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    Oral health and hygiene play an important role in the overall health of an individual, and as such, there is the need to pay proper attention to this aspect of one’s life.

    Anchorage, AK – Oral health and hygiene play an important role in the overall health of an individual, and as such, there is the need to pay proper attention to this aspect of one’s life. With the holiday season approaching, it makes for the perfect time to get proper dental care attention. Aiming to promote proper dental health in their community, Anchorage’s top-rated dental clinic, Alaska Dental Associates is offering clients in and around Alaska a holiday discount on all dental care services provided.

    The team of dental care professionals at Alaska Dental Associates understands the busy schedule of residents of their community, and as such, have launched their discounted dental care services to align with the holiday season when most residents in and around Alaska are more likely to benefit from the offer.

    At Alaska Dental Associates, their team of dental care professionals understand the impact of oral health on the overall health of the body and appearance, and as such, are poised to help residents of Anchorage take back control of their oral health for optimum appearance and health. Having been in the business of providing top-of-the-line dental care services to residents of Anchorage, AK for years, Alaska Dental Associates has earned for themselves a reputation for the provision of top-of-the-line and industry-leading dental care services.

    Aiming to help their clients enjoy the best of their holiday season, Alaska Dental Associates is offering a range of dental care services which are handled by their team of experienced and well-trained dental care professionals who employ the use of state-of-the-art dental tools and equipment to ensure that clients get the best dental care experience possible in and around Alaska. The team at Alaska Dental Associates are capable of attending to all dental care needs including cosmetic dentistry needs such as dental bridges, dental crowns, dental implants, porcelain dental veneers, teeth whitening and more; emergency dentistry needs such as tooth extractions; family dentistry needs including dentures, kids dentistry, periodontal treatments, root canal treatments, and tooth-colored dental fillings; orthodontic treatment including adult braces; administration of other treatment appliances such as night guards, sleep apnea treatment, snoring appliance, TMJ disorder, and trauma treatment; and preventive dentistry such as dental cleanings, dental sealants, dental x-rays, fluoride treatments, oral cancer screening, and more.

    With over 30 years of experience serving residents of Alaska, Alaska Dental Associates has become the top-rated dental clinic in Anchorage to call on for all dental needs.

    Enjoy the best of Anchorage dentistry from Alaska Dental Associates by visiting them at their clinic located at 2702 Denali St #201, Anchorage, AK 99503. For inquiries or to schedule an appointment, contact them via phone at (907) 562-2284 or via email at Visit their website for additional information regarding their services.  

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Alaska Dental Associates
    Contact Person: Kyle Triggs
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: (907)562-2284
    Address:2702 Denali St #201
    City: Anchorage
    State: Alaska
    Country: United States

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    Idaho Falls, ID – As the holiday approaches fast, there is the need to ensure that the overall health is paid attention to in order to ensure a fun and lively holiday season. With oral health being a major concern during the holiday season, Oxford Dental Care is offering residents of Idaho Falls, ID a pristine holiday smile through their top-of-the-line preventative dental care services.

    Taking into consideration the essentiality of a pristine smile during the holidays and beyond, Oxford Dental Care is committed to helping the residents of Idaho Falls, ID to live and enjoy their best possible life by offering them the best dental care packages in the area. The team at Oxford Dental Care has been in the business of providing top-of-the-line dental care services in and around Idaho Falls and has earned for themselves a stellar reputation, for both the quality of services offered and the affordability of services.

    Describing the dental care facility offering holiday dental care services aimed at promoting a fun and activity-filled holiday period, Oxford Dental Care, the spokesperson for the Idaho Falls dental clinic said: “Oxford Dental Care is a family dental practice located in Idaho Falls. They take extra care to ensure that each and every patient is cared for in a way that not only takes care of their dental needs but also keeps them comfortable and helps them leave with extra confidence in their smile. Whether you are looking for cosmetic dentistry or routine care, Oxford Dental Care is a great option for you!”

    Operating as a full-service dental practice in Idaho Falls, ID, Oxford Dental Care has employed a team of top-rated, highly educated dental care specialists who employ the use of state-of-the-art dental tools and equipment to cater to their patient’s dental needs. The dental facility, aiming to create the best dental care experience for their clients this holiday season offers a safe and comfortable environment which encourages relaxation before, during, and after dental needs are attended to.

    Aiming to cater to all dental needs this holiday season, Oxford Dental Care has a team of dental care specialists who offer a wide range of dental services including cosmetic dentistry such as gum contouring, dental crowns, smile makeover, porcelain veneers, dental implants, dentures and more, emergency dentistry for toothaches, tooth extraction needs, and tooth decay, general dentistry including dental cleanings, dental x-rays, and bad breath solutions, kids dentistry including dental sealants, periodontal disease treatment such as scaling and root planing, and preventative dentistry, restorative dentistry including inlays and onlays, tooth colored fillings, TMJ disorders, root canal therapy, teeth whitening, and more.

    Choose an Idaho Falls dentist from Oxford Dental Care to handle all dental needs this holiday season by visiting them at their clinic located at 749 Oxford Dr, Idaho Falls, ID 83401. For inquiries, contact them via phone at (208) 529-0420 or via email at Visit their website for additional information regarding their services.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Oxford Dental Care
    Contact Person: Dr. Drew
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: (208)529-0420
    Address:749 Oxford Dr
    City: Idaho Falls
    State: Idaho
    Country: United States

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    Hangzhou, China – Dropshipping has become one of the most lucrative online businesses which require little capital investment and absolves sellers of the logistic hassles associated with order fulfilment. However, one of the major problems faced by dropshipping business owners is the choice of a trusted and reputable supplier from China. Aiming to bridge the gap by offering top-quality services, Dropship Pro China was established. Dropship Pro China has been in the business of providing top-of-the-line business solutions to individuals and companies for years, and as such, has perfected their logistics and pricing details to allow for competitive services.

    The team at Dropship Pro China understands the importance of fast and reliable service delivery, and as such, has designed their business so that it completes sourcing and order fulfilment in the shortest possible time frame. To ensure that clients get the best services, Dropship Pro China aims for a fast, efficient, and accurate service delivery, as they promise a 100 percent parcel delivery within 15 days to destination countries including Europe, United States, Australia, and New Zealand. To ensure that clients are properly satisfied, the team at Dropship Pro China additionally conducts a sample quality check on all products and choose only the best manufacturer for supplies.

    The spokesperson for the dropshipping experts, Dropship Pro China, while describing their company and their services said, “Dropship Pro is a professional Chinese dropship supplier. If you want to start an online business and are looking for suppliers from China, we are the best and easiest way for you to start it. We are a one-stop platform, all you need to do is send us your order lists with product names and customer addresses, then we will do the rest, including purchasing products from suppliers, quality checking, packing, and sending the packages to the customers with our reliable shipping partners.”

    Dropship Pro China offers businesses outside of China a wide range of services including product sourcing and quality checks to ensure that the best products are supplied, product packing through the help of the three warehouses located in Luan, Dongguan, and Yiwu partnering with the business, international shipping services, and third-party warehouse and packing services.

    Dropship Pro China is specialized in sourcing, packaging, and supplying a number of products including beauty products, pet products, health products, home and kitchen appliances, Xiaomi products, electronics, women’s items, and more. Aiming for transparency, Dropship Pro China ensures that clients are not bothered with start-up costs or monthly fees, as their company only charges on all orders made.

    Dropship Pro China’s Head Office is located at Hangzhou Warehouse, China. For inquiries and fast, efficient, reliable, and accurate product sourcing, packaging, and shipping out of China, contact us today via email at Visit their website at for additional information regarding their services.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Dropship Pro China
    Contact Person: Elaine Shan
    Email: Send Email
    Country: China

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    West End, QLD – Demolition is one of the activities that may not be convenient. However, when it is necessary for it to be done to give way for new construction projects in the area, it needs to be done well. Choosing a building demolition company that will get the job done efficiently is the goal of many contractors. As a leading Brisbane demolition company, Total Demolition Brisbane provides high-quality industrial, residential, and commercial services in the community.

    Ensuring safety while getting the demolition done is a key factor that Total Demolition Brisbane adopts in their demolition exercises. They analyze the building and develop a demolition plan and strategy that will ensure the job is well done in the right way without affecting the neighborhood. Through high-quality demolition contracting services, their company has built a reputation for excellence in their field.

    They understand that proper demolition is critical for the success of a new construction project. In view of this, they provide professional demolition with debris removal to set the place up for new construction works. They have the best equipment with technical expertise. This ensures that they deliver excellence on budget and on time.

    The site crew coordinates all demolition operations in varied places and terrains, paying meticulous attention to all details with safety and efficiency as top management priorities. “We designed a fool-proof demolition service catering to all types of customers with the same consistency and smoothness,” says Somah Thong, the spokesperson for their company.

    Total Demolition Brisbane provides all the three types of demolition services for any structure of building: residential, commercial, and industrial. Some of the demolition services performed under their residential demolition include fence removal/demolition, vegetation/tree removal, soil removal, and partial and complete demolition.

    With state-of-the-art equipment, advanced technology, expert demolition crew, and passion for perfection, they tackle all types of dangerous industrial and commercial demolition jobs. They get the job done neatly and quickly at the most affordable rate possible.

    Total Demolition Brisbane is located at 40704/50 Duncan St, West End, QLD 4101. For the best Brisbane demolition company, contact their team via phone at 0401 999 333 or send online inquiries via email to Visit their website for additional information regarding their services.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Total Demolition Brisbane
    Contact Person: Somah Thong
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 0401 999 333
    Address:40704/50 Duncan St
    City: Brisbane
    Country: Australia

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    From providing a safe storage environment for digital assets, one-stop multi-currency management services, to digital assets financing services, bringing users a steady daily income, and then to the construction of consumer mining payment ecology, At last, by Global conseneus discussion conference, Fund Token drew a successful conclusion for the brilliant and colorful 2018.

    Looking back on 2018, every partner’s efforts have made Fund Token grow at an amazing rate. Since March, 2018, when Fund Token started its preparatory phase, every partner has devoted all his efforts to developing day and night to improve the technology, through hundreds of pressure tests to ensure the safety and stability of the system. Every partner in the technology and operations team is very excited. We all know that what we are preparing is not a simple system, but a great mission that can truly lead the future change.

    After going through a difficult preparatory phase, Fund Token finally met with you in November 2018. After the official launch, we quickly completed the launch of FTcoin, opened the FundBox intelligent transaction, and brought stable benefits to all nodes. At the same time, we released the FTcoin mining and reward model, which laid a solid foundation for FTcoin ecosystem. FTcoin mining and award mode has been warmly welcomed by every node in the world since it was officially opened. All nodes are actively participating, which further demonstrates the affirmation of the value of FTcoin.

    Because of value and consensus, more and more nodes around the world join the Fund Token system and become ecological co-builders. Looking back on 2018, Fund Token has completed the basic layout of the frontier of the token economy. Looking forward to 2019, more self-developed DAPP (distributed application) will begin one after another. Fund Token will connect solid entity industry with FTcoin ecosystem, realize the empowerment of high and new technology to entity industry, start the construction of consumption and mining application ecology in an all-round way. At the same time, more and more interesting applications such as FTcoin welfare and dual option mode will continue to join FTcoin ecosystem to create greater value for users.

    I have built a broad stage for everyone, everyone for me, Fund Token, so that each node can fully blossom itself, and every node’s efforts have also made Fund Token strong today. Wealth will eventually care for those who dare to rush, dare to fight and dare to do. Success is the crystallization of wisdom and courage, the result of confidence and practice, the sublimation of team and cooperation, and the miracle of perseverance and creation. Dear Fund Token family, in 2018, we worked hard and fought without regret. Next, let’s fight against 2019 with the strongest passion and fighting power. Thank you for your company all the way. Fund Token in 2019 will surely lead the change of the token economy. Peer with the times, Fund Token brave!

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Fund Token
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Email: Send Email
    Country: United States

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    Kafor Law Firm

    January 3, 2019 – The law is infinite and advanced; thus, it’s difficult to interpret for someone who has not studied it in detail. There’s a reason attorneys almost always come into play when someone is accused and charged for breaking the law. An attorney clarifies the law for his/her client and takes control by fighting for the client throughout the legal process.

    But where does one find a reputable, capable attorney?

    At Kafor Law Firm, of course! By visiting the firm’s new website, you’ll quickly gain important knowledge on specific law practices. Kafor Law Firm represents clients for personal injury matters, along with family law, business representation, immigration law and criminal law. Chances are your case or the case of someone you know falls under one of those five areas of practice.

    Click on the practice that applies on the drop-down menu under “Areas of Practice”. From there, your case will be further specified and supported by all sorts of helpful content. And, at any point in time, you can click on “Request Free Consultation” and you’ll be rerouted to a basic form that you can complete and send into the attorneys at Kafor Law Firm. You’ll receive a very timely response.

    Click4Corp, a professional web design company, worked with Kafor to create a very direct website. When it comes to serious matters, it’s not about throwing bells and whistles at potential clients but providing them with the essential information focused on hiring the right representation.

    You can learn all about Yvonne Kafor, the firm’s lead attorney. An entire section of the website is devoted to her qualifications and accomplishments. Client reviews are available as well.

    The idea is to be upfront with visitors about what the firm offers and how its staff is qualified to win your case! If you feel comfortable just by visiting the website, imagine how comfortable you’ll feel when you meet the attorney for your initial consultation.   

    Click4Corp, the #1 Dallas digital marketing agency and website design firm, provides quality business solutions designed for small and medium-sized organizations. The firm is dedicated to helping clients benefit from sustained online success.

    For more information, please visit

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Kafor Law Firm, PLLC
    Contact Person: Yvonne Kafor
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 214-238-5439
    Address:8330 LBJ FWY SUITE B305
    City: Dallas
    State: TX
    Country: United States

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    Nadine Floor Company

    January 3, 2019 – Dallas-based flooring outlet, Nadine Floor Company, has been named the Mohawk Five Star Retailer Regional winner! The award commends the top local flooring business for product expertise, quality installation and premium customer service.

    Mohawk is recognized as a global leader in the industry. It’s an honor for Nadine to be singled out by a global influencer, and the award acts as further proof that our business is on a promising path. Any extra attention the award brings to us will be validated. We will continue to put forth the work in offering our customers innovative flooring options backed by expertise and training.

    The pillars designated by Mohawk are not taken lightly. We take great pride in our products, installation, and customer service. Nadine’s full selection and full service aim to make a customer happy from the beginning of the shopping experience to the very end. Home is where the heart is; thus, we want customers to leave our store 100% confident that they’ve made a choice they can happily live with for years and years to come.

    Come visit one of our three locations—West Plano, East Plano, or Frisco—to see what all the hype is about! We’ll have Mohawk products on display, among many others, covering hardwood, carpet, vinyl, tile, stone, laminate, etc.

    You can also do your research ahead of time by visiting Learn about products and obtain visuals of products. Whatever you look at on our website or in our store, you may be looking at and standing on from the comfort of your own home very soon.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Nadine Floor Company
    Contact Person: Moses Neil
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 469-666-4530
    Address:2300 Coit Rd Suite 200
    City: Plano
    State: TX
    Country: United States

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    On December 20. 2018. the founder of Fund Token. the operation technology team and the global node elite gathered in the beautiful Jeju Island. Korea. A “Fund Token” 2018 Global Consensus Node Seminar Summit was held with the theme of “Linking Consensus and Changing Finance Management”.

    Fund Token originated from this great era; as a very important part of the entire industry chain. Fund Token has been carefully laid out step by step in this industry chain, from providing a safe storage environment for digital assets, one-stop multi-currency management services, and digital asset financing services. Now, Fund Token has been already to meet the challenge of the era – the token economy.

    Kevin Closs, founder of Fund Token and CEO of Milton Capital Limited. gave a high-spirited speech, which kicked off the seminar and stimulated the enthusiasm of all the elites on the scene. Kevin Closs introduced the reason and significance of the Fund Token. as well as the future development vision. Fund Token’s grand development blueprint is also coming to the ground step by step. The strategic layout of Fund Token inspires every node. Fund Token brings every consensus node in the world into being an eco-builder. and Fund Token achieves every node.

    As we all know, the operation of any project is inseparable from the strength background of a company, which is also a necessary condition for each node to reach consensus. At the meeting. Ms. Julie, Special Assistant Executive Director of Asia. gave a detailed introduction and explanation to Milton Capital Company. which made every node have a further understanding of Milton and further strengthened everyone’s confidence. Based on the enterprises with such strong background. so that everyone can ride this giant’s shoulders comes a crucial step. Mark Fund token’s global technical advisor brings the introduction and implementation of high-frequency quantitative hedging strategies.

    Mark unveiled the mysterious veil of brick arbitrage and hedging trading in plain language. and simulated and displayed the trading model. showing the advantages of intelligent trading in FundBox. There was cheers on the spot. While all nodes deeply praised the great technology of high-frequency quantitative trading. they feel proud of being a member of the Fund Token global node.

    Then. Mr. Davin, Technical Adviser of Fund Token Asia-Pacific Region, formally released the White Paper of FUND TOKEN Project. From the project background, technical principles, company introduction to FTcoin distribution. Davin brought a wonderful explanation, which made all node users understand Fund Token more deeply. Finally, the good news about FTcoin mining, consumption mining, business QA code, incentive mode and so on continued. When it was announced, cheers from the venue. and all the nodes were excited that they had seized the opportunity.


    At the same time all nodes witnessed Fund Token’s strategic cooperation authorization ceremony was grand opened. The grand issuance of “New Finance” and “New Retail” cooperation authorization licenses further demonstrates Fund Token’s determination to realize the high-tech enabling real industry.

    This Seminar Summit is a brainstorming and an excellent harvest. After months of efforts. Fund Token has produced a large number of excellent nodes, which has far-reaching significance for the global development of Fund Token. Then came the exciting moment. Fund Token Global Consensus Node Super Community and Super Node Licensing Ceremony, which symbolized honor and responsibility.

    Finally, in the fetching Korean characteristic song and dance performance, the seminar summit come to a successful end. Traveling far away to Korea, for the same purpose, the same mission and dream, all the nodes feel that it is a worthwhile trip. This summit not only makes all nodes deeply feel the charm of Fund Token, clarifies the value of FTcoin, but also opens up the coming of a new era of token economy-consumption mining. The global economy is experiencing strong interconnection. As the latest application in the new economic field. Fund Token will surely make tremendous progress in accordance with the trend.

    Fund Token welcomes a new era and the global consensus node is moving forward!

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Fund Token
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Email: Send Email
    Country: United States

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    Dobbs Ferry, NY – Businesses have come to understand the importance of top-quality advertising as a tool to drive overall business popularity, improve sales and conversion rates, and overall boost Return on Investment. While the supermarket business is not left out of the wide range of benefits offered by quality advertising, InMark Media has continued to make their mark offering supermarkets with the much-needed and top-quality advertisement service which are aimed at boosting overall business growth. Having established themselves as the fastest growing company in their space offering top-of-the-line advertisement services to supermarkets over the years, InMark Media has moved to Dobbs Ferry, NY from their White Plains office.

    The move by the industry-leading supermarket advertising expert came as part of their mission to provide better quality services to clients in a safe, convenient, and accessible location. Being a customer satisfaction oriented service provider, InMark Media operates with the business philosophy that their growth should be measured only by the successes recorded by their clients, and as such, have situated themselves in their new location in Dobbs Ferry, NY, which offers more space and in turn leaves room for expansion of service offerings and growth.

    As a digital marketer known for their tremendous impact in supermarket advertising for Brand Bars, Brand Benches, digital screen advertising, shopping cart advertising & supermarket welcome centers, InMark Media continues to strive to set the standards of quality and client satisfaction, and as such, have employed an expanded team of top-notch, highly skilled, and professional digital marketers committed to their client’s growth.

    The spokesperson for the digital marketing experts, InMark Media, while describing their company’s move as part of their expansion plan to serve clients better said, “We are a locally-owned and operated business just like your business, and this means we aim to work positively to make your brand and business bold and boundless. We understand the challenges surrounding growing your business, and as such, we have accepted a greater challenge which is to employ cost-effective media solutions to get your business recognized. Our experience helps us to find the right advertising for each unique client,” says Franco Cabral, CEO of InMark Media.”

    Having been in the digital marketing world, InMark Media, being a forward-thinking company has expanded their service reach beyond growing supermarkets and boasts of top successes growing car dealerships, insurance companies, law firms, dental practices, child care facilities, tax preparers, restaurants, real estate agents, and health care facilities. The digital marketing experts also boast of expertise in areas such as WordPress website designs, content creation, and Search Engine Optimization.

    InMark Media digital advertising agency and supermarket in-store advertising experts are located at 145 Palisade St #412B, Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522. For inquiries and all digital marketing solutions, contact them via phone at (844) 466-2751 or via email at Visit their website for additional information regarding their services.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: InMark Media
    Contact Person: Lauren Don
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: (844) 466-2751
    Address:145 Palisade St #412B
    City: Dobbs Ferry
    State: New York
    Country: United States

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    Closter, NJ – Buying and selling luxury properties can be a demanding and daunting task, especially given the real estate market’s complexities, and as such, there is the need to seek the expertise and professional help of industry-tested real estate agents like Beyder and Company. Having been in the real estate business for 20 years and successfully closing hundreds of deals, Beyder and Company has established themselves as the industry’s leading luxury realtor offering fast, efficient, and top-quality real estate services to both property buyers and sellers. Brimming with the goal to spread their premium services across New Jersey and the surrounding areas, the management team at Beyder and Company is proud to announce their expansion as their company opens a new office in Closter, NJ.

    At Beyder and Company, the team of highly skilled and professional luxury realtors understand the specific needs of luxury home buyers and sellers, and as such, have tailored their services to accommodate for their needs while delivering nothing short of stellar quality services. Having made a name for themselves as the real estate agency serving luxury clients in Bergen County, the company continues to break barriers in the real estate world by providing clients with their expertise, network, connection, and other resources which are essential in ensuring that the luxury property purchases or sales process proceeds as smoothly and as hassle-free as possible.

    The spokesperson for the Closter real estate agency, Beyder and Company, while describing their company and the services offered said, “Beyder and Company is the real estate company which has been in the business of serving luxury clients in Bergen County with top-of-the-line real estate solutions for their property sale and purchase needs. As an industry-leading expert, our team consists of diverse, extensively experienced professionals involved in and around the real estate industry, each with their own unique niche and expertise. We bring over 50 years of combined experience in various markets and we have over the years proved the level of our commitment to our client’s satisfaction. Having made a name for ourselves, we have proceeded to expand our service coverage by choosing a Durie Ave location in downtown Closter to continue providing a concierge level real estate sales experience to clients in and around New Jersey.”

    Beyder and Company pride themselves on the quality of real estate services offered and as part of their commitment to client’s satisfaction, they also embrace leveraging technologies possible for marketing ranging from the adoption of professional drone video to marketing beacons for real estate. Serving Alpine, Closter, Cresskill, Demarest, Englewood Cliffs, Tenafly, and surrounding areas, Beyder and Company guarantees only the latest top luxury property listings to meet the specific needs of clients.

    The closter real estate agency, Beyder and Company can be reached by visiting their new office located at 550 Durie Ave 3rd fl, Closter, NJ 07624. For inquiries, contact them via phone at (201) 380-2010 or via email at Visit their website for additional information regarding their services.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Beyder and Company
    Contact Person: Igor Beyder
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: (201) 380-2010
    Address:550 Durie Ave 3rd fl
    City: Closter
    State: New Jersey
    Country: United States

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    Roseville, MN – Building and managing a business relationship for mortgage professionals has never been easy. Yet, the revenues are found in the relationship. For top mortgage professionals to turn their business around, there is a need to manage contacts, leads, and prospects in the most efficient ways possible. Unify CRM gives mortgage professionals the tools they need to build better client relationships and grow their business.

    It takes time to generate and convert leads. In the client cycle, the most important step is lead nurturing. Lead nurturing offers mortgage professionals the opportunity to segment leads generated from various sources such as websites, social media, telephone prospecting, and many others. Once the leads have been segmented, they are nurtured to evolve into a client relationship.

    In the lead nurturing process, Unify all-in-one mortgage CRM provides various tools to send email campaigns, track leads, and then monitor which leads are performing the most. This saves the guesswork of wondering which prospect is most qualified. Through Unify CRM lead nurturing, leads are converted into clients, generating revenue via sales for mortgage professionals.

    Once clientele relationships begin, they have to be developed and grown. The CRM helps mortgage professionals to use simple tools to build better lending relationships. “Growing a mortgage business takes time. But as a top mortgage professional, you may not have time. That’s why we made Unify, for busy mortgage leaders like you to help create more lending opportunities and manage them more efficiently,” said Scott Lidberg, the President of the company.

    Unify mortgage CRM makes things a lot easier for many mortgage businesses to scale their operations. Through the all in one easy-to-use cloud-based system, all relationships and business data can be well organized and managed effectively. There is also 24/7 support available to help users to make the most of the software. The following are full-suite functionalities of the Unify mortgage CRM:

    • Real-time LOS integration

    • Contact, lead, and pipeline management

    • iOS and Android applications

    • Automated marketing communications

    • Multi-channel marketing (including video)

    • Lending opportunity notifications

    • Dashboard alerts

    • Compliance Management

    Leading financial institutions such as Bay Equity, Summit Funding, Fairway Independent Mortgage Company, and many others trust Unify CRM. Unify CRM is located at 2658 Patton Road, Roseville, MN 55113. For installation, training, and inquiries regarding
    mortgage crm solutions from Unify, contact their team via phon
    e at 1-866-497-3224 or via email at Visit their website for additional information regarding their services.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Unify CRM
    Contact Person: Scott Lidberg
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 1-866-497-3224
    Address:2658 Patton Road
    City: Roseville
    State: Minnesota
    Country: United States

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    The Dankery
    Colorado Springs dispensary is excited to announce they now offer the amazing cannabis-infused herbal tea

    Colorado Springs, CO – January 3, 2019 – The Dankery, located just off Interpark Drive, is the premier dispensary for edibles and medicinal cannabis in Colorado Springs. The company offers everything folks looking for dispensaries in Colorado Springs could want, including flower, concentrates, prerolls, edibles, clones, seeds, accessories, and even gear. In addition to the great menu and vast variety of options, the Colorado Springs dispensary is excited to announce they now offer the amazing cannabis-infused herbal tea which has been gaining popularity recently. According to the THT, the medicinal teas designed with a solventless extraction, for a mild slow-releasing medication. The company believes this product is great for those who have digestive, stomach, or lung issues.

    Local Colorado Cannabis patients are looking for new and different methods of partaking in medicinals, and herbal tea is a delightful addition to available options. The medicinal tea is made by a local Colorado company, which makes the addition to Dankery’s menu of goods highly appropriate. The Colorado Springs dispensary prides themselves on providing medicinal cannabis options from local companies.

    In addition to providing the patrons of Colorado Springs with select local goods, the shop also has the best dispensary staff you will find in Colorado Springs, which consists of highly trained Budtenders who act as the dispensary patients’ personal confidant, they are here to assist patients in selecting strains based on their specific medical needs and personal preferences. The dispensary Budtenders are educated in the panoply of medicating methods and are very happy to help patients find the best options appropriate for them, which may even include the company’s newest addition, medicinal cannabis Tea.

    The Colorado Springs dispensary is open 7 days a week starting at 9:00 am

    The business encourages folks in the Colorado Springs area to check out their dispensary menu on their website at

    Media Contact
    Company Name: The Dankery
    Contact Person: Kris Fowlkes
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: (719) 644-1800
    Address:3745 Interpark Dr
    City: Colorado Springs
    State: CO
    Country: United States

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    Leave It To Nature
    The premiere dispensary is changing the game for folks looking to acquire their cannabis products in a quick, easy and discreet way.

    Redding, CA – January 3, 2019 – Best dispensary in Redding and Shasta Lake area, Leave It To Nature, is already a favorite destination for all things cannabis in the Redding and Shasta Lake area, however, the dispensary is changing the game for folks looking to acquire their cannabis products in a quick, easy and discreet way.

    The business, located just off I-5, right next to the Rite Aid in Shasta Lake City is offering the drive-thru service for all of their products including a variety of capsules, prerolls, tinctures, topicals, amazing edibles, hash, clones, concentrates, cannabis accessories, and so much more. The dispensary offers both medical and recreational cannabis and offers them through their drive-thru service in Redding and Shasta Lake. Leave It To Nature started offering recreational cannabis in Redding this year because marijuana legalization for medical marijuana and recreational marijuana happened at two very different times in California, medicinal cannabis was legalized in the state of California back in 1996. When adults would need access to medicinal cannabis, they would acquire medical cards which were recommended by a professional in order to purchase medical cannabis. Cannabis dispensaries (strictly medical) sprouted all over the state of California in the late 90s.

    Fast forward to 2018 and the entire state of California is now able to offer recreational cannabis for folks over 21 years of age. Leave It To Nature is truly excited to be at the forefront of the budding California cannabis industry and feel they are just getting started after the first year of legal recreational cannabis. The dispensary owner, Stacy Lidie speaks on the benefits of recreational vs. medicinal cannabis in Redding, “Recreational cannabis means less bureaucracy. Folks have the freedom of acquiring their cannabis without having to go through the process of obtaining a medical card or the stress of renewing every year.”

    The best dispensary in Redding, Leave It To Nature opens at 10:00 am, Monday through Friday.

    For more information on Leave It To Nature, check out their website at

    Check out their speedy, convenient drive-thru cannabis service located at 5340 Shasta Dam Blvd, Shasta Lake, CA 96019

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Leave It To Nature
    Contact Person: Stacy Lidie
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: (530) 691-7199
    Address:5340 Shasta Dam Blvd
    City: Shasta Lake
    State: CA
    Country: United States

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    The new novel was written by Sean Dalton and Sean Kelly, both are janitors from Ireland. This new novel has quickly gained huge exposure and has been described as a must buy for those that love a great read.

    ‘Clownbound: Take Me to the Circuits’ is a refreshing comedy novel written by two 22-year-old janitors from Ireland; Seán Dalton and Seán Kelly. Their controversial debut novel is humour at its most absurd featuring characters such as ‘Timmy Tim Tim Thompson’ and the ‘King of the Clowns, Ronald Drump’.

    It has been described by early readers as ‘too funny to read on the bus,’ and ‘arguably the most original storyline of the year.’ Clownbound is an example of young writers at their most creative. What started off as a joke flourished into a full novel within 9 months through the two young men’s attitude of ‘why not?’

    If being a clown was easy everyone would do it…’
    – Wongo


    What name spring to mind when you hear the words: hero, athlete and clown? That’s right, Timmy Tim Tim Thompson from Yugoslavia. Born into a drastically poor and abusive family, Timmy had no choice but to fend for himself. Through a series of not so fortunate events (copyright), he found his way into Clownhood.

    The Circus is at war once again and it is up to Timmy to help the Clowns defeat the Magicians. On his journey he meets new friends, foes and the love of his life. The question is: will this clown be able to juggle his ego, his purpose and his desire to win gold at the 1997 Circus Olympics?

    To learn more about the book, please visit

    About RWPublishing

    We are a new publishing company attempting to help the creative population of Ireland and beyond. We feel there is too much untapped talent in the arts of creative writing, poetry and storytelling. We want to provide up-and-coming writers with a platform. More information at

    Media Contact
    Company Name: RWPublishing
    Contact Person: Sean Dalton and Sean Kelly Rush
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +353 0863926169
    Country: United States

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    3 Jan, 2019 – Giada, a reference design partner of Intel® SDM (Intel® Smart Display Module), demonstrated its SDM solutions, including SDM-S (Z8350) and SDM-L (7300U), at the Intel® SDM Circle Conference held in Bangkok, Thailand, on December 13th, which gathered dozens of SDM manufacturers and more than 30 SI (System Integrator) from Thailand and the South East Asian region. During the conference, Giada premiered a 10.1-inch interactive All-in-One, powered by the SDM-S (Z8358), which is customized for the visual retail industry.

    About Intel® SDM

    Like the Intel® OPS (Open Pluggable Specification) which Intel introduced in 2010, Intel has released the SDM specification to help bring standardization to the highly fragmented integrated media player market. As more and more SoC (System-on-Chip) based digital signage displays come into the market, media player manufacturers need to provide display manufactures with total solutions based on the X86 architecture before screen delivery. Intel is introducing the SDM specification, which eliminates the housing and offers high-speed PCIe connectivity. The SDM specification and reference design, which can be easily integrated into screens to become AIO solutions, will help screen manufacturers provide more customized screens better focused on the requirements of vertical markets.

    Giada, as a reference design partner of Intel® SDM, has launched its Intel® SDM-Small module (Giada SDM-Z8350) in Q3, 2017 and released the world’s first Intel® SDM-Large module (Giada SDM-7300U) in Q1, 2018. Giada had its SDM modules tested during the SDM Plugfest organized by Intel in Taipei on May 17th, 2018. The two modules stood the mechanical and functional tests of Intel and panel vendors and performed well.

    To see the full specifications and find out more about the Giada SDM-Z8350, please refer to To know more about the Giada SDM-7300U, please refer to

    Wide Applications of Giada SDM Products

    Giada SDM products have wide applications in digital signage, including:

    Firstly, tier I brand display manufactures can integrate Giada SDM modules into general AIO displays and put them on the market in large quantities in short time;

    Secondly, industry display suppliers can cooperate with Giada to customize AIO displays to empower multiple vertical markets such as retail, education, medical, transportation and more;

    Thirdly, SI can provide integrated solutions for vertical industry applications by deep cooperation with Giada;

    Giada has started cooperation with some brand display manufactures, industry display suppliers and regional SI on solutions based on SDM products and many of these solutions will be on the market in 2019.

    The 10.1-inch interactive SoC (System on Chip) panel, which Giada displayed during the Intel® SDM Circle conference, is customized for visual retail, smart catering, and health-care markets. The ultra-thin panel, adopting the Giada SDM-Z8350, is built for long-time operation. The compact panel was created as a fanless design, which helps it reduce power consumption, space, and costs. Several SI partners have already applied this panel as a POS (point-of-sale) solution and in smart shelf solutions in the catering and retail industry.

    “Smart Signage” Ecosystem connected by GDSM

    The release of Giada SDM products and the consequent integration it brings to industry display suppliers will make a significant contribution to Giada’s Smart Signage Strategy base on the GDSM (Giada Digital Signage Management system). GDSM will come on the market in China and South East Asia in 2019. According to the Smart Signage Strategy, Giada will strive to provide end-to-end digital signage solutions for vertical industries in regional markets by cooperating with aggregators and ISV’s (Independent Software Vendors) focused on AI (Artificial Intelligence) development. Giada is cooperating with several AI partners to develop digital signage solutions can identify customers through facial recognition technology and display an advertisement that suits their personal preferences based on data collection.

    Giada will build a solution combining an x86 hardware platform and VPU (vision processing unit) and Intel® OpenVINO™ Toolkit that brings vision and AI to edge computing. This solution can further improve the performance of AI applications and enable digital signage to be intelligent by adding fundamental functions to the media players.

    About GDSM Digital Signage Management by GIADA

    GDSM is a next-generation digital signage management system that integrates hardware and software developed by Giada, which has years of experience in digital signage hardware manufacturing and software development, to better meet the market demands. GDSM can bring added value to customers through its revolutionary innovation in video-wall layout management, operation, maintenance, and compatibility with front-end equipment. This system can also help in digitalization and intelligence upgrade of information distribution and management in industries of visual retail, institution, medical care, transportation, hospitality, entertainment, and so on.

    Four innovative advantages of GDSM:

    • One-stop deployment, multi-terminal access

    • Flexible screen layout, adequate front-end equipment

    • Supporting multimedia format, rich interaction functions

    • Unified management of display and content management

    In addition, Giada also provides high-performance rack servers and NAS edge servers, which are compatible with GDSM. The servers can provide hardware support from the cloud to the front end, which enables Giada to deliver application solutions integrating storage, computing, and software deployment, delivering greater value to customers.

    About Giada

    Giada, a premium brand of Shenzhen JEHE Technology Development Co., Ltd. (JEHE), is committed to becoming an innovative and globally leading provider of products and solutions in cloud computing, big data, and IoT. Giada is dedicated to promoting the development of the global IoT (Internet of Things) and AI industry, focusing on new retail, smart education, health-care, enterprise, public services, and industrial automation technology. Giada, ranking top 1 media player brand in the German-speaking region in 2018, is a core partner of Intel® in China, and an Associate Member of Intel® ISA (IoT Solution Alliance).

    For more product information:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: GlobalPR Tech PR Agency
    Contact Person: Yi-Chung Jan
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +886 2 2882 5577
    Country: Taiwan

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    Vancouver, WA – Vehicle wraps have gained popularity over the years based on its affordability and its advantage as an advertisement platform, especially for businesses seeking to make an impression on its audience. With the increasing popularity of vehicle wraps, there is a need to ensure that professionals are hired to handle this need to ensure a positive outcome. Aiming to meet the design and installation needs of clients, Designs Of All Kinds Inc was established. Their company has over the years established themselves as the best in the industry offering industry standard designs and vehicle wrap installation services.

    The spokesperson for the company specialized in installation of vehicle wraps in Vancouver, WA, Designs Of All Kinds Inc while describing their company and the services offered said, “Designs Of All Kinds Inc is your local sign and promotional customization expert committed to tailoring designs to meet specific and general needs of clients. No matter the size or scale of your sign project, our technicians treat every sign and banner with an expert eye for detail. Our high tech sign shop has state-of-the-art tooling to handle any signage. As your neighbors in Vancouver, WA, we want your business to thrive and your sign to make the perfect statement. In addition to having everything from corrugated plastic signs to neon or denominational lettering signs, we also offer competitive rates you can afford.”

    Boasting of experience in the business, Designs Of All Kinds Inc prides themselves on their ability to produce a wide range of designs to meet clients’ needs including top-quality vehicle wraps for business promotions, brand awareness, and overall brand popularity. As a company that prides themselves on customer satisfaction, Designs Of All Kinds Inc has employed a team of well-trained technicians who are both creative design wise and experts in installation services to ensure the best possible result.

    Being a locally-owned company, Designs Of All Kinds Inc ensures that all of their clients are served with fast, reliable, top-quality, and affordable services. The team of design and installation professionals also offer additional services which include Sign design and installation such as decal signs, custom signs, banner stands, window clings, trade show display signs, magnetic signs, corrugated signs, yard signs, banners, and more, Apparel designs including T-shirts, Mascot workwear, athletic apparel, and more, banners, embroidery, engravings on all types of surfaces including wine glasses, pens, and keychains, phenolic labels, and more.

    Designs Of All Kinds Inc is located at 6400 NE Hwy 99 Suite C, Vancouver, WA 98665. For the best Vehicle Wraps in Vancouver WA, contact them via phone at (360) 892-5597 or send online inquiries via email to Visit theirwebsite for additional information regarding their services.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Designs Of All Kinds Inc
    Contact Person: Mike Hertz
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: (360) 892-5597
    Address:6400 NE Hwy 99 Suite C
    City: Vancouver
    State: Washington
    Country: United States

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    Thousands gathered last night at the Loveworld Convocation Arena to witness the Loveworld president, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and Former Nigerian President, Olusegun Obasanjo honor the new winners of the Future African Leaders’ Awards (FALA).

    Last night, multitudes of Loveworld citizen gathered to celebrate both the new faces of African leadership and the final service of the year with the Christ Embassy president, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

    The momentous evening began with honoring the nominees of the Future African Leaders Foundation (FALF). Ultimately, of the 30 nominees chosen, 10 emerged as winners. These 10 were awarded for their exceptional work with children from troubled communities. Taking first place, was Isaiah Deng, a Sudanese native who at only 20 years old, created computer training programs and seminars in order to empower youths and promote to sustainable development.

    Countless LoveWorld elites were in attendance, as well as some prominent national figures such as the former Nigerian president Olusegun Obasanjo and Minister of Youth and Sport, the Hon. Solomon Dalong.

    Obasanjo, along with Loveworld President bestowed upon the deserving Isaiah Deng, the Star Prize Winner of the Future Africa Leaders’ Foundation. The annual award ceremony was established to celebrate young leaders who exhibit exemplary leadership skills.

    Additional runners up included: Dahaba Daniel Sakoh (Senegal); Yusuph Gasase (Tanzania); Mame Ya Mensah (Ghana); Godwin Egba (Nigeria); Ngassa Merlin (Cameroon); Taonga Ngoma (Zambia); Chris Iyama (Nigeria); Lantante Duamangue (Niger); and, Deliwe Makata (Malawi).

    As the celebrations proceeded, the Loveworld president ushered his congregation into the new year, declaring the prophetic word of the year, as the ‘Year of Lights.’ Following his declaration, the global audience reportedly rejoiced in praise. The Christ Embassy president shared four important elements on the meaning of the word ‘light; light is for illumination; light gives leadership; light gives empowerment; and, light is for signs and wonders.”

    The Loveworld president in his address, spoke on his vision for the future of the ministry, saying to the crowds “We’re entering into a new phase of the Church’s ministry in the earth, like as never been known before — a dimension of the glory of God in the earth beyond what the Church had known.”

    The entire ceremony was aired live on both of Christ Embassy’s most popular platforms, Loveworld TV and Ceflix.

    Media Contact
    Contact Person: Joshua Peterson
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +27 11 3260971, +27 11 3260972
    Address:303, Pretoria Avenue, Cnr. Harley and Braam Fischer
    City: Randburg
    State: Gauteng CT19 4QJ
    Country: South Africa

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    Vancouver, WA – The roof, which provides protection on the property against the hazards of weather elements, can similarly to other installations in the property become damaged, thus, requiring repairs to be done. While roof repair needs ought to be handled as early and promptly as possible to avoid further damages, there is the need to hire tested and trusted experts with a reputation of top-quality services to handle such needs as this in order to further improve chances of durability and longevity of the roof. With hundreds of clients served in and around Vancouver, WA, Dr Roof Inc has easily become the top choice among residential and commercial property owners in Vancouver seeking top-quality roof repair services.

    As a customer-oriented roofing service provider, Dr Roof Inc has over the years worked towards delivering stellar quality services which are aimed at exceeding the expectations of clients, while presenting to them roofs that will put them at ease. Dr Roof Inc, aiming to meet and exceed the quality expectations of their clients has employed a team of well-trained and constantly updated roofing contractors who stay abreast of the latest technologies and innovations in the roofing industry.

    The spokesperson for the roofing service provider offering the best roof repair in Vancouver, WA, Dr Roof Inc, while describing their company and their services said, “Dr Roof Inc has been serving homes and commercial property owners, general contractors, and others in Vancouver, WA for years. We have over the years built a stable and reputable relationship with construction companies and homeowners based on the quality of services we offer. Our roofing contractor in Vancouver, WA has the technology and know-how to complete a thorough inspect. We find any small detail that may become a problem down the road. Things like replacing a cracked or missing shingle may seem simple enough, but it can be a major preventative measure in safeguarding you from future damage. All of our roofing contractors are capable of providing installations, repairs, replacements, and additional services which you may be in need of.”

    As the industry’s leading roofing service provider serving residential and commercial property owners in and around Vancouver, WA, Dr Roof Inc is capable of much more than just roof repair services, as the team has earned themselves stellar reviews for additional services including installation, replacement, and inspection of commercial and residential roofs, roof tear offs, fire and water damage repairs, skylight installations and repairs, industrial roofing services, and more.

    Dr Roof Inc is located at 6806 NE Hwy 99, Vancouver, WA 98665. For the best Roof Repair in Vancouver WA, contact them via phone at (360) 558-3392 or send online inquiries via email to Visit their website for additional information regarding their services.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Dr Roof Inc
    Contact Person: Glenn Trusty
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: (360) 558-3392
    Address:6806 NE Hwy 99
    City: Vancouver
    State: Washington
    Country: United States

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    Leadership Training Programs Toronto | M2M Business Solutions Inc
    Crestcom leadership development program is all about finding the right fit training for people where learning translates to implemented action plans.

    Brampton, Ontario – January 3, 2019 – Leadership development programs are critical to the long-term success of organizations.  Nowadays, employee development often gets neglected as it is bounded by the availability of time and budgets. In today’s society, the importance of leadership training is the utmost necessity for every employee. Career paths take twists and turns before we discover what we really want to do. Kiran Mann, the founder of M2M Business Solutions Inc., brings to the table her cross-industry experience and aptly expresses this philosophy through our company’s vision:

    ‘Growing People, Growing Business’.

    “Growing for over two decades in the automotive manufacturing industry, I feel passionate to bring a positive difference in people and workplaces that have given me so much” stated Kiran Mann. “I believe that the success of a company starts with leadership, aligned strategy with structure and growing people where every mindset is focused on adding their share in reaching the end goal, vision.”

    She further added, “leadership is fundamental in creating a positive, idyllic company culture and setting the platform for happy, productive and fun-filled employees”.

    A good leader should focus on problem-solving or introduce ideas to a future opportunity and still ensure checks are in place in the system to tweak other processes around as needed. The M2M team with leadership training Toronto, encourages their clients to think creatively before and with every change from strategic thinking to continuous improvement in business.

    One of the clients stated “aside from the economic returns, benefits include the development of teamwork and use of common language. The experience enhanced trust and fostered openness. But the biggest return on investment in Crestcom lies in the future as we cascade the leadership training programs Toronto throughout our company and integrate it into orientation and recruitment programs”.

    About the Company:

    M2M is a leading company that provides leadership training in the Greater Toronto Area. They help employees think creatively and bring not just solutions but ideas to support the growth and vision of a company. Visit for details.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: M2Mbusinesssolutions
    Contact Person: Kiran Mann
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 647-980-3124
    City: Brampton
    State: Ontario
    Country: Canada

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    Scottsdale, AZ – Pest infestation can be a devastating development which can cause frustration and place residents of the property at risk, health-wise. With the growing reports of pest problems in Scottsdale, AZ, it has become essential and necessary for residential and commercial property owners to hire the services of tested and trusted professionals to handle their pest problems. Having made a name for themselves providing stellar quality services at affordable rates, Anteater Exterminating Inc. has established themselves as the go-to source for all commercial, residential, and industrial pest problems in and around Scottsdale, AZ.

    Aiming to improve the quality of life of their clients in and around Scottsdale, Anteater Exterminating Inc. has committed themselves to hire skilled and knowledgeable experts who are constantly being trained on the newest techniques tailored for efficient and effective control of each pest problem. As the top-rated pest control service provider in Scottsdale and surrounding areas, Anteater Exterminating Inc. prides themselves on the quality of their services and aims at all times to satisfy the needs of their clients, by offering them pest control solutions that are well tailored towards their pest problems.

    The spokesperson for the leading provider of pest control in Scottsdale, Anteater Exterminating Inc., while describing their company and services offered said, “Anteater Exterminating Inc. has been in existence for over 15 years, which is a long time to build a reputation of top-quality services. We have over the years catered to the needs of our community by providing them with top-of-the-line pest control services which are aimed at restoring peace and calm to their properties, while also improving the quality of client’s lives. We understand that your pest control needs are different from others, and as such, we promise each client a personalized, friendly, and affordable service aimed at helping them get the most out of their properties.”

    As the leading provider of pest control services in Scottsdale and other areas including San Tan Valley, Sun City Arizona, Sun City West Arizona, Avondale, Buckeye, Glendale, AZ, Litchfield Park Phoenix, and more, Anteater Exterminating Inc., has developed proven ways to deal with pest problems in the shortest possible time frame. They also take into account the health and safety of their clients and ensures the avoidance of non-toxic chemicals.

    Anteater Exterminating Inc.’s pest control services cover a wide range of pests including ant control, bed bug control, cockroach control, cricket control, fly control, gopher control, pigeon control, roof rat control, scorpion control, spider control, termite control, tick control, wasp and hornet control, wild bird control services, and more.

    Anteater Exterminating Inc. is located at 125 N 2nd St Suite 110 #411, Phoenix, AZ 85004. For the best Pest Control in Scottsdale, contact them via phone at (602) 910-4121 or send online inquiries, bookings, and consultations via email to Visit their website for additional information regarding their services.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Anteater Exterminating Inc.
    Contact Person: Shawn Kleinstiver
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: (602) 910-4121
    Address:125 N 2nd St Suite 110 #411
    City: Phoenix
    State: Arizona
    Country: United States

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