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    Readers’ Favorite announces the review of the Fiction – Dystopia book “Radioactive Evolution” by Richard Hummel, currently available at

    Readers’ Favorite is one of the largest book review and award contest sites on the Internet. They have earned the respect of renowned publishers like Random House, Simon & Schuster, and Harper Collins, and have received the “Best Websites for Authors” and “Honoring Excellence” awards from the Association of Independent Authors. They are also fully accredited by the BBB (A+ rating), which is a rarity among Book Review and Book Award Contest companies.

    Reviewed By Kim Anisi for Readers’ Favorite

    If you love dystopia, but also love fantasy and dragons, then Radioactive Evolution by Richard Hummel might be the novel you’ve been waiting for. We are introduced to Jared Cartwright, who is an explorer traveling around the desolate continent to find boosters (I’ll leave the explanation about that to the book itself) and other useful items to keep him alive. When he explores an underground tunnel, he finds something that will turn out to be the most valuable item he ever found in his life. While the rich lead an easy life in floating cities (either in the sky or on islands), people like Jared have to fight for their survival on a daily basis, either in colonies or on their own. It seems like Jared has found something that would give him an edge over everyone else: a dragon and a special connection that helps him to overcome obstacles that would otherwise have been the end of him. It is a world in which even fluffy rabbits can turn into lethal opponents and fellow humans do not always have the best intentions.

    It is November, and I have read dozens of books this year. I hadn’t come across one I’d call my favourite book of the year until I read Radioactive Evolution by Richard Hummel. It is an unusual mix of fantasy, dystopia, coming of age, adventure, and a little bit of (gentle) horror. I didn’t expect to be drawn into this novel after reading the description, but once I started, I was hooked. I just couldn’t put it down. I loved that it was actually a decent sized novel, not short like many first books in a series. This is quality writing with an unusual plot, interesting characters, surprising twists, shocking developments and also some humor that fits the situations. I loved how the bond between Jared and Scarlet developed; it really is something special and I’m looking forward to reading how these adventures continue. While there is a lot left to happen, a lot to discover and a lot to experience, the novel does not end on a cliffhanger that makes you want to strangle the author. I’m really pleased I picked up this novel and I’m not sure whether I’ll come across anything better this year (2018). Also a thumbs up to the quality of editing.”

    You can learn more about Richard Hummel and “Radioactive Evolution” at where you can read reviews and the author’s biography, as well as connect with the author directly or through their website and social media pages.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Readers’ Favorite LLC
    Contact Person: Media Relations
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    Phone: 800-RF-REVIEW
    City: Louisville
    State: KY 40202
    Country: United States

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    Hu Jiaqi, (English name: Jiaqi Hu) is a famous anthropologist and writer. Since July 2007, he has published The Greatest Question, On Human Extinction, Save Humanity (Revised Edition), Saving Humanity and other Chinese and English books.

    On the occasion of the publication of On Human Extinction written by the anthropologist Hu Jiaqi, he published the article The Continued Development of Science and Technology will soon Destroy Humanity in Hong Kong. The article said that “the fundamental threat to the overall survival of mankind comes from development of science and technology.”


    Hu Jiaqi (Jiaqi Hu) mentioned in the article that it’s certain that the means of extinction would appear. “As long as science and technology do not stop the pace of development, it will certainly break through to higher levels. Higher levels of science and technology will undoubtedly be more powerful. This power can benefit or destroy human beings. This kind of destructive power will eventually destroy humanity one day that is, the means of extinction will inevitably appear. This is an uncomplicated logical inference, and the correctness of this inference can even withstand mathematical calculations, so it is a conclusion, not just a possibility.”

    In addition, extinction means must be used. Hu Jiaqi said, “When science and technology develop to the point where extinction can be produced, the techniques and the means of extinction will continue to spread. There will always be a very few psychopaths in the world that have a hard hatred for society. They will do everything possible. Seeking the most devastating means, and not hesitating to use it, even he will also die. Because the human population is extremely large, even if there are fewer such people, the absolute number is also larger.”

    Besides, the extermination force will inadvertently erupt. Hu Jiaqi said in the article, “In fact, the extermination force will erupt because of the deliberate use of psychopaths, and it will even if no one deliberately uses it.

    The biggest characteristic of science and technology is that they are uncertain. Scientific and technological achievements which we often think are the best are actually the worst. Its uncertainty will also lead us to some unexpected results in scientific experiments. Some of these results are beneficial, but some are harmful. This will inevitably lead to the inadvertent use of scientific and technological achievements after the development of science and technology to the level of destroying human beings, and taking inadvertently scientific experiments may unexpectedly erupt the power of extinction, thus pushing mankind to the extinct abyss.”

    Finally, the anthropologist Hu Jiaqi proposed in the article that self-extinction is only calculated on 100-year basis.

    As Hu Jiaqi (Jiaqi Hu) said in this article, “After the earliest means of extinction appeared, as long as science and technology are still developing, other means of extinction will continue to emerge. As time goes by, extinction means must be produced by multiple disciplines. Thus, extermination forces will likely erupt in a variety of ways, for example, the deliberate use by psychopaths; the inadvertent use of technology products; accidents in scientific experiments. So, as long as such thing outbreaks once, humans will come to an end. Therefore, after a series of scientific arguments, I believe that if no measure is taken immediately, human extinction would occur within three or five hundred years (two or three hundred years), even within a hundred years (this research process is specifically described in Hu Jiaqi’s related books).”

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Globalnewsonline
    Contact Person: JAN
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    Country: United States

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    The secret of film perception and cognition studies: How psychologists help filmmakers to understand their audience

    In 1896, the Lumière brothers shot a scene for the back of a train, which is considered to be the first short film ever filmed and recorded in history. Even though the earliest films were shot in black and white, it did not diminish the powerful impact of how images in film can appear to be a part of the real world. Early audiences were shocked by how tangible and vivid the train scene appeared.  In watching the sequence unfold, they felt like the train was headed directly towards them.  For more than 100 years now, the film industry has continued to evolve into a mega entertainment industry that now has a significant impact on the national economy.

    You might assume that scholars know a considerable amount about films since they continually study them, but only a few findings about fundamental mechanism on audio-visual perception and cognition for human beings have been studied and documented. According to the previous studies, psychologists discovered how audiences perceive and interpret color, motion, shapes, and events from motion pictures. Another question that should be asked is, what happens in the viewers’ brain after they receive audio-visual information? Also, what causes individual differences regarding interpretation and preferences?  Lastly, how do these studies change the film industry?

    An Unique Change

    Lingfei Luan, a Ph.D. student in Neural and Cognitive Science at Bowling Green State University, is well known for her studies on the film perception and cognition. She received her B.A degree in Film Production from Beijing Film Academy, her first master’s degree in philosophy, theory, and film studies from the University of Paris VIII, and her second master’s degree in Media and Communication from Bowling Green State University.

    Lingfei Luan

    Her master’s thesis, “Finding a Basic Interpretive Unit through the Human Visual Perception and Cognition – A Comparison between Filmmakers and Audience,” is making a breakthrough in the psychology of art.

    With so many studies in film popping up everyday, choosing which one to apply it to in the market can be tricky. In Hollywood, over 200 companies provide film testing and audience study services, such as script doctor and focus groups, but few truly succeed.

    Lingfei Luan identifies the inherent problems with current processes and utilizes the scientific method to fill the gap between the film industry and the audience.

    She is the first psychologist to design a comparative study between the filmmaker and the viewers and has found the essential reason as to why viewers did not like film ‘’New York, I Love You.” This is also the first time that a psychologist uses a complete story to test participants in film perception and cognition history. She designed the experiment with the help of James Cutting, a professor and department chair at Cornell University, who has been conducted psychological studies on many popular Hollywood films over the years. With Cutting’s assistance, Lingfei Luan’s experiment received both convenient and practical results on how to improve filmmaking in the future.

    Using film to study how human beings perceive and interpret audio-visual information is an engaging project because this can aid film studio in reducing their risk level in investment.

    Connecting Two Culture and Markets

    Later, Lingfei Luan cooperated with Feng Ding, an assistant professor at the Beijing Film Academy to study the secret of Ang Lee’s films. They recruited 57 undergraduate students as participants and randomly assigned them to watch one of Ang Lee’s films. After viewing a film, participants were required to take both a memory and cognitive test. Apart from genre and filmmaking skills, they found that Ang Lee’s successful movies follow human beings perceptual and interpretable information processing mechanisms in the film.

    Shot Length Standardized and Recall Score Standardized distributions for Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000)

    Lingfei Luan believes that film companies (especially Hollywood) need to address their audience’s preferences around the world market if they want to be more successful. Even though, there are other evident issues such as cultural differences, finding why an audience likes or does not like a film is essential for a more successful and effective film industry.

    Now, Lingfei Luan is working with two graduate students from the Beijing Film Academy on the preferences of Chinese martial art films in the American market. Nan Zhao and Chongbi Li, are both second-year master students in the School of Management at BFA. They are cooperating with Lingfei Luan and her complex lab on Chinese Martial Art Films. They select and analyze 20 Chinese martial arts films based on IMDb ranking, and then recruit participants to segment and summarize the events in the movie. Their study aims to find a significant relationship between viewers’ causal construction and the degree of understanding.

    In 2018, Lingfei Luan was invited as the jury for Hainan International Film Festival. This coming June, she is planning to present her studies at The Society for Cognitive Studies of the Moving Image (SCSMI) in Germany. For the future, Lingfei Luan is trying to introduce other disciplines to conduct additional experiments from various perspectives. Film perception and cognition studies as a research paradigm and investigation tool connects film practice and studies, among which, filmmakers and film companies could use these scientific findings as guidance to reduce their investment risk.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: GNO
    Contact Person: Lingfei Luan
    Email: Send Email
    Country: United States

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    Men can explore an extensive range of skull rings, Mensskull necklaces and other types of skull jewelry and can also request to incorporate custom changes in these jewelries, so that it can match their personal style.

    For men around the world, it’s an opportunity to embrace a new style in the New Year by wearing custom skull jewelry. MENSSKULL offers a huge range of jewelry products that feature skull shapes. By creatively using skull faces on rings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants and other items, the online jewelry store creates a new and super cool jewelry line for the men customers. Moreover, a customer can also request for a custom adjustment in these jewelries to suit his personal style.

    The online men’s jewelry store offers a great skull ring collection, which includes amazing designs to appeal to every man. The ring designs include human bone snake winding skull rings, nothingness cross skull rings, joker three head skull rings, mad max skull rings, angel vs. devil skull rings, and other choices. All these ring designs are unique and are the hard work of talented craftsmen. The spokesperson of the online store reveals that all skull jewelry items they sell are purely handmade and are made of sterling silver. One can be amazed by seeing the minute craftsmanship of the jewelry items and can get an idea about the dedication and professional efforts made by the craftsmen in chiseling each piece of the jewelry.

    MENSSKULL Announces Super Cool Jewelry For Men With Custom Choices

    According to the spokesperson, since all these Mens rings are crafted by hand, for any custom change, they may need several days’ time. However, the customization work will be precise and to the best to meet the buyer’s satisfaction. They don’t only have skull rings, but also have elegantly designed rings for men, such as void land ring, will never change until death ring, love ring, pray ring, fuck you rings and a lot many other designs. All these rings feature an exceptional imagination of the designers, and a man would love to wear these rings on his finger. The spokesperson states that they are currently offering these rings at discount prices, and one can purchase the rings to transform their looks. Each ring is crafted carefully and every order is fulfilled in a speedy manner to meet the customer’s all requirements.

    Besides skull rings, men can also check the Skull Necklace collection that MENSSKULL is now offering to them. The collection includes adorable necklace designs, such as double skull beads necklace, double skull edge necklace, double skull necklace, edge corner necklace and other designs. All these necklaces are made of pure 925 silver and are available with different chain lengths. A man can choose the length of the necklace as per their convenience and choice and can also add a skull pendant to enhance his looks. The online store offers a variety of skull jewelry items at pocket-friendly prices. One can choose any product from their stock and can make payments via PayPal.

    One can check all the skull jewelries in their collection by visiting the website

    About MENSSKULL Jewelry Co., Ltd.

    MENSSKULL was founded in 2014, offering online self-service shopping of silver skull jewelry. They have the world’s best team of designers, who can design ingenious jewelry items. With more than ten years of manual production skills, each designer’s work is unique. MENSSKULL has an extensive collection of hand carved and coolest jewelry for customers.

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    Company Name: MENSSKULL Jewelry
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86 18946007200
    Country: China

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    TVC-Mall adds repair and replacement parts for iPhone and Xiaomi Mi Series in their stock, which customers can purchase online from

    For mobile phone repair shops around the world, TVC-Mall is a reliable company that offers them the best quality repair and replacement parts for mobile phones of different models from different companies. They maintain a huge stock of replacement parts, which one can browse through on their website One can also find repair parts for the newest mobile phone models that enter the market from time to time. Recently, the TVC-Mall has introduced repair parts for different iPhone models and the MI Series of cell phones.

    TVC-Mall Announces Latest Stock Update with iPhone Series Parts & Replacement Parts for Xiaomi Mi Series

    A cell phone repair shop can check different types of iPhone Series parts that TVC-Mall has now in its stock. These repair parts include front glass screen lens for iPhone 4s, LCD screen and digitizer assembly with camera for iPhone 5s, explosion-proof tempered glass screen for iPhone 5s, SIM card eject needle pin for Apple phones, OEM 3-in-1 side button set for iPhone 6, Speaker earpiece module for iPhone 4 and a whole lot of other parts. These iPhone parts are available at wholesale prices and are shipped to the customer’s doorstep without any delay. These parts are designed to replace non-working or damaged parts of an iPhone. All parts are shipped after quality testing, and one can rest assured of receiving the best quality parts to carry out the repair task of an iPhone device.

    TVC-Mall has recently included repair and replacement parts for the Xiaomi Mi Series, seeing the growing demand and popularity of Xiaomi cell phones around the world. A cell phone repair shop or a technician can now easily find repair parts for a Xiaomi Mi phone. There are different types of Xiaomi cell phone parts in their stock, which include LCD and digitizer assembly replacement for Xiaomi Mi 4, power on/off & volume flex cable for Mi Note 2, OEM buzzer ringer loudspeaker module for Mi phones, OEM battery replacement for Mi 5c, and a number of other types of replacement parts. The spokesperson of the company reveals that all these replacement parts are designed with the precise specification and can be best suited for repairing different Xiaomi Mi cell phone models.

    According to the spokesperson, ipartsexpert offers wholesale parts for various cell phones. A mobile phone repair shop can quickly find the required replacement parts for repairing a cell phone from their extensive stock. They have repair parts for cell phones from the leading brands, such as Apple, Samsung, Oppo, Xiaomi, Sony, Nokia and others. TVC-Mall keeps updating its stock in a timely manner and one can find repair parts for the latest cell phone, laptop or other devices that have been launched in the recent past. With an exhaustive and updated stock of replacement parts online, emerges as one-stop online source for procuring parts for various devices.

    One can check the repair parts for iPhone, Xiaomi and other cell phones by visiting the website

    About TVC-Mall

    TVC-Mall is one of the largest online distributors of cell phone replacement parts, offering a wide range of LCD touchscreen digitizers, replacement SIM card slots, OCA optical adhesive sticker and other related repair tools for almost all mainstream cell phone models at the most competitive prices. They have established a strong business relationship with many reliable cell phone repair parts manufacturers in China, and are able to provide quality products at low prices.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: TVC-Mall
    Contact Person: Kanon (Manager)
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86-755-28416521 Ext.8033
    City: Shenzhen
    Country: China

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    December is the month when Christians all around the world are eagerly expecting Christmas. This is the time of the year when everyone plans to make presents for the loved ones and receive beautiful gifts from friends and family. Santa Clause delivers millions of toys to the children on 25th December 2018. On this day another major event occurred. One of the most unique initial currency offering (ICO) platforms was gifted to the web on Christmas day.

    From the only beginning,  aim to step up ahead and rapidly to become one of the leading digital ICO based investment tools around the globe, where the lending of coins will be easy to customers. From the creators of another leading website – the Uno Crypto Coin ICO platform intends to take one of the first places among digital ICO base systems thanks to its flexibility and convenience for the users. The uniqueness of the newest platform is dedicated by its essence and objectives.

    The main idea behind the project is to facilitate users and make it easier for lenders and borrowers, offering direct deals with lending and utility payment companies via blockchain technology. This youngest member in the family can praise itself having one great advantage — it will allow the users to transfer their coins to everybody at any part of the world only by having the internet connection and a smartphone.

    The smoothly working new cryptocurrency lending website and its unpreventable success are guaranteed by their great team consisting of leading professionals in the industry, backed by their proven record in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, coin Lending, finances, marketing and licensing. The idea behind the project dates back in November 2017 and only a month later their enthusiastic professionals succeeded to prove that this concept is workable and can function with great success even globally. Only just a few months later the design of the platform was created and all the necessary technical details were arranged and cleared, so to be fully prepared to welcome online its first desired guests.

    Their ambitious plans are the first phase of the public coin sale to start in December 2018. The next four phases will follow shortly – during the first four months of 2019, culminating in June and July 2019. Then the listing of coins in major exchanges will begin, supervened by listing coins in Marcetcap. The global operations launch date is set not long after – in October 2019. And they have another piece of big news to share with you.

    Very soon their customers will be presented a mobile and desktop application, which will further facilitate their collaboration with the platform and make the access and experience more easy-going and convenient.

    UNOBTC intends to create more members, who will earn active and passive income for a longer period of time. They can guarantee the security of each transaction with a decentralized peer to peer network. They are planning even more benefits to customers will be pleased with – wallet aggregation, natural language understanding and of course – no more expensive fees.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: UNOBTC Technologies
    Contact Person: Naseer Shajahan
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 9710591530
    Country: India

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    Airsorted, the world’s largest Airbnb management company expanded its place in the Canadian market with the launch of Vancouver in August 2018. Vancouver saw over 10 million overnight visitors last year and with home-sharing popularity on the rise, Vancouver was the perfect city to launch. Airsorted’s mission is to provide a trusted, hassle-free, innovative way to get the best returns from your home or investment property. Overseeing 4000 homes globally, Airsorted pride themselves on having global ambitions but local intentions. Being experts in home-sharing has allowed Airsorted to propel into Vancouver and 21 other new markets in 2018.

    Freddie Blunt, Director of Global Expansion, explains that “The Canadian market is very important for us. Following on from our unprecedented success in the Toronto market, we are very excited about the launch of our service in Vancouver and to offer Vancouver homeowners and property investors a simple way to generate money. Our tailor-made technology, streamlined processes and relationships with local suppliers allow us to offer the highest value service in the market.”

    The Vancouver team oversee the everyday operations while the Global Guest Experience team provide 24/7 guest support. This is to ensure that Airsorted guests are taken care of in the most efficient way at any hour of the day.

    One of Airsorted Vancouver’s longest clients, Eliza Javier, explains why her home and Airsorted are a great match, “I’m very pleased working with Airsorted — they take care of the operations of my rental from managing the listing, vetting guests, communicating house rules, arranging for cleaning and linens. I don’t have I lift a finger if I don’t feel the need to further personalize my guests’ stay at all! Their service completely suits my needs as I’m still able to put in personal touches for guests, request that my suite be cleaned a certain way, add or tweak a house rule, etc.

    Airsorted believe that being responsible neighbors has been imperative to their success in Vancouver. Freddie explains “We care about the communities in which we operate. We consider it very important to be good neighbors, which is why we meticulously check every guest. We are specialists in this as we manage thousands of reservations per month globally. If we are not sure that the guest will abide by all the rules of the house and that they will be respectful, we do not accept it,” adds Freddie Blunt. Airsorted also help to ensure that hosts comply with the city legislation around short-term lets and provide sound advice and guidance to their hosts. Eliza adds: “I really value my account manager’s insightful and sound advice. It’s helpful to be able to bounce things off someone, and to know that there is a team who’s got your back…”

    If you’d like to find out how your home or your investment property could be earning you extra income, check out Or, give them a call on 604-900-8786 and speak to one of their New Homes Advisors today. Additionally, if you would like to check out Eliza’s unit, please find the listing for her suite online here.

    About Airsorted

    Airsorted is a hosting management platform, founded in 2015 by James Jenkins-Yates and co-founded by Daniel Scott and Tom Jones. Airsorted aims to making home-sharing hassle-free. It has become the leading hosting management platform across the world, with thousands of hosts using the service which lists properties across accommodation booking platforms like Airbnb,, Expedia and HomeAway. To date, Airsorted has organised and managed over $63 million in bookings.

    By offering automated technology and 24/7 guest support, Airsorted enables hosts to step back from the day-to-day tasks that accompany home-sharing and maximise the revenue on their property.

    Airsorted has raised over $8.8 million so far this year to fuel international expansion and plans to be in 38 cities by the end of 2019.

    With private accommodation expected to make up nearly 20% of the total global room bookings (or $106 of the total $555 billion pie), Airsorted can tap into a huge potential market and can create a hassle-free hosting experience globally.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Airsorted
    Contact Person: Alex McDonagh
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +1 (778) 775-6024
    Country: Canada

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    On the new-year arrival of 2019, Honor of Kings, the hottest mobile game in China, built a grand Frozen Kings World together with the Harbin Ice-Snow World, turning the virtual wonderland in Honor of Kings into reality.

    1. The encounter of Kings and Ice-Snow World: The combination of dream and truth.

    Honor of Kings is undoubtedly the hottest mobile game with the largest number of players and fans in China. It is known as a multiplayer online battle arena game (MOBA) where battles of PVP (Player versus player) vary and rank competition also works. Thus players are kept competitive and cooperative. Honor of Kings is largely popularized especially among the younger in China for its great soundtrack and frames, the easy and quick-learned player system, and the diverse game modes.

    Acquiring the reputation of “National Game IP” (IP: Intellectual Property), Honor of Kings is now pursuing not just the achievements in game industry, but more the peripheral products derived from the game itself.

    Last year Honor of Kings cooperated with the Harbin Ice-Snow World and built a new theme-park-area of Honor of Kings. It made Chinese traditional skill of ice sculpture a perfect carrier to bring fresh experience to the players, and also tried to deliver its corporate culture and value in this way.

    This year, the Harbin Ice-Snow World covered an area of 600 thousand square metres, using ice in the amount of 110 thousand cubic metres and snow in the counterpart of 120 thousand cubic metres. The whole park took 20 days to establish, completed by 8000 ice-sculpture masters and 500 snow-sculpture artists. The accomplishment also includes above one hundred ice-snow formations and over 30 interactive entertainment facilities.

    As one of the features of Ice-Snow World, the Frozen Kings World had also expanded to 43.2 thousand square metres using 65 thousand cubic metres snow. Meanwhile, under the effort of 400 snow-sculpture artists in 30 days, the number of sites for Ice-Snow sculptures had also increased.

    The heroes in Honor of Kings mostly come from classical Chinese IP, recreated from Chinese historical legends.

    In the Harbin Ice-Snow World, the Frozen Kings World has made a perfect copy of Kings Canyon in the game, and also tapped into popular elements as Han Yuan Palace, the Big Ice Slide, Hero Snow Portraits, Ice Sculpture of Gan Jiang and Mo Ye, the Dream Fantasy Snow Sculpture, etc.

    Among all those sculptures, Nuwa is particularly eye-catching. She is the goddess in Chinese mythologies. It was said that she created humans according to her own appearance, and then formed the human society. That’s why she has another name “The Mother of Land”.

    More surprisingly, the audience will meet two new heroes called Chang’e (a Chinese goddess in the moon) and Zhu Bajie (Pigsy, one of the chief characters in Pilgrimage to the West) and a first showed costume for the hero Gan Jiang and Mo Ye (a famous sword forging Master and his wife), who are all from the prototypes in Chinese ancient mythologies.

    Those heroes from mythological stories will be presented in a unique way for the audience.

    2. Frozen Kings·Legends Come: a song of ice and fire.

    Frozen Kings World will also initiate a 3D projection program – “Frozen Kings· Legends Come”.


    The 3D projection performance runs from the end of 2018 to 2019 January. It shows the audience traditional art of ice sculpture and demonstrates the striking special effects. This is the first try to bring t a 3D projection program of ice sculpture outdoors in such extreme weather in China. Despite the freezing weather, the enthusiastic fans continue to come from all over the country. Judging from the respond of the live audience, Honor of Kings definitely won in this move.

    In the realistic copy of Han Yuan Palace, 3D projection will also present a stage for the countdown to New Year, making this event ritual and formal. In this carnival, Honor of Kings also prepared other surprises. The players who cannot get to the live scene can still get blessings in the game and win permanent costumes for heroes.

    One visitor said in an interview: “I come with my families. There are so many ice and snow sculptures. We also saw the 3D show, and we saw it again and again. It was so amazing!”

    3. A frozen trip in ‘Honor of Kings’: the best New Year’s gift to the players.

    Besides, the Kings World also attached great importance to the visitors’ real experience. In this area, visitors will carry on an immersive tour. They can overlook the whole landscape of Canyon and enjoy the fantastic scenery of the crystal frozen world. During this tour, visitors can also experience special “easter eggs”, like customized guidebook and AR Camera. The first Frozen Kings Stores will open during this time, visitors can buy souvenirs in limited edition of Honor of Kings and Ice-Snow World.

    A player from another city came for the Kings World for the second time. He said excitedly: “This area is now larger than last year. Seeing this canyon and heroes’ ice sculptures is like fulfilling my dream.”

    It has been only two years for the Kings World to develop from an average comprehensive site to a multi-functional theme park with special tours, interactive facilities and peripheral store. Now it brings joyful entertainment to the global visitors and provides inspiration for Harbin Ice-Snow World in ways of cooperating with other game IPs.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Tencent
    Contact Person: JAN
    Email: Send Email
    Country: China

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    Trade is the basic element that global economy thrives on. The practice of trading of goods and services has existed from times immemorial. Historically known as the Barter System, the boundless sector of trade has been renewing its course parallelly with the progression of technology over years. Certainly, every technological advancement has brought with it a trend of change and development in the ways in which trading is partaken globally. Today, as the next-gen technologies are taking the world by storm, the surging of a new wave in this field is only natural. And riding the crest of this revolutionary tide is the ShareMeAll Project.

    ShareMeAll is a project that has taken some of the earliest steps at merging the traditional trading practices with the modish Blockchain technology for realizing a new-age barter system that provides options for trade, exchange and sharing of goods, services, skills, assets like a part or all of one’s home, car, and everything imaginable. In fulfilling its goal, the project has created an internet and mobile platform ShareMeAll that would serve as people’s to-go option for offering or availing relevant goods and services. ShareMeAll is an uncomplicated interface with a subtle design that users can easily understand and operate with.

    The key feature of the project is the platform’s personal cryptocurrency, eSwitch®. Users who accomplish trade on the ShareMeAll platform would, in turn, be awarded eSwitch® tokens that would rest in their ShareMeAll wallets and can be used for availing goods, services, accommodation, and numerous other services offered on the platform as and when required. The tokens are a strong virtual asset based on the Ethereum blockchain technology. The risk of depreciation is inevitable in cryptocurrency and one if the main factors that discourage commoners and small-time investors from assuming them. However in ShareMeAll, as the adoption of the tokens increase, the risk of depreciation associated with the cryptocurrency is to gradually nullify, giving way to a stable currency that can be used like any other traditional currency being used today, but with more versatility.

    eSwitch® has been built in a way that it can function as the cryptocurrency of a new system of exchange and sharing of goods and services in which humans and the universal values like compassion will be the center. The platform lays down various procedures and practices by which the eSwitch® tokens can be earned, spent and invested upon. The platform eliminates all roles of intermediaries by instilling smart contracts which can be agreed upon and signed directly by the buyer-seller duo.

    ShareMeAll, through its platform makes an incredible effort at bringing people closer by helping communities centred on one common interest to develop and grow globally. It encourages people around the globe to connect in real-time and develop lasting relationships. The idea inevitability fuels the adoption of cryptocurrency, which is the pressing issue of late with crypto-Blockchain based platforms everywhere in the world.

    Media Contact:

    Name: Deepanshu Bhatt



    Media Contact
    Company Name: ShareMeAll
    Contact Person: Deepanshu Bhatt
    Email: Send Email
    Country: France

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    Blockchain: The New Technology of Trust - What Is Blockchain And What Can BunnyPub Businesses Benefit From It?

    To entice traditional cryptocurrency content creators and other subforums alike, a tipping system is in place. Tipping allows users to choose the content that they like and reward the authors, the tipped tokens can also be used or traded on BitRabbit Exchange.

    Breaking out from confines and surviving is something that every exchange center is striving to work towards. With the fall in price of major tokens, there are two roads that spot trades can take: one is locking and waiting for profit or minimize losses; second is to cut losses and withdraw. We can see from these two choices that without a suitable ecosystem in place an exchange can only wait for a sudden surge in prices to change market value.

    The main concept behind transaction fee mining is to return trading transaction fees to the users, this is something that I have always asked. The system behind transaction fee mining is to stimulate users to participate in trading. Transaction bots trade on the main market, which is like trading from your left hand to your right hand, to increase the liveliness of the market.

    Systems often turn into short term money burners to attract users and change demand in the market. The traffic and volume brought on by this method only attracts users that aren’t really here to support the project.  Hopping from project to project, users don’t have the same passion they first had and platforms can only use their own capital to stop losses.

    An exchange center is the best interaction point for blockchain users, and is also one of the first successful blockchain projects. One problem is that no matter how much capital you are willing to spend, it can still be hard to reach your goal, which means that something is wrong in the middle. Users expend the tokens they have on hand in the middle. Project landing is something that seems to be far in the future for projects, constant updates and listening to user feedback are also part of the problem. Promotion fees, maintenance fees, and cost of capital are all major problems. You could burn through capital before landing, and end up with nothing.

    Forums can be seen as something that has it all. Being a first mover is important, BunnyPub is also currently gearing itself as a forum that has it all. Let’s talk about the advantages of our forum. BunnyPub has a 7 month old exchange as its support.

    CARROT is a free candy given to users. Before trading pairs were opened, users were able to obtain different tokens through a wheel of fortune game and then traded for currency on the exchange. The consumption method was too monotonous and not transparent enough was often something users complained about. Users that obtained CARROT weren’t satisfied. Yet, the opening of CARROT trading pairs allowed users to have a better choice to spend their CARROT. The wheel of fortune was now a chance for users to use smaller sums to win bigger rewards, and trading pairs is a relatively more stable alternative. CARROT is supported by projects joining the forum, listing fees, and hiring forum admins.

    1. Users not being able to know the content of the prize pool when spinning the wheel of fortune has always been something that we are trying to fix. Currently the prize pool only includes project party tokens and major tokens, in the future it is possible to add project party peripherals. This not only increases the transparency of project parties, but can also incentivize project parties to invest more in prizes for the prize pool to expend CARROT. The more successful instances that happen only increases the motivation for more project parties to sign up.

    2. CARROT can be bought back from project parties joining the forum or from listing fees.

    3. CARROT can be expended through tipping in the forum, a greater number of users would mean an increase in tipping and the amount of transaction fees.

    4. Buying back CARROT to burn with revenue made from the exchange.

    These four methods uses minigames to expend tokens, user demand to expend CARROT, project parties joining fees to expend CARROT, and burning CARROT with revenue made. Traditional exchanges use short term profit to gain a financial lead in the early stages, only with proper management will exchanges still be here in the long term. The blockchain industry should also beware of this, looking at short term profit will not enable the industry to survive until the future. The arrival of the forum is a way to let everyone search for new methods to survive the harsh economical winter. Only through cooperation will the blockchain technology be able to turn a new chapter and be used far into the future.

    Media Contact
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    Contact Person: Lisa
    Email: Send Email
    Country: China

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    Spheere, the leading New-York based small business digital marketing agency, is proud to announce the launch of its proprietary, easy-to-use Free Website Audit Tool, which helps website owners evaluate their website’s performance on various parameters that have been proven to contribute to its overall SEO rankings. The Spheere Free Website Audit Tool can be found on the front page of the company’s website,

    “SEO may seem like a buzzword to some, but to us, it’s our specialty” said Mr. Tsotne Arbolishvili, President, Spheere. “We created our Free Website Audit Tool to help entrepreneurs gain insights with regards to their website’s standing in the ever-competitive search engine arena. We firmly believe that, should they take the audit report’s recommendations to heart, and work closely with our team towards correcting any mistakes and making improvements where it is indicated so, they can see a significant improvement to their ROIs – and within a very short time frame.”

    The Spheere Website Report grades websites on the strength of a broad variety of important SEO-related factors, such as on-page SEO optimization, off-page backlinks, social, performance, security, and more. The overall grade scale ranges from A+ to F, with most companies that are known as leaders in their respective industries maintaining an A+ rating.

    In addition to viewing the results of the Spheere Website Report on the Spheere website, users can opt to receive their reports in .PDF form by email. The Spheere Website Report .PDF file contains handy colorful charts, ratings, and easy-to-understand result interpretations which help showcase audited websites’ strengths and weaknesses, and help website owners gain an understanding of the steps they need to take in order to boost their websites’ visibility through search engines.

    In addition to cutting-edge SEO services, Spheere further offers comprehensive web optimization services; SEM; lead generation; PPC campaign creation and management; website design; software development; graphic design, content creation services, and more.

    Those interested in recruiting Spheere’s services are encouraged to call +1 (917) 818-0909 during business hours; email, or fill in the appropriate Contact Us form found here.

    To learn more about Spheere, please visit

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Spheere
    Contact Person: Tsotne Arbolishvili
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +1 (917) 818-0909
    Country: United States

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    Scottsdale, United States – January 11th, 2019 – When it comes to Business Valuation in Arizona, Analytic Business Appraisers is a trusted name. The company takes pride in offering business appraisal and company valuation services along with machinery & equipment valuation services designed to add more value to business buyers and sellers. The company also provides reliable and efficient forensic accounting services for estate and tax, litigation support and lenders opinion of value.

    Under their business appraisal service area, individuals must note that there are two types of valuations-the minority-owned and the wholly owned. The latter pertains to the appraisal of the entire entity wherein the former is a type of business valuation that appraises a percentage of the firm’s value. Analytic Business Appraisers provides both types of certified business appraisals.

    The professionals at Analytic Business Appraisers fully understand the complexities of various discounts and requirements of the different types of valuations.  If seeking to obtain a certified business valuation, it is highly imperative to look at the motivation of the investors. Every business valuation is unique. Analytic Business Appraisers professionals have extensive experience and knowledge to identify as well as understand these differences.

    Individuals can also rely on the company for certified machinery and equipment appraisal reports. The company guarantees to prepare reports that contain undisputable, substantiated, and defensible information that individuals can depend. The reports will stand up to any third-party analysis. Analytic Business Appraisers also provides litigation support services.

    The quality and professional Business Valuation in Arizona offered by Analytic Business Appraisers is designed to serve business sellers and buyers as well. The company helps business buyers make sound purchasing decisions since the company uncovers investment values which are not instantly seen. When clients are purchasing a business use the company’s service, they might find a business with economic potential that sellers have not exploited yet.

    Analytic Business Appraisers also help sellers prove that their businesses have on-going value and are a going concern. Business sellers must sell a company at a minimum of fair market value. Determining a company’s value could mean higher selling price which will result in higher profit and revenue. When clients ask how much is my business worth, the company provides reliable answers. Regardless of the reason, a business is being sold, the most accurate and the best business valuation in Arizona is possible.

    About Analytic Business Appraisers:

    Analytic Business Appraisers is a trusted company specializing in business valuation services. The company also provides the necessary insights and perspectives to put details and data in context essential to come up with defensible business valuations. The company’s work draws on knowledge base developed from professional accreditation and experience from numerous organizations. The company is headed by Matthew Cassedy, the CEO and President of Analytic Business Appraisers.

    Schedule a free consultation now! For more information, feel free to check out For further inquiries and assistance, contact Matthew Cassedy at (480) 857-7449 or send emails at

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Analytic Business Appraisers
    Contact Person: Matthew Cassedy
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: (480) 857-7449
    Address:7272 E Indian School Rd #540
    City: Scottsdale
    State: AZ 85251
    Country: United States

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    Students from across the country competed with essays sharing personal stories and goals for raising awareness of the dangers of asbestos.

    NEW YORK – As one of the top resources for mesothelioma patients across the United States, Mesothelioma Help Cancer Organization is proud to support ambitious college students in their efforts to raise awareness of this devastating asbestos disease. Recently, the cancer organization awarded four scholarships worth a total of $5,000 to bright young people who shared their stories as part of the organization’s annual essay contest.

    The Jan Egerton & Don Smitley Mesothelioma Scholarships are awarded each year to deserving students in colleges and universities across the United States. The scholarship contest is named after two much-admired mesothelioma warriors who put up a brave fight against the deadly asbestos cancer.

    Out of dozens of heartfelt and well-researched essay entries, these four students took home the top prizes:

    1st Place ─ $2,500

    Winner: Sally Whelan, Creighton University or Laramie County Community College, Wyoming

    2nd Place ─ $1,250

    Winner: Kelley Ann McGill, Albany State University, Georgia

    3rd Place ─ $750

    Winner: Devin Marsh, Northland Pioneer College, Arizona

    4th Place ─ $500

    Winner: Sheri Sanford, Normandale Community College, Minnesota

    Each student’s prize money will go toward college tuition, with the scholarships generously funded by the nationally respected mesothelioma law firm of Belluck & Fox, LLP.

    “We are proud to support these deserving college students in their mission to raise awareness of the dangers of asbestos and its long-term health effects,” Belluck & Fox managing partner Joseph Belluck explained. “As a law firm focused on fighting for those harmed by asbestos, we know how important it is to warn people about exposure, and we appreciate these students for sharing their personal stories and insights.”

    About 3,000 people are diagnosed with malignant mesothelioma each year in the United States. The only known cause of this devastating cancer is exposure to asbestos, a naturally occurring mineral that was commonly used in countless industrial, building, and household products until the 1980s. Despite its known health effects, asbestos has still not been banned in the United States.

    Exposure to asbestos often occurred on the job or during military service. Some people were also exposed to the deadly mineral in their homes. Mesothelioma can develop decades after a person was initially exposed to asbestos.


    Mesothelioma Guide is a comprehensive resource for individuals and families who are coping with a mesothelioma diagnosis. The site connects patients and caregivers with specialized medical providers, recognized legal professionals and the most up-to-date information on treatment developments.

    Visit now to learn more about the disease.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Mesothelioma Help Cancer Organization
    Contact Person: Joe Belluck
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 888 204 2920
    Address:1900 Broadway 18E
    City: New York
    State: New York 10023
    Country: United States

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    Whilst Bridging Loans have grown enormously in popularity in recent years and can now be used for an unprecedented variety of different purposes, they still come in just two principle forms, either regulated or unregulated.

    Whichever form, they can be an ideal solution for both individuals or businesses needing to move quickly, either to take advantage of time limited opportunities or to resolve pressing emergency situations. Unregulated loans tend to be more numerous than regulated but both are designed to “bridge” the gap until longer term finance can be arranged or an underlying security is sold.

    What exactly is the difference between the two types of loan?

    In simple terms a regulated bridging loan is a loan secured by a charge over a residential property which is lived in by the borrower or by members of the borrowers family. Regulated bridging loans are subject to strict criteria to protect unwary homeowners from taking out loans they ultimately can’t afford. They are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and fall into two distinct types, first charge loans and second charge loans otherwise known as consumer credit loans. All loans where the purpose is for personal, as opposed to business use, are regulated.

    Probably the most common use of a regulated bridging loan is for the purchase of a new home when a property chain breaks down. A bridge loan in these circumstances will enable a homeowner to proceed with a purchase of the new home even if they lose the buyer on their existing home.

    Broadly speaking, unregulated loans will be used by businesses to raise short-term capital for a variety of business purposes or to purchase commercial property. For all loans where the purpose is demonstrably commercial, unregulated bridging loans are ideal.

    Unregulated loans are not subject to oversight by the FCA but responsible lenders keep a close watch on FCA regulation as a matter of course to ensure best practice. There are also several strong self-regulatory bodies that exist to promote transparency, standards and best practice. Most notable are the Association of Short-Term Lenders (ASTL), the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers (NACFB) and the Finance Industry Broker Association (FIBA). These three bodies increasingly join forces to promote training and best practice in the short-term lending industry.

    As mentioned earlier, unregulated bridging loans tend to be more numerous than regulated, a fact explained by the huge variety of purposes ranging from purchasing investment properties at auction and often renovating or refurbishing these properties right through to releasing funds from existing property to resolve pressing business creditor issues or simply to inject capital into a business. In addition to UK based businesses unregulated loans are also offered by some lenders to offshore companies and overseas investors keen to invest in the UK.

    Irrespective of whether a bridging loan is either regulated or unregulated the speed of completion is usually of prime importance. This speed allows borrowers to take advantage of time-constrained opportunities or to resolve pressing creditor issues.

    The key components of a successful bridging loan, be it regulated or unregulated, are a suitable asset, acceptable use of funds and a clearly defined exit strategy. Responsible lenders will always place a strong emphasis on the strength of a borrowers exit strategy, be this sale of a property, refinancing with a longer-term lender or capital from another source.

    Still unsure and need to explore your options? Why not consult an expert?

    Central Bridging have vast experience working in both the regulated and unregulated sectors and although we chose not to offer regulated loans we still retain the services of market leading compliance advisers to ensure that we always differentiate correctly between the two. Our success is founded upon the stability of our loan book and upon the reputation we have built for resolving often complex problems in a fully compliant fashion.

    We are a principal lender offering a range of loan facilities for business use from £100K to £2.5M over periods from 3 to 24 months. Our loans are secured on freehold property across England and Wales and we are experts in providing loans for overseas investors, offshore companies and trusts looking to invest in the UK.

    Crucially you will always speak to a decision maker who will take time to understand you and your situation and unlike some of the bigger banks we will then tailor a solution that best suits your needs rather than our own.

    Why not give us a call on 03332 400 506 for an informal chat about your options.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Central Bridging
    Contact Person: John Clifford
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 03332 400 506
    Country: United Kingdom

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    Reno, NV – The safety of tap water in the United States has been heavily debated throughout the country, especially in the past couple of years. Concerns with the presence of unhealthy amounts of lead, copper, chlorination byproducts, and other toxic chemicals in H20 sources, and the overall improper H20 treatment also have been called into question by scientists and medical professionals.

    Researchers who have studied tap water strongly encourage the use of an alkaline water ionizer in the home to avoid the harmful effects that drinking tap water can cause. Other media outlets are also commenting on the issue. Beauty Health Tips, an online beauty and advice blog recently released a helpful guide on the benefits of drinking alkaline water.

    Beauty Health Tips is a website dedicated to providing its readers with useful beauty advice. They provide aesthetical advice, like how to pull off certain hairstyles and wardrobes. They also focus on combining aspects of health and beauty with articles that cover how to obtain healthy, reinvigorating, and attractive skin.

    Their recent release of the benefits of drinking alkaline has been a positive contribution to those who are looking to enhance the overall state of their health by switching to this alternative H20 source. Alkaline water has been known to taste better, increase hydration, aid with the process of weight loss, and increase the body’s internal wellbeing, according to the site.

    Consumers of alkaline water have experienced a variety of health benefits. They have reported fewer occurrences of indigestion, acid reflux, and heartburn. An overall increase in the state of their immune systems, indicated by cleaner gastrointestinal tracts and less indigestion, was another common trend amongst these users. A few studies have revealed that alkaline water can even help chemotherapy drugs in treating certain types of cancer.

    In the Beauty Health Tips guide, found at, the blog reinforces support for alkaline water ionizers that can be used easily in the home. Ionizers create alkalinized H20, replacing the need to purchase alkaline bottles from retail stores at their full price.

    Through the process of electrolysis, the machine separates the acidic and alkaline components of the water that it treats. This results in an increase in the pH of the drinking water. The portion of the water containing the alkaline components is the highly desirable alkaline. Both Beauty Health Tips and medical professionals strongly encourage alkaline ionizer devices, as they are a convenient and environmentally conscious option for better health and wellness.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Beauty Health Tips
    Contact Person: Laura Pierce
    Email: Send Email
    Address:304 Media Relations
    City: Reno
    State: NV 89503
    Country: United States

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    St Albans, UK – When it comes to the wide variety of cuisines in the world, one of the most beloved styles of food for food lovers is Italian cuisine. However, for those living outside of Italy, it can be difficult to find quality and authentic Italian products to prepare and enjoy.  For those in the UK that crave authentic Italian products in their own homes, Diforti can provide customers with unique solutions for Italian home dining through their online shops and delivery services.

    Diforti, located at, has now set itself up in the UK as a premiere retailer of Italian foods and products. They take pride in being a resource for those that want to buy Italian food online. Diforti has made efforts to make the experience of online grocery shopping straightforward, simple, and fun. Visitors to their website can quickly browse through their lists of different products that they offer, add to their cart for checkout, and order in bulk.

    The company is excited to showcase their premium delivery services as well. Once ordered, Diforti products are carefully shipped out and special items are stored in chilled and insulated containers. Diforti also offers delivery schedule charts on their site so consumers can stay up to date on when they can expect their purchases. Transparency, communication, and trust with all customers are all qualities that Diforti are continuing to maintain.

    Diforti brings an extensive range of products to their online store, when it comes to their options for food, the company sells cured meats, olives, breadsticks, rice, pasta, antipasti, seafood, vinegars, honey, pastries, olive oils, nuts, cheeses, coffee and more. In addition, the company offers sparkling waters, wines, and spirits. They have also released options for specially crafted gift boxes/baskets for sale that can be shipped directly to someone else’s door.

    Diforti has recently marked its commitment to providing quality customer service and a dependable display of its services through an active social media presence. For those that want to explore their platforms, they can visit their Facebook page at as well as their Instagram page at As a company deeply steeped in local Italian tradition and cultural pride, Diforti has declared a passion for bringing Italian food online shopping to as many people as they can across the country.

    Media Contact
    Company Name:
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +4420 3876 8690
    City: Colney Street
    State: St Albans, AL2 2DQ
    Country: United Kingdom

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    Carshalton, UK – Apex Driving School has been giving DVLA approved driving lessons in Croydon and South London since 1992. The school’s purpose is to turn novices into graduated, independent, and confident drivers who feel ready to tackle the London roads. But the school doesn’t just cater to local teens eager to get behind the wheel. They’re also willing to help right-side drivers learn and become left-side UK driving masters.

    Moving to a new country is often difficult on it’s own, but those who move to the UK from countries with right-hand traffic face an extra challenge. Learning to operate a left-side vehicle takes quite a bit of practice. Apex Driving School aims to make that learning process easier and safer. With a team of 25 instructors, they are able to give each student individual attention. This is particularly useful when familiarizing non-UK students with the layout of a UK vehicle and local traffic laws.

    Apex Driving School caters to any student’s needs and level of expertise. Non-UK students may have years of experience on the road, but simply not feel confident or need lessons because they don’t have any left-hand driving experience. A person who has never operated a vehicle in their life but is familiar with left-side traffic will need to be taught in a completely different way. The instructors adjust their lessons to accommodate these varying skill levels.

    Their Carshalton school ( is their main location. However, they operate all over the area. Their driving instructors are willing to pick up students at their homes, offices, and schools. This has been especially convenient for students who may not have the time to arrange transportation to and from lessons.

    As Apex Driving School continues to offer driving lessons Croydon residents trust, they have expanded their outreach into the digital world as well. The school’s Twitter ( regularly updates with photos of passing and newly licensed drivers. They’ve also cultivated a strong community presence on their Facebook page ( This forward-thinking continuation of a unique connection to their students reflects the school’s highly individualized approach.

    With the help of the Apex Driving School, both UK residents and non-native students alike have been able to pass their driving tests and earn their licenses. By giving students the chance to learn how to drive in left-side traffic in a safe and controlled way, their driving lessons in Croydon have become an essential part of the adjustment process for new residents.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Apex Driving School
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 020 8647 0486
    City: Carshalton
    State: Surrey SM5 3SJ
    Country: United Kingdom

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    London, UK – James Winney is a heating and plumbing company, providing to a wide range of London-based customers. The company has been recognised for the variety of services they offer, and is gaining popularity in the city as an all-solution heating and plumbing service.

    Most businesses tend to have a limited amount of services they offer. This allows them to hone in their craft and perform to the best of their abilities. This is especially true for most heating and plumbing companies. However, James Winney is changing up the game by expanding its focus.

    Heating and plumbing is an umbrella term, and the number of services that fall under it is large, however James Winney have embraced this. In addition to their website being easily accessible, returning clients and new customers are able to navigate it with ease, finding the services they need and the solutions to problems they may have. One of the services they offer is for customers who need boiler replacement & installation in South London which clients can find at

    James Winney offers services that include but aren’t limited to power flushing & descaling, gas works, gas cooker & oven installation, plumbing, bathroom design & installation, boiler replacement & installation, etc. The company has a full list with detailed descriptions at

    Regularly one would have to go to at least 3 different businesses to get even a fraction of these services done. Many companies don’t have the resources or expertise to provide several services at once. However James Winney makes needing repairs or installations convenient with multiple services that can be performed on the same day.

    To makes things even better, accompanying its expansive offers, James Winney employs only the most experienced. The company has qualified and dedicated plumbers, gas engineers, technicians, and heating experts that are on hand and ready for their customer’s every need and they will get the job done. The company has made heating and plumbing expertise even easier to access for London-based customers.

    With an already extensive list of services provided by James Winney, it’s reasonable to assume two things. The first being that the list will continue to grow, and James Winney will accrue more and more experts in each field. The second is that with every single service the company offers, they will continue to be perfected with quality and efficiency. The company has the flexibility that will allow them to continue to grow in the future.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: James Winney
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 07956 636 879
    Address:1 Meadfoot Road
    City: South London
    State: London SW16 5BL
    Country: United Kingdom

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    Canadian based raw pet food start up HP Raw launches high quality pet food line packing a big nutritional punch!

    WASHAGO, ONT, CANADA – Canadian based raw pet food start up HP Raw launches high quality pet food line packing a big nutritional punch!  Their products are designed specifically and targeted to improve the overall health of your pets.

    Pet owners are increasingly becoming aware that raw meat products are far superior to conventional dry kibble pet foods. Customers are beginning to be more conscious about the nutritional value of what their family members are consuming.

    We asked Rob Katona, one of the co-founders of HP Raw Limited a few questions about the advantages of switching dogs and cats to a raw food diet.

    So, can you tell us some benefits that customers will experience when their dog or cat switches to HP Raw?

    HP: Absolutely! But first I believe it’s important for our customers to understand the dog’s physiological make up first. Dogs are omnivores with small gastrointestinal tracts. Most carnivores have small GI (Gastrointestinal) Tracks and dogs have adapted over time consume fruits and veggies as well. Their natural instinct is to kill prey and eat as much of the animal as they can, and sometimes burry the rest for another time. Their physiological make up is designed this way.

    Before the industrial revolution this is how most pets were fed, alongside with table scraps. When the industrial revolution came about, companies created nutrient void, cheaper dried foods that mainly contained wheat and soy. These new pet foods became an instant hit with dog and cat owners due to the convenience they offered and voila kibble and other products were born.

    Most of the Kibbles are highly processed and full of unnatural fillers. At HP Raw we don’t add fillers, preservatives, and the only processing we do is the actual grinding and mixing of the meat.

    Now that we got that out of the way, back to the original question!

    Some of the Benefits you will find when you switch your pets to a raw food diet are:

    – Healthier and softer coat. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes on their skin, and it’s also helps with pets with skin allergies.

    – Fresher breath and cleaner teeth. Yes I said fresher breath! It will not smell like something is dying in their mouth, and their teeth will be much cleaner.

    – Improved energy levels. The difference is night and day, just like you’d be sluggish eating junk food all the time, same goes for them. Switch them over to raw and boom! Now you have an energizer bunny!

    – Better Digestion. You’ll notice they go less often and it doesn’t smell terrible as well.

    So now we know what raw diets can do for your pets, how do you introduce it into their diet?

    HP: That’s a great question and I have a good answer! There are typically two methods of switching, first is the fasting method and switch to raw like a cold turkey method, and second is to slowly introduce it and mix it in with kibble. The first method is fairly straight forward, you fast your pet for 24 hours, so they have a completely empty stomach and introduce the raw food to them. The second way is a slow process of replacing a small amount of kibble with raw gradually. For example, you feed your pet a cup of kibble a day, start with removing an 1/8th or 1/4 cup of kibble and replace it with raw so your ratio is ¾ kibble and ¼ raw. Do this over a course of a week while gradually increasing the raw in the food until you are completely on HP Raw. Now how hard was that? Just like a walk in the park right?

    About HP Raw

    HP Raw is a brand new start-up with a clear vision to improve the health and lives of our pets through high quality raw foods. We only use human-grade quality meats that pass a strict government regulated inspection process. We minimally process our foods to retain as much nutrients as possible. Above all, we are here to help in any way we can. We don’t want our pets to just survive, we want them to be healthy with full of life and vitality!

    Media Contact
    Company Name: HP Raw Limited
    Contact Person: Rob Katona
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 7053098435
    Address:1781 Concession Rd M-N
    City: Washago
    Country: Canada

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    Realtor in Mississauga – Arsalan Hussain has been helping several real estate investors to maximize their returns on their real estate investments.

    Mississauga, ON – Realtor in Mississauga, Arsalan Hussain, has been helping several real estate investors to maximize their returns on their real estate investments. Through expert realtor services, they help real estate investors to make intelligent decisions in buying or selling winning real estate properties.

    It all boils down to selection. Choosing the wrong piece of real estate property will make one lose money regardless of the type of location or neighborhood. Aside from that, there are several factors to be considered and negotiated to make a real estate property a winning one. Instead of just making location-based decisions, Realtor in Mississauga – Arsalan Hussain helps real estate investors lay a sound foundation for their investments.

    Real estate investing has been noted to be one the surest ways of creating wealth. While real estate investing has helped many individuals build wealth, it has also made many individuals go bankrupt. The difference is knowledge, skill, and experience. Instead of playing the game alone, wise real estate investors in Mississauga, ON are leveraging the expertise of top-notch Real Estate Agent, Realtor in Mississauga – Arsalan Hussain.

    Realtor in Mississauga – Arsalan Hussain provides expert realtor services to individuals and businesses in Mississauga and the Greater Toronto Area. Instead of going into the real estate deal alone and being hampered with various hassles and painful experiences, they help investors to have a unique overview of the real estate market, significantly lower risk while maximizing returns.

    “If you want to invest in real estate, buying property or a piece of land in the appropriate region is crucial to having an essential return on investment,” says Arsalan Hussain, owner of the company. “With the flourishing economy and a huge number of businesses, Mississauga is a good place for real estate investing and Realtor in Mississauga – Arsalan Hussain is the perfect choice for investors.”

    Realtor in Mississauga – Arsalan Hussain enlists a lot of houses and condos for sale; houses and condos for rentals are listed each and every day. They provide property management services for clients. For real estate investors looking for a realtor in Mississauga to help them with buying or selling, negotiating deals, and managing their property, Realtor in Mississauga – Arsalan Hussain is available to help.

    Realtor in Mississauga – Arsalan Hussain is located at 3941 Worthview Pl, Mississauga, ON L5N 6S7. For inquiries, contact them via phone at (647) 836-4130 or via email at Visit their website for additional information regarding their services.

    Media Contact
    Contact Person: Arsalan Hussain, Realtor in Mississauga
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: (647) 836-4130
    Address:3941 Worthview Pl
    City: Mississauga
    Country: Canada

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