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    Lakeside, CA – Bug Adieu, a lice removal service based in San Diego County, is now offering in-home lice removal services ( for their clients. In-home lice removal services are more convenient and safer than traditional removal methods because clients do not have to leave their home and aren’t as likely to spread the lice to others.

    Head lice, more often known as just “lice,” are small insects that live on the scalp. They are most common in children and spread by close contact with others, often at school, sports practices, or daycare. Lice cause intense scalp irritation, red, small bumps on the infected area and even down to the neck and shoulders, and tiny, yellowish or white nits (eggs) that become attached to the scalp and need to be scraped off. Bug Adieu’s mission is to make the removal of lice a safer and less stressful experience.

    One of the company’s top priorities is convenience, which is why they do their best to carry out their in-home lice removal appointments within the same day they are made to prevent the problem from worsening. As part of Bug Adieu’s commitment to providing a peace of mind, they use a combination of natural lice removal products and careful physical removal of any visible nits or adult insects.

    Another priority of Bug Adieu’s is safety. All of their products are non-toxic and chemical and pesticide-free, making them safe for all types of skin as well as children and pregnant women, mothers who are currently breastfeeding, and pets. They also educate clients on lice when performing their home visits. This is to ensure they are educated on all of the myths versus facts and that they understand the symptoms, signs, and know how to prevent lice from returning in the future.

    The company also does in-home checks on the rest of the household to ensure the problem has not spread. They will then return to the client’s home three to five days after the initial removal to perform another check, and one more time a week after that. These follow-up visits are precautionary – typically, only one visit it needed to completely remove the lice.

    Bug Adieu’s main priority and mission is the safety and comfort of their clients, which is why their home treatments go so far to ensure the lice are gone and that they make education a huge part of the process.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Bug Adieu
    Contact Person: Sonia Willis
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: (619) 457-6651
    Address:9562 Winter Gardens Blvd
    City: Lakeside
    State: CA 92040
    Country: United States

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    Kelowna, British Columbia – As Canada’s largest DJ company, Airwaves Music is proud to announce that things are only going to get bigger and better in 2019. Now, wedding DJs in Vancouver can be easily booked on the Airwaves Music website ( as a new location for the company. This year Airwaves expect to continue to set the mood for couples’ big occasions – as they already have for over 3000 events since they were founded.

    The relatively young company got its start in 2007 in Kelowna and hasn’t skipped a beat since. This ambitious company has been featured in many notable newspapers including Blush, Real Weddings and Wedding Bells. They currently hold 5-star ratings with both Google and WeddingWire. According to the popular Wedding Café and Vancity Wedding websites, Airwaves is a very diverse company with excellent service by true professionals at affordable rates.

    Centred on a personable philosophy, these DJ’s stand by their beliefs in the power of teamwork, the importance of a connection to music, and that each client’s music should reflect their personality. This passionate DJ team hopes to continue to move people with music as they have been doing for the last decade.

    Despite being Canada’s only national DJ company, this dedicated group offers affordable rates for a high quality of service. When planning life’s big celebrations, Airwaves understands that finding the right options is difficult enough. To aid the planning process, the group offers free quotes online or by phone.

    The rapidly expanding business remains in high demand. To fill this demand, they have spread to 11 major cities throughout Canada and even reach Honolulu, Hawaii in the US. Despite the size of the company, it is run by the four pillars of Airwaves Music: Bob, Waire, Krista, and Danice. Each person is dedicated to their mission of making people dance and enjoy life.

    The company believes that every life has its own unique soundtrack. With this ideal in mind, the company hopes to bring music into the lives of many more in future.

    Airwaves has brought their clients the joy and simplicity of living in the moment. With such a dedicated staff of creative minds, Airwaves Music plans to continue bringing their knowledge and understanding of the power of music to many more of life’s special moments.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Airwaves Music
    Contact Person: Bob G.
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 1 888 676 7772
    Address:467 Osprey Ave
    City: Kelowna
    State: BC V1Y 5A3
    Country: Canada

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    Bedford, UK – Pro Cleanse Carpet Cleaning recently have unveiled a new carpet cleaning technology that promotes faster drying. The Bedford-based company are a professional cleaning agency that services residential and commercial properties. 

    Compared to at-home solutions, professional cleaners can provide more effective results as they utilise advanced technology and solutions that are generally more thorough than household products. However, the downside to these professional services is that they can leave carpets damp for hours after the cleaning is complete. Pro Cleanse are seeking to change this through their new, faster carpet-cleaning technology, which will no longer leave carpets damp for long periods of time.  

    Pro Cleanse serves the carpet-cleaning needs of diverse clients from hotels and restaurants to school and care homes in addition to households. They have become something of a household name as they not only can service brand-new carpets but priceless, vintage ones as well.  

    Their fast-drying carpet cleaning technology allows most carpets to completely dry in one to two hours following treatment, which is a much faster rate than many other companies. This is achieved through a cleansing process that utilises carbonation and thereby requires much less water. This innovative process ensures that the carpet’s pad does not get damp and allow bacteria to breed.  

    Pro Cleanse also ensure that their clients’ carpets look impeccable by removing all stains. Their cleansing process systematically lifts dirt and debris to a degree that regular vacuum cleaners simply cannot. Their methods also improve the health of the environment by eradicating bacteria, dust mites, pests, and allergens. They pride themselves on using products that are both environmentally-friendly and safe to use around children and pets.  

    The company’s overall customer service has allowed them to become one of the premier cleaners in the Bedford area. They only employ experienced and professional carpet cleaners, and they proclaim that no job is too big or small. In their quest to help as many clients as possible, they provide services to Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire, and Bedfordshire.  

    With the new technology being offered by Pro Cleanse Carpet Cleaning, Britons can be sure that their carpets will be as clean as possible in a fraction of the time. Their commitment to incorporating the latest in carpet cleaning technology is one reason why the company has and continues to lead in the industry. 

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Pro Cleanse Carpet Cleaning
    Contact Person: Robert Griseman
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 0123420945117
    Address:124 Ampthill Road
    City: Bedford MK44 2HL
    Country: United Kingdom

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    From athletes to style-conscious women, everyone can find personalized socks in the stock of YINUO KNITTING Inc that can meet their fashion, comfort and other requirements.

    Socks are also an important component of our dressing. Though socks often remain underneath, but these can also be personalized according to the fashion and comforts related requirements of diverse groups of individuals. China based YINUO KNITTING Inc specializes in supplying custom-made socks that can be suitable for people of diverse interests and backgrounds. They have socks for common people, athletes, gorgeous and fashionable ladies and everyone else. The company maintains a large portfolio of socks in a variety of designs, colors and styles, and is also open to customize the designs for wholesale buyers.

    The spokesperson of the company states that they are the pioneer in supplying wholesale custom socks for customers who love sports or do heavy workouts on a daily basis. These athletic custom socks are cushioned or towel socks, made of the cotton material. These socks are very comfortable to wear due to their fluffy structure. The spokesperson reveals that these socks are made using the fluffy knitting technique and are not very hot during the summer. With a good breathability, the cotton material keeps one’s foot fresh all the time. The fluffy socks can also absorb the sweat of an athlete’s foot. These socks are ant-slipping and help maintain the hygiene while exercising or playing any sport. The company uses a unique combination of nylon or spandex materials with cotton to create the best quality athletic custom socks that come with anti-slipping and sweat-absorption properties.

     YINUO KNITTING Inc Announces To Supply Wholesale Custom Socks In Numerable Designs For Diverse Types Of Customers

    Customers can also check their Custom elite socks that are very important for people who play different sports. These socks are an important layer between a player’s foot and his shoes. With their anti-slipping properties, the elite socks help maintain the stability of a player’s feet, while he runs, plays or participates in an outdoor activity. The player’s foot does not slip in his shoes, and which could be very helpful in a sport like basketball, where a player needs to jump off and then settle back on his feet. These socks are also very fluffy and provide ample ventilation for a player to feel fresh while running or doing any exercise. With a non-slip grip, the socks can offer a proper protection to one’s feet. The company also supplies long elite socks, which can also protect a player’s ankles and knees.

    YINUO KNITTING Inc also specializes in supplying Custom dress socks, which are fashionable and are meant for wearing in all seasons. These are the common knit socks, which can prove an essential accessory for everyone. Available in multiple colors and with personalized patterns, these socks are also very comfortable to wear. These socks can perfectly fit into different kinds of shoes, allowing people to walk with comfort and in style. Available in a wide variety of designs, one can choose these dress socks for wearing on different occasions.

    To learn more about the custom-made socks the company supplies, one can visit the website


    YINUO KNITTING Inc is a professional socks manufacturer of custom socks, with more than 9 years of experiences and with more than 100,000 custom designs for overseas markets. Founded in 2004, the company controls the whole process of purchasing high-quality yarn, production arrangement, quality control and delivery. The company is a team of creative individuals who create the perfect custom socks for different customers around the world.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: YINUO KNITTING Inc
    Contact Person: Rudy Yang
    Email: Send Email
    Country: China

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    The future of crypto currencies is certainly very exciting, particularly as a new innovation has been announced for 2019, which is supposed to ensure that the crypto market experiences an upswing again: The so-called STO.

    STO is an abbreviation for Security Token Offering and describes a crowdfunding method, which gained popularity especially in the last months of 2018. Numerous experts are currently predicting that STO’s will replace ICO’s in the long run, which have come under enormous criticism last year due to numerous reasons.

    What is the difference between an STO and ICO?

    The difference between these two funding options is easily explained: ICO’s typically sell digital tokens to investors with the perspective that they will increase their value in the future. In most cases, these tokens are linked to the actual project in a certain way, whereby their value also depends on how successfully the respective project develops in the future.

    The first ICO to take place in 2014 was that of the well-known cryptocurrency Ethereum, although the crowdfunding method did not reach enormous popularity until 2017 when it generated more than $6 trillion in total capital for numerous projects.

    The current criticism of ICO’s, which can be observed all over the world, has to do with the fact that more than 80 percent of the ICO’s that took place in 2017 were actually classified as fraud. This was the result of a study conducted by the consulting firm Satis Group. This distribution was not extraordinarily contrary in 2018 either.

    In addition, various regulatory developments in different countries, such as the US, have also contributed to the emerging criticism: the Security and Exchange Commission, for instance, published a statement stating that most ICO tokens basically qualify as securities, which means that companies offering them are actually breaking the law. This has to do with the fact that ICO’s mostly took place unregistered.

    This and other aspects have contributed to the development of the concept called Security Token Offering (STO).

    STO’s function similar to ICO’s, but provide investors with a variety of securities that already exist on the financial market: For example, purchased tokens can be linked to stock shares, natural resources, forex or even artworks. These securities could then be traded on the blockchain without any middlemen.

    However, STO’s are currently mostly an idea and have so far rarely been implemented in reality – but this is likely to change in the near future. This can also be seen in the fact that several projects have already announced planned STO’s, so we will soon see to what extent STO’s are actually a better alternative to ICO’s.

    This article ( on YAHOO! Finance is also an interesting source in this regard.

    ICO or STO: Which method is more trustworthy?

    This question can definitely not be answered globally: Although more than 80 percent of the ICO’s carried out in recent years had fraudulent backgrounds, there are still numerous initial coin offerings whose projects have developed extremely positively: NEO (NEO), Ethereum (ETH) or IOTA (MIOTA), for example, are worth mentioning here, as they are now among the most valuable crypto currencies in the world.

    This aspect makes it clear that ICO’s have always been a trustworthy, effective and profitable method of investing in various projects. However, the crucial point has always been which company, team and product is behind the tokens that are purchased.

    Examples of legitimate ICO’s can also be found in 2019: Worth mentioning here is the ICO of sky[nav]pro (SNP), an ERC20 token, which is operated by the renowned Dacher Systems GmbH (LINK: from Germany, a software company that has already been in business since 2005.

    The Investor Protection Shield

    Sky[nav]pro (SNP) is a project that enables pilots to access various real-time weather data at any time, to control navigation during flight and to avoid collisions. In addition, worldwide tracking & monitoring can easily be performed in real time.

    For this purpose, specific flight boxes are used, which are connected to the portable devices of the flight crew. These have already been manufactured in quantities of 100 units.

    Sky[nav]pro (SNP) is, in particular, convincing because of its investor protection shield, which includes several principles and provides interested investors, for example, with the entire business plan of the project, in which every detail of the concept is specifically explained.

    Other aspects of the investor shield include the fact that the product has already been developed and tested by various flight schools over a period of more than 10,000 flight hours, the promise that all capital will be invested directly in the project, the fact that more than 12,000 pilots worldwide are already actively supporting the project, and the certainty that the ICO of sky[nav]pro will be carried out by a well-known, reputable German company that has already been on the market for many years. Dacher Systems is a GmbH according to German law, which acts conform to regulations of the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority BaFin.

    These points represent only some of the elements that make the ICO Protective Shield of the project an extremely convincing feature of the sky[nav]pro (SNP) Initial Coin Offering.

    Sky[nav]pro (SNP) is therefore an excellent example of an ICO in the year 2019, which follows in the footsteps of various ICO’s which have been extremely successful in the past, proving even in times of the continuous trend towards STO’s that Initial Coin Offerings can not only be extremely efficient, but also trustworthy and profitable – provided that they are performed by respectable companies.

    The Initial Coin Offering of sky[nav]pro (SNP) is currently taking place on as part of the pre-sale phase.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Dacher Systems GmbH
    Contact Person: Tiberius Dacher
    Email: Send Email
    Country: Germany

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    Singapore – With over 30 years of experience in the automotive industry, Vin’s Automotive Group has developed a refined and customer-centric way of helping customers to buy and service their cars. The car dealer has developed a trusted process of transacting business that inspires confidence and delights customers.

    With a lot of car dealerships in Singapore, choosing a car dealer to buy a car from is not easy. Individuals have to talk to their friends to help them make the best decision. Observing the uncertainty of many dealers in the industry, Vin’s Automotive Group is dedicated to dominating and becoming the Best parallel importer Singapore by adopting a strategic approach.

    Vin’s Automotive Group is a reliable parallel importer in Singapore. “We realized that we have the knowledge, the experience, and the know-how to help make buying a car a fun and enjoyable process. Therefore, we built a relationship and trust with our customers by being a reliable parallel importer for their car needs,” says their spokesperson. The following are the seven ways their car dealership in Singapore creates an exciting customer experience.

    1. Import cars and other vehicles directly from the source country: The team at Vin’s Automotive Group focuses on getting vehicles at the source. They provide vehicles from the USA, Japan, Europe, and many other countries.

    2. Proof of shipment arrival: No need to worry and fret about when the vehicle will arrive. They receive a Surrendered Bill of Lading that tells the day of arrival of the vehicle clients have ordered.

    3. Delivery in just weeks: It takes just a couple of weeks to ship, clear, and make vehicles available for customers. Vin’s Automotive Group deals with the source companies. Therefore, their delivery also comes on time and on schedule.

    4. Competitive rates: They operate on large economies of scale, therefore, they can afford to sell at competitive rates for customers. Customers get better surprising deals.

    5. Test driving cars: Customers are free to test drive any car to ensure that it is working properly before making payments for it.

    6. Automotive maintenance service: Vin’s Automotive Group provides car repair, maintenance, and services to keep the car in good running condition.

    7. Excellent customer support: Delighting customers through high customer care, support, and services.

    “There is no hard selling from them and most importantly they are friendly to deal with,” says Mr. Kan, a client. Vin’s Automotive Group helps to buy, rent, and service cars.

    Vin’s Automotive Group is the reliable parallel importer in Singapore. They are located at 160 Sin Ming Drive #03-03, Sin Ming AutoCity, 575722. For enquiries, contact their team via phone at (+65) 6453 2121 or via email at Visit their website for additional information regarding their services.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Vin’s Automotive Group
    Contact Person: Galvin Khong
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: (+65) 6453 2121
    Address:160 Sin Ming Drive #03-03, Sin Ming AutoCity
    City: Singapore, 575722
    Country: Singapore

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    Toronto, ON – Making the decision to start a business comes with a plethora of challenges and potential roadblocks. The task, though rewarding, can be daunting and discouraging. This is what young entrepreneur Ryan Knight faced when he decided to start his car detailing business Detailing Knights. The first thing he did was seek a mentor, someone that looked like him to provide useful business advice.

    Unfortunately, when he went looking for a black business professional as a mentor he was unsuccessful. Unlike many other cultural or ethnic groups, there were no supports for black people looking to start and grow a business. Ryan knew he could not be alone in his need for guidance from a seasoned black business professional. After operating Detailing Knights for 10 years he brother together 6 other local business owners and started Afro Caribbean Business Network Foundation (ACBN).

    ACBN strives to provide black business owners with the necessary tools needed to start and grow a successful business in the GTA. ACBN hosts networking events and business building workshops for black business owners, focusing on various topics ranging from marketing to financial planning.  Marcus McKellop, utilized the help of the organization when launching his commercial cleaning business, Royal Eco Cleaning. His goal was to quit his factory job and become his own boss. With the guidance of ACBN he was able to reach this goal making more than double his previous salary and quit his job. “Marcus came to us with his business idea and within three months we were able to help him turn his dream into a reality. Knowing that we had a hand in making his dream come true is simply priceless, and I look forward to doing it over and over again,” says Ryan.

    The group is gearing up to host its inaugural Legacy Building Symposium, a day to inspire and educate business owners through exposure to top class business leaders, keynote speakers and engaging workshops. “We are looking forward to this event because it is a great way for those in the community to fully immerse themselves in a day of learning and networking to better their business and achieve their goals” says Ryan. Event participants will gain in depth knowledge in many business related areas including, marketing and sales, funding and technology within business.”

    ACBN is looking forward to continued membership growth and hopes to eventually have its own physical space where business owners can simply drop in and access useful information.

    ACBN – Legacy Building Symposium

    Date: January 23, 2019

    Time: 8am-3pm

    Location: 180 Elm Street, Toronto BBPA Head Office

    Contact: Ryan Knight, 6472253309,

    Media Contact
    Company Name: ACBN Foundation Canada
    Contact Person: Ryan Knight
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 6472253309
    Country: Canada

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    Go Green Carpet Cleaning has introduced a new approach to carpet cleaning. It is environmentally-friendly in the West Auckland area.

    Auckland, NZ – Go Green Carpet Cleaning has introduced a new approach to carpet cleaning. It is environmentally-friendly in the West Auckland area. The carpet cleaning company differentiates themselves from other carpet cleaning companies through unmatched green-carpet cleaning services.

    Go Green Carpet Cleaning has been the leading Auckland carpet cleaner over the years, and now is operating in the West Auckland area too. Through innovative carpet cleaning services that ensure customer’s homes and office have been well cleaned in a way that does not affect their health. They remove all types of stubborn stains on carpets, making the carpets look like new when they’re done.

    Through the proprietary carpet cleaning services of their company, they vacuum carpets, remove spots, and treat them with the best products. Their team of cleaning professionals are friendly, offering tips and advice to keep carpets clean and tidy. They provide detailed and transparent price quotes for services without any hidden cost.

    As the top-rated West Auckland Carpet Cleaner, their team ensures that they build a solid reputation in the community for their services. In view of this, they hold their services in high regards and offer high-quality carpet cleaning that makes homes and offices of customers shine and glisten.

    Their ‘amazement guarantee’ and philosophy of doing every job right shows in every service they provide. “Excellent service from start to finish, and most importantly they did an amazing job on our carpets, will use them again in the future,” confirmed Caren, from Manukau City. They provide professional rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and carpet cleaning services.

    The following is the process Go Green Carpet Cleaning uses for their carpet cleaning:

    Stage 1: Furniture Removal: Before carpet cleaning begins, they clear the floor by moving the furniture to the hard floors or to one side of the room in order for their team to give the entire carpet a complete wash.

    Stage 2: Vacuuming carpets: Using powerful machines to vacuum the floor and extract dust mites, grit, and pet hair right from the bottom of the carpet. All dirt is removed in this process before the main washing.

    Stage 3: Washing carpets: Using steam cleaning or the hot-water extraction cleaning method to get carpets as clean as possible. This system removes the water as well as drys the carpet in just a few hours after washing. Airflow through open windows, a heat pump or dehumidifier is enhanced to drastically improve drying times.

    Stage 4: Scotch guarding: Putting a protective layer in the carpet to protect it against staining from spills and accidents. Applying the scotch guard helps to quickly blot out stains on the carpet, if they should happen before the next wash.

    Stage 5: Pest control: They offer free pest control for fleas and carpet mites.

    Go Green Carpet Cleaning for West Auckland is located at 50 Sherrybrooke Place, Sunnyvale, Auckland, 0612, New Zealand. For inquiries and the best West Aukland Carpet Cleaner, contact their team via phone at 0800 398722 or via email at Visit their website for additional information regarding their services.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Go Green Carpet Cleaning
    Contact Person: Andy Rolston
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 0800 398722
    Address:33 The Avenue Albany
    City: Auckland 0632
    Country: New Zealand

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    Successful house builder, Mat Staples Builder has relocated their office from Auckland to Taupo.

    Taupo, NZ – Successful house builder, Mat Staples Builder has relocated their office from Auckland to Taupo. While they have moved their office to Taupo, NZ, they still provide custom home building and remodeling services to the Auckland area. Residents in the two areas can contact their team for all construction service needs.

    Mat Staples Builder is a team of highly trained, qualified, and experienced tradespeople who are experts in their field. Over the last ten (10) years, their team has stood the test of time in providing high-quality construction services to residents. They continually remain at the top of their field by giving the best and being the best in their field of endeavor.

    As a top-rated House builder in Taupo, they ensure that their professionals stay ahead of the competition through continuous learning. They study current trends in the construction industry and adopt the latest technology, techniques, and processes to provide breathtaking construction services for residents.

    They believe in setting the standards in their field. Through membership association to high-class construction bodies such as The Master Builders Association and Licensed Builders Practitioners, they maintain and stay in tune with industry standards of providing services. The innovative culture at their company ensures that they approach every new project with a new design based on the customer’s ideas.

    Mat Staples Builder works with homeowners with older houses. They take their old houses and make them new again. They work with the homeowners to understand what they have in mind for their building remodeling services. Based on ideas, vision, and plan of the customers, they offer a top-notch architectural design that adds tremendous value to the house.

    Residents in the community looking for their own custom designed home can also use the services of their company. They work with them to plan, design, and build the ideal home of their dreams. As an expert construction company, Mat Staples Builder communicates progress to the customers as their project moves along.

    “If you are thinking of a construction project and you are looking for a Taupo home renovation building company, please give me a call. You can be assured of punctual, polite, and precise builders to work to your satisfaction,” said the spokesperson for their company.

    Mat Staples Builder offers custom building of all styles of homes, remodeling, and other renovation services. They are located at 50 King Road, Kinloch, Taupo, New Zealand. For inquiries, contact them via phone at 021 285 1445 or via email at Visit their website at for additional information regarding their building projects and other services.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Mat Staples Builder
    Contact Person: Mat Staples
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 021 285 1445
    Address:50 King Road
    City: Taupo
    Country: New Zealand

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    Sunrise Mechanical Inc is surprising their clients in Phoenix, AZ with top-notch air conditioning installation, repair, and maintenance services that give them the peace of mind they need to enjoy their home and office. The professional HVAC service repair plan provided by their company to Phoenix HVAC clients has extended the longevity of many systems.

    Phoenix, AZ – Sunrise Mechanical Inc is a full-service Phoenix, AZ HVAC repair company that specializes in providing expert air-conditioning services to residents. They diagnose HVAC problems in the shortest time possible and repair them in a timely fashion so that it works properly once again. As a leading HVAC repair company, they have experienced technicians who are the best in what they do.

    Air conditioners are one of the most important comfort devices in homes and offices. Most offices make it a part of their corporate culture since it keeps both the staff and the customers comfortable while they transact business. Many homeowners in Phoenix, AZ have also installed air conditioners to keep their home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Sometimes, the air conditioners simply fail to work, causing problems at the home or office.

    While the problem might sometimes be obvious, it will take an expert HVAC technician to get it done right. The crew at Sunrise Mechanical Inc provides emergency AC repairs to solve all AC problems in both homes and businesses. They provide regular services and tune-ups to help save energy and money of clients while extending the longevity of the HVAC system.

    Some technicians have specialties in a particular type of HVAC system. However, Sunrise Mechanical Inc provides HVAC and AC repair on a variety of systems such as the split system, hybrid split system, duct-free, centralized air or other system types. Their crew understands the complexities of each HVAC type and how to repair it in the best way possible.

    The following comprises the repair services offered by their company: Blown fuse changes, contactor replacements, capacitor replacements, gas valve replacements, filter replacements, thermostat troubleshooting, drain line cleaning, refrigerant charges, condenser cleaning, and evaporator coil repairs. All services begin with a comprehensive HVAC diagnosis which helps to locate and provide targeted repairs.

    Sunrise Mechanical Inc is located at 125 North 2nd Street Suite 110 #354, Phoenix, AZ 85004. For inquiries and any Air Conditioning Repair Service in Phoenix, contact their team via phone at (602) 714-1009 or via email at Visit their website for additional information regarding their services.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Sunrise Mechanical Inc
    Contact Person: Jennie Spaulding
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: (602) 714-1009
    Address:125 North 2nd Street Suite 110 #354
    City: Phoenix
    State: Arizona
    Country: United States

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    Publishing, even with the rocket-like growth of the internet and the proliferation of e-readers, has remained stubbornly intractable. Authors still struggle to get their foot in the door and their work in front of an audience. Samuel Lau, founder of Dreame, a reading and writing platform offering original fiction to mobile and desktop users, is trying to bridge this gap. 

    A problem many aspiring authors face is monetizing any fame they may accrue on these writing platforms. “What we would see is that, often, you would have an author with millions or tens of millions of reads but they wouldn’t be making any money from it.” Most writing platforms don’t give the writers a direct way to earn money from their works. Often, their best chance is to try and get noticed by a traditional publisher.

    Samuel hopes Dreame, a platform that rewards aspiring and established authors, will help solve this by giving writers an audience they could monetize. “To date, Dreame has more than one million registered users and approximately one hundred thousand daily active users visiting Dreame to enjoy reading different kinds of stories.” Says an excited Samuel. “They have access to this constantly growing library of works. Or, if they’re writers, a growing audience of readers to promote their work to.”

    Samuel credits his company’s success to its appeal to female readers and writers “We always wanted to build a writing community where female writers can thrive and readers can easily find books they love. With this in mind, we have strove to develop Dreame into a dynamic and compelling platform that caters our users need.” In human speak, advanced algorithm and data analysis are used to help users refine their searches while browsing for stories. And with a company ethos to discover new and hidden talent, a steady supply of new and exciting works seems promising.

    And what really sets Dreame apart, says Samuel, is the Writers’ Program. “We know that many online-reading platforms invite writers to display their books on their sites promising that they will have a certain share once the book generates profit from their programs. The problem is, only the writers at the top of the pyramid are able to profit from this.”

    However, The Writers’ Program offers an upfront payment to writers upon signing with Dreame. Writers will also be able to earn more depending on the amount they write each month. And for writers who can update their work daily, there is even a bonus. “It’s much more open than other platforms,” says Samuel. “The hope is that this will encourage and motivate our writers to keep writing.” 

    How does it work? Simple. When signing, writers will only grant the digital copyright of their books to Dreame. This does not affect writers who may want to pursue print publishing in the future as they retain the full copyright to their works. Samuel is keen to stress, “It really is a win-win.”

    And there’s more. The launch of Dreame’s “Pay-to-Read” program means that books that perform well can be put behind a paywall, enabling readers to directly support their favorite stories and writers.

    So far, Dreame has paid out over-half-a-million dollars to its writers and has big plans for the future, including partnering with publishing houses to really help some writers gain the success and recognition they deserves. “We’re going somewhere,” says Samuel, confidently. “I don’t know where – but I know it’s going to be exciting.”

    Media Contact
    Company Name: STARY PTE. LTD.
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Email: Send Email
    Country: Singapore

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    Melrose Park, IL – O’Hare Towing Service is offering all-around towing in Melrose Park, IL 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. This unique towing service has been designed to ensure that vehicle owner get the needed towing they need for their car, regardless of when the incident happened. Residents in the area can contact their team for the all-around towing service.

    The last thing most drivers want to experience is to have their vehicles broke down on the road. This can cause enormous stress and frustration. The other part of the issue is that the breakdown can happen accidentally and without warning, requiring a quick solution to deal with the problem.

    The whole event can be very disheartening when major towing companies have closed their offices at the time when the incident happens. In such situations, reliable towing service is needed to help. Therefore, O’Hare Towing Service offers professional towing 24/7, 365 days a year to take care of all emergency vehicle breakdowns in Melrose Park, IL and the surrounding areas.

    In order to ensure that customers are provided with top-notch towing services, their company has provided highly trained dispatchers, mechanics, and recovery experts or tow operators. The entire team works together to make sure they provide maximum towing services to customers. Regardless of the time of the incidence, their team can be contacted for all towing services.

    They make sure that they are prompt in response and delivery. Their technical team is always on standby waiting to provide the towing service required. When their company first started in 1963, Jack Gratzianna, the founder, positioned the operation to be the leading provider of heavy-duty towing and recovery services. After setting a truck maintenance facility in Northlake and growing the towing business, their company made a leap to becoming the premier towing company in Chicago, IL.

    O’Hare Towing Service later studied their community and evaluated their competition. On observing the trends, they realized that if they were to provide the best services possible, they must always be there for their customers. Customers must rely on and trust that O’Hare Towing Service will always be there to take care of any emergency Towing in Melrose Park, IL. Therefore, the all-around 24/7, 365 days a year service was born. Contact their team for light-duty towing, heavy-duty towing, transport, recovery, and special services. No job is too small or too big for them.

    O’Hare Towing Service is located at 2755 Division St, Melrose Park, IL 60160. For inquiries, contact them via phone at (708) 223-7669 or via email at Visit their website for additional information regarding their services.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: O’Hare Towing Service
    Contact Person: Marci Gratzianna
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: (708) 223-7669
    Address:2755 Division St
    City: Melrose Park
    State: Illinois
    Country: United States

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    At one time in the not-so-distant past, terms like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR) were flights of fancy, considered to be the substance of science fiction and little else.

    Welcome to the 21st Century, where companies like Pacific Future Technology ( are not only turning these intricate concepts into reality but also finding practical, and highly marketable, applications. Pacific Future, a research and development corporation Headquartered in Hong Kong and R&D lab based in shenzhen. specializes in the integration of light field, image recognition, motion tracking and other algorithms.

    The company specializes in the development of AI and AR algorithms, providing developers with a comprehensive set of highly integrated AR hardware and software technology for research and system development. This AR system has been applied in many cultural tourism projects.

    In the travel industry, AR can help tourists experience various cultural and historic scenic worldwidely regardless of time and space. Pacific Future has achieved remarkable breakthrough in several cultural and tourism program with their own  hardware device AMglass enpowered by their leading underlying algorithm.


    The new product AMglass achieves high integration of software and hardware, breaking the old pattern of hardware equipment  characterized by difficult development, poor user experience and opaque construction. Recently, they  provided this technology for the world’s first Augmented Reality museum. Located in Malacca, Malaysia (Lee’s homeland), visitors are able to view (and experience) Malaysian history in 3D by wearing AR glasses developed by Pacific Future. By integrating the AI software technology with the head display equipment, the world’s first  Artificial Intelligence cultural scenic as well as digital asset is established, which combines history, navigation, guidance, shopping and experience altogether. Pacific Future Successfully transforms the underlying technology into commercial value via hardware carrier.

    Pacific Future Technology’s AI Travel Project Demonstration in Malacca

    We are told  that Pacific Future will take this world’s first consumer-grade hardware – AMglass to the CES show. The exhibition booth is Tech East, LVCC, South Halls-1, 22045. Those who are interested are welcome to experience this new product on site.

    Not only that, Pacific Future’s AI algorithm will provide developers and application development companies with a comprehensive and highly integrated image recognition and artificial intelligence algorithm development system.

    “The multitude and breadth of applications are endless,” said Kien Lee, CEO of Pacific Future Technology. “We are developing 3D algorithms and software systems that can dramatically enhance the user’s experience or make it more effective. We’re coming up with new opportunities virtually every day.”

    Pacific Future Technology has completed the upgrade of human skeleton algorithm from 2D to 3D through its self-developed Ai3D human skeleton algorithm, thus realizing the improvement in four dimensions including human body trajectory, angle, speed and acceleration that can not be achieved by 2D human body gesture capture algorith. In this case, the gestures and motion of the human body can be recognized efficiently and accurately even in the circumstance of obstacles, obstructions and unclear light, which greatly reduces the cost of human motion capture. Soon, this technology will be applied in areas such as precision rehabilitation, 3D animation, and human-computer interaction.

    “At this point, we are just scratching the surface,” Lee said. “This technology is going change the world as we know it.”

    For further information about Pacific Future Technology, including its new AR, AI and 3DAI applications, visit Questions and comments can be directed to the company through its Contact page,

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Pacific Future Technology
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Email: Send Email
    City: Las Vegas
    State: Nevada
    Country: United States

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    Kennesaw, GA – Stress, pain and a couple of other factors are responsible for a wide range of problems with most persons thus limiting their potential to living their best life. With stress and pain having been revealed to shorten lifespan and also negatively impact the quality of life, it has become essential to seek professional solutions such as therapeutic massages from experts like The Healing Hippie to ensure better health and overall improved quality of life.

    The Healing Hippie, a professional massage therapist has been providing stellar quality massages to residents of Kennesaw, GA for years and has earned itself a reputation of top quality services have helped hundreds of its client deal with stress, pain and other related conditions. The team of massage therapists and experts at The Healing Hippie understand that each patient and their condition is unique and as such offer personalized services which are aimed at holistically addressing client’s problems using professional knowledge, experience and natural products.

    At The Healing Hippie, the team of massage professionals help clients live their best life by offering a natural solution to patients while ensuring that their body is stimulated as best as it can to begin the natural repair process for a healthier and better life.

    The spokesperson for the Kennesaw, GA massage therapists, The Healing Hippie, while describing the company and its services said: “I am a Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Aromatherapy Practitioner. I believe in the power of a healing touch through massage and the body’s ability to heal itself when using nature’s medicine, essential oils. I use these holistic therapies to bring the body to optimum wellness to alleviate pain, inflammation, illness, and stress, allowing you to live your best life!”

    Having helped hundreds of clients restore their health and improve on the quality of their lives, The Healing Hippie has developed a foolproof treatment procedure which affords all clients a 60-minute session wherein they discuss at length their concerns and expectations prior to the commencement of treatment to ensure that their goals are adequately met.

    As a licensed Massage therapist and Certified Aromatherapy-controlled environment, The Healing Hippie offers a wide range of massage therapy services for all needs including the Swedish massage, Thai Massage, Integrated therapeutic massage, medical massage, sports massage, deep tissue massage, pre-natal massage, express therapeutic massage, event mobile massage, employee chair massage wellness program and more. As a community-oriented business, The Healing Hippie also offers a 15% discount on all services rendered to Veterans.

    Visit the best massage therapist in Kennesaw, GA at The Healing Hippie’s office located at 1050 Shiloh Rd NW #303, Kennesaw, GA 30144 or call us on our hotline at (770) 315-1705. Online inquiries can be directed at Angie Bretz via email at

    Media Contact
    Company Name: The Healing Hippie
    Contact Person: Angie Bretz
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: (770) 315-1705
    Address:1050 Shiloh Rd NW #303
    City: Kennesaw
    State: Georgia
    Country: United States

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    The VelocIT Connect application is recognized as an “Acumatica-Certified Application” by the Cloud ERP company.

    Clarkston, WA, USA – VelocIT Business Solutions, a custom software development firm specializing in advanced payment solutions, point of sale, and ERP software customization, today announced that its software has been recognized as an Acumatica-Certified Application (ACA).

    Acumatica is a comprehensive, browser-based Cloud ERP solution optimized for ease of use, adaptability, mobility, speed, and security. The ACA title highlights outstanding development partners whose applications have met the highest standards set for Acumatica integration and functionality.

    “Customers who want to stay competitive need flexible, responsive technology to execute their long-term business strategies,” said Christian Lindberg, Vice President of Partner Solutions at Acumatica. “Our ACA label is built to help customers find applications capable of delivering that. We’re proud to recognize VelocIT Connect as an Acumatica-Certified Application. It masterfully utilizes the Acumatica platform to meet customers’ growing business demands.”

    To become an Acumatica-Certified Application, VelocIT has demonstrated commitment to quality by passing the Acumatica software test and aligning to future Acumatica roadmap releases.

    “We’re honored to have received this high level of distinction direct from the Acumatica development team,” said Jeremy Burt, Principal – Business Development at VelocIT. “As the Acumatica-Certified Application designation demonstrates, VelocIT Connect seamlessly integrates with the flexible Acumatica Cloud ERP platform to provide the critical modern payment solution capabilities today’s agile SMBs need, including next-day funding, Level 3 optimization, tokenization, and support for EMV terminals.”

    About Acumatica
    Acumatica provides cloud-based business management software that enables small and mid-size companies to accelerate their businesses. Built on cloud and mobile technology and a unique customer-centric licensing model, Acumatica delivers a suite of fully integrated business management applications, such as Financials, Distribution, CRM, and Project Accounting, on a robust and flexible platform.

    For more information, visit

    About VelocIT

    VelocIT Business Solutions is a custom software development firm specializing in advanced payment solutions, point of sale, and ERP software customization. As an Acumatica certified application developer and integration developer, we will design, build and customize your next Acumatica project. With the latest P2PE certified payment devices and our advanced hosted tokenization, we can integrate all payment methods within your software or the native ERP platform. VelocIT is your one stop for Acumatica enhancements, payment solutions, and custom projects.

    To learn more, visit

    Media Contact: Jeremy Burt for VelocIT | (844) 325-7770 |

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Epic Sky Inc
    Contact Person: Brian Dunn
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 847-676-2590
    Country: United States

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    Crowley, TX – The garage door plays an important role in the home, as it adds to the overall value, appearance, aesthetics, and security of the home. However, similar to all mechanical systems, the garage door is prone to damages which can compromise all the benefits which it adds to the home, and as such, there is the need to hire the services of tested, trusted, and reliable garage door repair service providers to promptly attend to such faults. Having made a name for themselves as the garage door repair service experts in Crowley, TX, Viking Overhead Crowley has become the choice garage door repair service experts to call for all commercial and residential garage door service needs.

    As a full-service garage door repair service provider, Viking Overhead Crowley prides themselves on their quality of services offered, and as such, has employed a team of well-trained, professional garage door repair technicians who combine expertise and experience with the use of top-quality replacement parts, to ensure that each service delivered meets and exceeds the expectations of their clients.

    The spokesperson for the top providers of garage door repair in Crowley TX, Viking Overhead Crowley, while describing their company and their services offered said, “Viking Overhead Crowley is your local garage door repair company! We are a 100% veteran-owned and operated family business. We specialize in garage door repairs, new garage door installations, garage door maintenance, and garage door openers. We pride ourselves in providing superior customer service from the first phone call to the completion of the job! We guarantee a clean and professional install of all garage door openers and garage door repairs! We offer same day emergency service and do not charge a service call fee! Give us a call or visit our website to schedule a free on-site estimate!”

    As a full-service garage door repair service provider in Crowley, TX, Viking Overhead Crowley offers a wide range of services which include residential garage door services such as garage door opener repairs and servicing, garage door panel replacements, hinge and hardware replacement services, hand-built cedar garage door installations and custom build constructions, garage door installations, garage door sensor alignment services, and more; as well as commercial garage door services such as commercial overhead garage door repairs,  roll up garage doors and rolling steel doors repair services, new installation services, replacement garage door services, and more.

    Viking Overhead Crowley is located at 513 E Glendale St, Crowley, TX 76036. For inquiries and the best Garage Door Repair Crowley TX, contact them via phone at (817) 252-4131 or send online inquiries via email to Visit their website for additional information regarding their services.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Viking Overhead Crowley
    Contact Person: Maja Dockal
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: (817) 252-4131
    Address:513 E Glendale St
    City: Crowley
    State: Texas
    Country: United States

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    Lenexa, KS – Santa Fe Tow Service Inc. is offering high-quality light-duty and heavy-duty towing in Kansas City, KS. Their heavy-duty trucks are capable of towing more than 100,000 Ibs. With more than 80 GPS equipped trucks in service, their dispatch center provides prompt towing services to residents in the area without making them wait.

    While many drivers may not wish for emergency breakdowns, they just happen on the road. Sometimes it could be an accident or a sudden mechanical problem that requires professional towing and quick roadside assistance services. As a reliable, dependable, and experienced towing company, Santa Fe Tow Service Inc. provides expert towing services for drivers.

    They have a state-of-the-art fleet of towing and recovery vehicles, capable of providing any towing service. Their light-duty towing provides top-notch towing services for cars, trucks, vans, and even motorcycles, while the heavy-duty towing transports anything from buses, semi-trucks, tractors, motorhomes, and others. The rollbacks take care of all-wheel drive SUVs or trucks with complete safety.

    The drivers have been professionally trained and certified by leading organizations such as Towing and Recovery Association of America (TRAA) to offer expert towing, recovery, and transportation services. The drivers are committed to delivering quality services and making customers happy. This is why they go the extra mile to provide roadside assistance services that help to deal with jumpstarts, lockouts, and fuel deliveries.

    For the past thirty (30) years of being in business, Santa Fe Tow Service Inc. has built a stellar reputation for excellent customer service. “Superior customer service is our number one priority! This is why we make sure our drivers are courteous, friendly, and happy to answer all of our customer’s questions,” said Jonathan Kupchin, the spokesperson for their company.

    In order to delight customers, Santa Fe Tow Service Inc. goes the extra mile to offer 24-hour towing services which ensures that they take care of all emergency towing needs of customers at any time of the day. They have truck operators ready to help with light-duty and heavy-duty towing services.

    Santa Fe Tow Service Inc. is located at 9125 Rosehill Rd, Lenexa, KS 66215. For inquiries and any Towing in Kansas City KS, contact their office via phone at (913) 712-9084 or via email at Visit their website for additional information regarding their services.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Santa Fe Tow Service Inc.
    Contact Person: Jonathan Kupchin
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: (913) 712-9084
    Address:9125 Rosehill Rd
    City: Lenexa
    State: Kansas
    Country: United States

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    Camas, WA – Many home and local business owners are seeing the effects of landscaping on their properties. For homes, it increases the aesthetic value, and for businesses, it attracts more individuals to their premises. Pruning & hedge trimming are a few of the fundamentals required to enhance any home or office. Urban Eden Landscaping offers pruning & hedge trimming services in Camas, WA for commercial and residential properties.

    Urban Eden Landscaping has been in the landscaping business for many years now. They are an experienced, licensed, and insured landscaping company that has improved the value of many homes and offices in Camas, WA. They take a pragmatic approach to landscape with a commitment to excellence in their services.

    Trees and shrubs are one of the elements for landscaping. When they are well tended to, they serve as a hedge, wind/noise reducer, and add privacy and beautification to the property. They make the environment look great, but this only comes when they are tended to regularly. “Proper pruning is important for several reasons including safety, air circulation, reducing the risk of disease, proper growth patterns, and overall health,” said the owner of Urban Eden Landscaping.

    At Urban Eden Landscaping, they focus on identifying and removing diseased, broken, weak, and dead branches from trees. They increase light exposure and air circulation in the home or office by thinning and removing branches of trees. As a licensed arborist, they leverage their insight to take care of client’s trees so that they can look stunning.

    They provide regular tree and shrub maintenance services where they visit homes or offices on scheduled times to take care of their trees and shrubs. When there is a need for fertilizing, they evaluate the trees and shrubs and apply the required fertilizer for proper growth and nourishment. They examine the trees, look for obvious signs of lack of nutrients, and analyze their findings before applying the fertilizer.

    Urban Eden Landscaping is characterized by high customer care. They don’t just take care of trees and shrubs, they also make sure their customers are 100% satisfied with the services they deliver. Their crews are detail-oriented, use the proper equipment, and are dedicated to performing all work with safety in mind. Estimates provided by their company for services are quick, easy, and without any hidden costs.

    Urban Eden Landscaping is located at 1831 SE 283rd Ave, Camas, WA 98607. For inquiries and the best Pruning & Hedge Trimming in Camas, contact them via phone at (360) 567-6399 or via email at Visit their website for additional information regarding their services.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Urban Eden Landscaping
    Contact Person: Nathan Scott
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: (360) 567-6399
    Address:1831 SE 283rd Ave
    City: Camas
    State: Washington
    Country: United States

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    Tacoma, WA – Choosing a business attorney in Tacoma, WA can be a daunting task, especially as clients want the best-personalized services which are aimed at their overall interest. At Morton McGoldrick P. S., their team of business attorneys in Tacoma, WA understand the specific and general needs of clients and are committed to providing top-of-the-line services which are based on professionalism, expertise, and the need to meet and exceed client’s expectations.

    Operating as a client-friendly legal representative in Tacoma, WA, Morton McGoldrick P. S. has over the years fine-tuned their legal services in such a way that they mirror their continued commitment to the overall interest of their clients. Having been in the industry for years, Morton McGoldrick P. S. has easily become the top choice for businesses in need of top business attorneys.

    The spokesperson for the law firm, Morton McGoldrick P. S., while describing their company, services offered, and their commitment to their client’s interest said, “Morton McGoldrick P. S. has remained successful over the years because our team delivers what our clients demand and deserve – high-quality legal services provided in a timely and efficient manner. We have over the years tailored our approach to our clients to reflect our commitment to their interest. We are not just attorneys, as our services transcend this to provide solutions to our client’s problems. Morton McGoldrick P. S. is eagerly committed to being on the cutting-edge of legal and technological advancements while holding our traditional values concrete. We promise an unwavering commitment to the founding principles that established our firm nearly a century ago and we aim to provide you with the best attorney-client experience ever.”

    The team of business law attorneys at Morton McGoldrick P. S. boast of experience and expertise which makes them the right fit to handle all sizes and types of businesses ranging from family businesses, closely held corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, and emerging businesses to public companies. The team at Morton McGoldrick P. S. offers services bordering on formation and organization of businesses – corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, joint ventures, associations, subsidiaries, mergers, reorganizations, strategic alliance, business dissolution and exit strategies, business sales and acquisitions, contract negotiations, intellectual property transactions, tax advice and succession planning, shareholder’s rights, employment services, and more.

    Operating with a goal to serve the interest of all Tacoma, WA residents, Morton McGoldrick P. S. offers additional legal services in practice areas including bankruptcy, child custody, construction law, divorce, employment law, environmental law, estate planning, family law, immigration, land use, probate, litigation, real estate, and tax.

    Morton McGoldrick P. S. is located at 820 A St. #600, Tacoma, WA 98402. To schedule an appointment with the best Business Attorney in Tacoma, contact them via phone at (253) 655-2275 or send online inquiries via email to Visit their website for additional information regarding their services.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Morton McGoldrick P. S.
    Contact Person: Kathleen Pierce
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: (253) 655-2275
    Address:820 A St. #600
    City: Tacoma
    State: Washington
    Country: United States

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    Vancouver, WA – Having strong and durable construction is dependent on the quality of materials used during the construction process, and as such, it is recommended that general contractors and construction merchants choose companies specialized in the supply and delivery of top-quality concrete mixes like Alpha Ready Mix. Their company came into existence with the aim to help construction companies meet the needs of their clients, by providing top-quality concrete ready mixes which are delivered on time and to meet certain specifications set by the construction contractors.

    Having been in the business of providing construction ready mixes for years, Alpha Ready Mix has earned themselves a reputation for a fast and reliable supply and delivery service across Vancouver, WA, thus, earning them a top spot among construction companies. Boasting of years of experience supplying and delivering Ready Mix Concrete in Vancouver WA, Alpha Ready Mix has fine-tuned their services in such a way that it has become easier for construction companies to get their orders fulfilled.

    The spokesperson for their company, Alpha Ready Mix, while describing them and their services offered said, “Alpha Ready Mix is family-owned and has been supplying ready-mix concrete to job sites for twelve years. We couple common sense communication with expert project management to make getting your concrete delivered as easy as possible. We understand that your project needs may be on short notice, and as such, have a team that is ready to take on your needs and get the needed ready mix concrete to you as soon as possible. Having provided concrete for hundreds of projects throughout Vancouver, WA, we are proud to claim that we are capable of handling all your light and heavy volume concrete needs.”

    Operating with a commitment to fulfill their client’s orders as soon as possible and to facilitate the project completion timeline, Alpha Ready Mix possesses state-of-the-art concrete mixing equipment which ensures that client’s specifications are met to the last detail. Their company also boast of a team of quality control experts who ensure that each order specification is met to ensure the integrity of structures to be constructed.

    Being an environmentally-friendly company, Alpha Ready Mix employs the use of products which allow for sustainable and durable concrete at any scale. Their company is capable of handling all needs including pervious concrete, controlled density fill (CDF), cement delivery, colored concrete, and a wide range of variable density concrete options.

    Alpha Ready Mix is located at 12411 SE McGillivray Blvd, Vancouver, WA 98683. For top-quality supply and delivery of Ready Mix Concrete in Vancouver WA, contact them via phone at (360) 772-1558 or send online inquiries via email to Visit their website for additional information regarding their services.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Alpha Ready Mix
    Contact Person: Abel Baranets
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: (360) 772-1558
    Address:12411 SE McGillivray Blvd
    City: Vancouver
    State: Washington
    Country: United States

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