped raise more than $400 million since that first year. Lexus dealers across the U.S. sponsor charity golf tournaments in their respective communities. Each selects a charity of their choice, and provides a once-in-a-lifetime Pebble Beach golf experience package for two as part of their fundraising activity.

    This two-player team participates in the LCFC National Championship — a five-day event, including three days of golf on the ultimate trifecta of courses: Pebble Beach Golf Links, Spyglass Hill Golf Course and The Links at Spanish Bay. Auction and raffle winners represent their charity on the links, competing for the opportunity to gift a portion of the $100,000purse.

    “Philanthropy has been a core element of the Lexus brand since its inception, and we’re delighted at the enthusiasm and participation we see year-after-year with Champions for Charity,” says Greg Kitzens, general manager of Lexus marketing. “We have some determined players who have made it an annual event, and some fantastic charities that have benefitted for decades.”

    “Lexus Champions for Charity has been very close to my family’s heart,” said Kendell Sutterlin, founder of the charity Abby’s Friends, a Lexus Champions for Charity beneficiary for 11 years. “My husband, John and I absolutely love attending the Pebble Beach event to hear and see how many wonderful, deserving charities benefit from the generosity of Lexus dealerships. Abbys Friends is truly grateful for the impact our local dealership has made in the lives of children living with Type 1 Diabetes in the Charleston community.”

    In addition to the tournament itself, the five-day Championship event includes:

    • Daily hole-in-one opportunities to win a Lexus.
    • Special appearances by Lexus Golf Ambassadors like Peter Jacobson, Johnny Miller, and Natalie Gulbis conducting exhibitions and meet-and-greets.
    • Luxury hospitality including accommodations at the renowned Inn at Spanish Bay, fine dining, social functions and a Saturday evening Champions Dinner and Awards Ceremony.
    • Lexus drive experiences.

    Champions for Charity by the Numbers:

    • 30 — years since Lexus Champions for Charity’s inception
    • 30 — years the longest running charity has been a beneficiary (Achievement Centers for Children)
    • $400 million — raised to-date for charities across the country
    • $43,810 — record-high donation for the LCFC National Championship — benefiting The Meyer Center for Special Children
    • 5,000 — local charities supported through the years
    • 150 — local Champions for Charity golf tournaments in 2018
    • 44 — states represented
    • 18 — most LCFC National Championships attended by one participant
    • $100,000 — Lexus Champions for Charity National Championship purse
    • 35,000 — current and potential Lexus customers reached

    About Lexus

    Lexus’ passion for brave design, imaginative technology, and exhilarating performance enables the luxury lifestyle brand to create amazing experiences for its customers. Lexus began its journey in 1989 with two luxury sedans and a commitment to pursue perfection. Since then, Lexus has developed its lineup to meet the needs of global luxury customers in more than 90 countries. In the United States, Lexus vehicles are sold through 241 dealers offering a full lineup of luxury vehicles. With six models incorporating Lexus Hybrid Drive, Lexus is the luxury hybrid leader. Lexus also offers eight F SPORT models and two F performance models. Lexus is committed to being a visionary brand that anticipates the future for luxury customers.

    For more information, visit:

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    Country: China

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    In the past November, the cryptocurrency market has lost more than $65 billion market capitalization, and mainstream cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash and other digital assets have also experienced significant plunge from 10% to 50%.

    Investors who bought with a high price suffered a great loss, but there’s no need to be overanxious because of the BTC price drop from $20,000 at the beginning of the year to the current $4,000, which was not the worst in the history of Bitcoin, and there were at least 4 times worse than this drop.

    If you still believe in Bitcoin, then not leaving the table is the best strategy. In fact, there are still many investors who earned a lot in the bear market, but why you are not included, because you didn’t master the correct method.

    The leverage trading recently launched by ExShell is a financial product that can take you through the bullish and bearish markets, and can be profitable whether in bear market or bull market.

    Leverage trading is an indispensable financial tool in financial markets. Archimedes can use leverage to move the earth. You can also use leverage to make money in bear market. The leverage trading of ExShell is that users mortgage the digital assets on the platform, borrow the digital assets, perform long or short operations, and in this way to use small funds to incite large funds to earn more profits. The leverage trading of ExShell supports up to 3 times leverage, which means that the trade can be magnified 3 times and so is the profit.

    Let’s talk about why you will lose money in bear market? We all know that spot trading is based on the rise in the price of the coin to achieve profit, so when the market is bearish, investors can only look for opportunities in a short-term rebound, which is commonly known as bargain-hunting. However, the bottom of bear market is unpredictable, and investors usually buy the bottom at a high price. Sometimes they will lose their capitals. Therefore, the bear market is basically not profitable.But if you use leverage trading of ExShell to make short selling and get profits in bear market. You can imagine how easy it is to earn profits like that.

    Let’s make an example to make the whole logic clearer and more intuitive. Take the BTC/USDT trading pair as an example. Let’s suppose we have 1 BTC in hand. The current price is 4000USDT. When we judge that the BTC price is about to fall, we can mortgage 1 BTC, then borrow 2 BTC, and then sell 3 BTC at that current price, so we can get 12,000 USDT. Assuming BTC falls to 3000 USDT, we buy back 4 BTC with 12,000 USDT in hand, return 2 BTC and still have 2 BTC remaining, and earn 1 BTC. This can be done by selling high and buying low to earn profits.

    In the same way, you can loan coins to make it big in leverage trading, 3 times leverage will get 3 times profits.

    There are more than 10,000 global cryptocurrency exchanges, but only a handful of exchanges can operate leverage trading. ExShell introduces up to 3 times leverage trading, and has a professional risk management mechanism to protect the users’ asset security. What’s more, the overall security of ExShell is very distinctive, such as the establishment of Silicon Valley security laboratory, the use of one-way transmission shutters, encrypted QR code and other trading technologies, and its financial security protection system has reached the national financial security protection level.

    Besides security, the financial capability of ExShell is also very excellent, taking its role as the promoter for the evolution of traditional finance to digital finance. The launch of leverage trading in only one month shows the financial product design and service capabilities of ExShell. Before the leverage was launched, ExShell also launched another digital asset financial product ShellBel, which is characterized by deposit and withdraw at any time, 0 handling fee, up to 36% annualized return, is also outstanding in the entire industry.

    Of course, there are 10 times and 20 times contract trading in the industry, but we should be cautious to this kind of trading. Contract trading above 10 times requires very high operational capability, and a momentary oversight will make you lose all, which is too risky for ordinary investors. Compared with that, we recommend 3 times leverage trading, which is more fault-tolerant and more suitable for mass investors. Buy at bull market and sell in bear market, the leverage trading of ExShell is a fabulous guide for you to walk through the bull and bear markets.




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    Wheelchairs are not only a means of transport for physically handicapped and people with reduced mobility, but also a tool for their physical exercise and participation in social activities. The traditional wheelchair consists of a wheelchair frame, wheels, brakes and a seat.

    But when the user encounters some special circumstances and no one is helping, for example, when the user needs to go up and down the stairs alone, the traditional wheelchair is not enough to meet the needs of the user. In order to make the wheelchair more intelligent, better serve the user and reduce the burden of the family members, German LIECTROUX Robotics Institute has developed and launched a wheelchair robot to bring users new experience in wheelchair use.

    German LIECTROUX Wheelchair Robot Brings New Experience To Wheelchair Users 

    The shape of this wheelchair robot is the traditional wheelchair and plus the brain and arms of the intelligent robot. The robot’s brain is equipped with a smart chip, which has ten times the sensory acuity of human beings. Therefore, it can accurately and quickly judge external factors including terrain, weather and speed etc,. And then it will determine the way of moving forward and the track of the action. For example, the bottom of the robot is equipped with a retractable crawler that is self-developed by German LIECTROUX Robotics Institute. When passing through a flat road surface, the crawler is pulled back under the seat. When passing through bad road conditions such as rugged terrain, snow, muddy road or special road conditions such as stairs, the robot will automatically activate the crawler to allow users to easily pass through various road conditions. For example, when the user crosses the road, the robot can “be observant and alert” and timely judge the possible dangers. For example, if the user encounters vehicle that is in rapid driving, the robot will automatically speed up the tire speed and quickly take the user away from the dangerous area. In addition, the built-in safe of the robot can store things carried by the user, including valuables such as mobile phones, wallets and so on. The waists on both sides of the robot can store fruits, water bottles, etc,. Thus making it easy for users to travel. German LIECTROUX Robotics Institute has added a very user-friendly design to the design of this wheelchair robot, which is to make this robot a smart robot that is very close to real humans. So this robot can conduct a smooth conversation with the user to let the user have a good mood at all times and provide a better experience for the user. This wheelchair robot also possesses many other advantages, including no fatigue, uninterrupted work, high efficiency and high quality at work, patience, no negative emotions to the user and so on. With so many advantages, this robot is definitely the best choice for wheelchair users.

    German LIECTROUX Robotics Institute inherits the meticulous quality of German military industry and its product development strength is in the forefront of the world. All those makes it the leader in the field of intelligent robot research all over the world and possesses a worldwide reputation. The robot vacuum cleaner developed by it has opened up a new era of indoor cleaning. (You can view the website: or German LIECTROUX robot vacuum cleaner adopts laser navigation technology to realize 4000 times laser ranging per second and coupled with its self-developed intelligent algorithm, it can accurately construct the room map and plan the cleaning route.

    Secondly, it is able to change the cleaning method according to the surrounding environment. For the hair, it will adopt the vacuum mouth to suck and the strong suction of 3000Pa can suck away without winding. For the large particle dust, it will clean with the V-shaped floating roller brush, which can clean deep into the gap, gather dust efficiently, and clean up and down. In addition, it adopts zigzag cleaning route, which can achieve no random cleaning, cleaning without omission, cleaning without dead spaces, thus greatly improving the cleaning efficiency. As soon as the robot vacuum cleaner entered into the smart home appliance market, it immediately got a hot snap from consumers.

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    For a truly authentic Colombian meal experience, the only place to visit in Jacksonville, Florida is Salento Steakhouse. The atmosphere Salento has created transports customers to the lush forests of Colombia and their dishes cements the country’s place in the world stage of excellent cuisine.

    Since 2014, Salento Steakhouse Jacksonville FL has been serving the residents of Jacksonville, Florida with delicious Colombian cuisine. They serve authentic Colombian steak together with a wide variety of other Colombian dishes that are seldom replicated outside Colombia. Located in Old St. Augustine Road, Salento has consistently praised not only for their dishes but their attention to detail when it comes to their establishment. Aged wood and seating contribute to the overall atmosphere of a rustic Colombian cabin deep in the jungle. Low lighting creates an air of intimacy, making diners recall family meals served in the comfort of grandma’s home. The plating style they employ is unassumingly simple, minimal in garnish so diners focus solely on the dish itself. With their excellent service and accommodating staff, Salento Steakhouse has amassed a significant following of loyal diners. In essence, these customers have become an extended member of their family, coming back for the homey ambiance as much as the excellent food.

    Deep in the heart of a strip mall, only the determined ventures in sits Salento Steakhouse, steadfast and restrained against the cacophony of daily mall activities. Upon entering, customers are greeted with a warm smile from the staff, like a family member returning home from a day’s work outside. Drinks are served in a pitcher so customers can pour their own glass as they peruse the menu. All dishes are well-organized and described clearly. Popular appetizers include fried yellow potatoes; sweet plantains served with cheese, green plantains with hogao, fried cassava, and deep-fried pork rind. And from their grill are rib-eye steak, churrasco colombiano (N.Y. strip butterfly cut), flat steak, and 12 oz. T-bone. A crowd favorite is their lamb chops, shrimp on garlic sauce, and tilapia filet that’s bathed in lemon juice and melted butter.

    The one dish that really seals the deal for a truly authentic Colombian gastronomic experience is their selection of Arepas, a staple in Colombian diet that’s made from ground corn. This is eaten daily and usually with cheese, fermented milk, or avocado. At Salento, they serve it with cheese, Hawaiian style (with ham, pineapple, and cheese), or with chicken or beef together with cheese and avocado. They can also be eaten with pork rind or with chorizo. Arepas’ recent popularity in the Jacksonville area has been greatly boosted by Salento’s excellent recipe and creativeness.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Salento Colombian Steakhouse
    Contact Person: Andres Orozco
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    Phone: (904) 374-5882
    Address:11018 Old St Augustine Rd
    City: Jacksonville
    State: FL 32257
    Country: United States

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