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    Travel. No matter how often you do it, travel can provide a great experience or be one of the worst times of your life. Whether traveling for business or pleasure, there can be car trouble, long delays in airports, storms during your cruise, or poor Wi-Fi connections in your hotel room. You can take great pains to plan every detail, but you can never really be sure that your trip will be a successful one. 

    In addition to the worry of whether you will arrive safely and on time, there is always some anxiety concerning your luggage and whether it will arrive at all. You generally wait for what seems like forever only to sigh deeply when you finally see your suitcases. Then you get to lug them to your destination. And that’s the good news. Your suitcases can easily be damaged or may not arrive at all. Even if you are reimbursed for your loss, you are inconvenienced, or your belongings are gone forever. 

    But there is an alternative. You can simply ship your luggage to any destination. You get door-to-door or door to ship service by using a private luggage shipping service, or a delivery company. You may think this is a new concept, but this service has been in existence for many years. Companies like Luggage Forward compete with the standard delivery companies already mentioned so, if you do your research and follow the guidelines, you should be able to find a deal that works best for you. 

    Shipping services are a little more expensive than checking bags, but they provide a variety of advantages. You are not limited to what you can send so you can pack suitcases, cartons, or sports equipment like skis, golf clubs or bicycles. You get the peace of mind of knowing that your belongings will probably arrive before you do and the convenience of not having to carry, check, claim, or go through customs with any of these items. The service is guaranteed, and you can ship to almost any location. You can even schedule a return shipment before you leave. 

    Shipping luggage in advance is becoming very popular and there are many who continue to ensure that these services only get better. So that airport baggage handling services can keep up, there is a long list of companies that are working hard to raise the standards and design innovations to improve luggage handling services in all travel terminals. Many of these interested parties belong to the International Association of Baggage System Companies which is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing more security and better service to travelers worldwide. 

    So, the next time you travel, consider your options carefully. Any previous negative experience is a good reason to ship luggage rather than handle it yourself. However, even if you have never had an issue, it still may be a good idea to let a professional transport your belongings to your destination. It could be the difference between travel anxiety and a relaxing trip.

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    There are a number of small companies that open their doors to the public every year in the United States of America. Small businesses can range from any industry and are also very difficult to compete in America. There are continues to be hundred and thousands of small companies that open on a monthly basis and shockingly, there are more small businesses that close down than open up. There are more than about 28 million small companies that currently exist in the United States. What many small business entrepreneurs don’t realize is that many of these small businesses end up closing down in less than 4 to 5 years of being open to the public. Opening a small business law firm is even more competitive, since there are so many law firms out there in the industry competing against one another to be at the top. If you are currently running your own small business law firm or are considering on opening one, you may want to consider keeping your business successful with using software like Smokeball, which can boost your marketing and earn you more profit. 

    Statistics continue to show that small businesses are not exactly known for being successful right away, and even after a few years of being open. Since there is a great deal of competition out there, it is critical for small business owners to stay on top of their marketing strategies. There are so many different things that small business owners can do to stay successful, such as boost their marketing, hire qualified employees, and even increase the services they offer to their consumers. Interestingly, there are more than 53 percent of small business entrepreneurs that are under the impression that their company is expected to experience some growth within their company in the next year or so. Many of these small business owners experience these expectations because of the plans that they all have under their belt. For example, using a software to increase marketing by creating a professional website for them. See here now, how you can possibly benefit.

    There has been a series of recent development in software for small business law firms out in the market today. You can conduct a search for a group like Legal Marketing Association to discover more information on these types of software being offered today. You should be able to come across various sites that offer small business law firms the opportunity to make their company greater. In order for your small company to be successful, you have to make sure that you are utilizing the proper resources to achieve your goals. 

    Running a small business law firm is always going to be a challenge in today’s market. Consider on using external software to make your company greater. Boost your profit by creating more websites that can allow the public and consumers to become more aware of your company and services. Take time to think about how you can help your small business law firm improve in profit and revenue with these types of software out in the market.

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    If you watch a whole lot of music videos on YouTube, and if you run a music video channel that tends to happen a lot, then you start running into a whole lot of what could be called Band Origin Stories. Before the Internet, the story kind of goes like: we played 1000 gigs across 1000 towns and met the promotion guy at so and so records and became an overnight success story after five years of touring. 

    How Bands Should Promote Themselves Now 

    Unfortunately, even if you wanted to emulate bands of yesteryear and do 1000 gigs across 1000 towns it’s not clear that would work or if the venues are even there to hoof it like that, even though bands with musicians that need live audiences are still doing it that way. This article can’t guarantee that you’ll ever make the list of Rolling Stone’s 100 Greatest Artists but it should help you make a living as a working musician. There’s literally about a gazillion articles telling you how to do that but here’s a brief outline of three things they all say.

    Sign Up With A Booking Agency 

    This is sort of a chicken and egg question whether it’s easier to get booking agents after you’ve already established yourself as a band or musician who does lots of live gigs or do you get more live gigs after you’ve found a credible booking agent. But the reality is that successful bands have successful agents or publicists. There’re also all kinds of sites online that allow you to sign up to be booked. A site, like Headliner, that’s good at providing acts can also provide other services like breaking down your act into genre and time period. Do you do original music, or do you do primarily heavy metal ska covers? Also any online promotional agency should connect to all the work you’re doing on number two.

    Promote Your Band Online in Any Way that Seems Feasible, Helpful and Practical 

    While not every band is on every big website, its weird if your favorite band doesn’t have a Twitter handle, or a Facebook page, or one or two YouTube videos or even a whole online music video album. That’s just the way the future is now. And that future is rapidly evolving to include Snapchat and Instagram. There’s also this following technique to help people see project needs.

    Write the Best Music You Can and Be the Best Musician You Can Be 

    You go down some promotional lists and this doesn’t even make the top ten. And if you’re listening to pop music these days you get the idea that the quality of the songwriting and the musicianship doesn’t matter that much. But it’s very important for longevity. Bottom line: it’s a lot of work just feeding yourself as a musician but musicians that follow these rules can usually make a living.

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    The eCommerce industry reported $2.3 trillion sales in 2017 and it’s expected to nearly double by 2021. More eCommerce businesses are becoming aware of the growing industry and are doing everything they can to get a step up over their competition. One strategy that few eCommerce businesses are using today is personalization. By personalizing, the shopping experience, businesses can see higher conversion rates, more frequent sales, and a higher customer lifetime value. 

    How Are Businesses Using Personalization Today? 

    There are various ways that personalization is being used in eCommerce. The simplest example is by recommending products that similar customers have purchased. A platform like FastSpring is an example of an eCommerce software geared toward personalization. There are many companies that do this very well, especially since they have a lot of data to base recommendations on. Email marketing segmentation is another simple solution that many businesses are using to deliver more targeted offers to their audience. 

    But with marketing automation, eCommerce businesses can go beyond segmentation and hyper personalize the experience. They can do more than simply base campaigns on customer sales data. They can track the behavior and send targeted offers. For example, if a customer is found to view specific product categories or pages, they can be sent promotional offers for these specific products. 

    This can extend to content as well. Customers that have consumed content for specific topics, can be sent more of what they’re already interested in. The idea is to personalize the entire experience, and not just the offers. Accessible here this comprehensive guide looks at all the different ways that personalization can be used in eCommerce. 

    The trend of personalization isn’t limited to everyday consumer products. In Luxury’s Future, It’s Personalized Everything. Whether it’s a high fashion brand or a high-end tech retailer, more industry leaders are starting to get serious about their data. They’re doing everything they can to utilize their data to create a truly unique shopping experience tailored to individual customers. 

    Getting Started with Personalization 

    Now that you understand how important personalization is, you’re probably wondering how to get started. The easiest way to start is to look at your sales data. Find what specific groups of customers are buying to set up easy up-sell and cross-sell offers. You can even display related products more prominently in product category pages and even used location specific information to make things more convenient for the customer. 

    Another thing you can do is to send personalized offers based on their previous user behavior. For example, if they’ve been browsing the blue shoes category, send them an email telling them about the most popular products in that category and present them with a special discount for taking action. Now you can take it one more step by pre-selecting the customer’s shoe size, pre-filling their address in the order form, and even saving their credit card information. 

    That’s just a basic introduction to personalization. There is a long list of things you can do, so it’s recommended that you look for examples and case studies to learn from. To implement personalization, you need to have a platform that comes with the necessary features and functions. There are many other platforms that offer the same solutions. What’s important is that you use a platform that enables you to use these personalization features in the first place.

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    Whether you are hosting a movie at night or cheer leading a business seminar, having a big-screen presentation ensures that you have a lasting impression. If you’d like to air more buffs as well as gamers, a good projector will offer more screen size in relation to your budget. Compared to your television, a projector is more flexible, especially in group presentations. Use this guide to learn more regarding the different types of projectors. Find what fits your needs. 

    What’s the Size of the Room You’ll Be Holding Presentation? 

    How big is the room you’re going to use in the presentation? Can you control the lighting? Best results are often obtained in a dark room. If you’ll use the projector in a place with lighting or where there will be no curtains, it’s highly recommended to select a bright projector. 

    How Many Individuals Will Be in the Room? 

    The more the attendees, the bigger the picture that will be needed to make sure that everyone can see it. If you wish to increase the picture size, then companies like Hartford Tech Rentals recommend the projector to be situated away from the screen to reduce the image brightness since the light is spread over a bigger surface area. You want to ensure everyone is able to view the picture.

    Determine the Nature of Your Presentation 

    What’s the nature of the presentation you will have? Is it technical with a lot of graphs and charts? Are you going to feature talking points as well as texts with your audiovisuals? Detailed charts need higher lumen counts. On the other hand, if you have less detailed images, and are wondering how to make your office-equipment procurement greener, you can invest in a projector that has 2000 lumens. 

    What Is Your Application? 

    Projecting texts and graphs or detailed material from your PC will need a brighter projector because of the requirement to read details of the content that’s being projected. The applications will need ambient light for communication. Videos don’t require a bright light since they are less demanding in terms of visual projection. Consider renting a projector that’s not too demanding visually 

    Consider the Resolution of the Projector 

    Resolution refers to the number of pixels that an image constitutes. The larger the pixels, the higher the projector’s resolution and the sharper the image. When comparing rental projectors, consider native resolution since most projectors are highly compatible with relatively higher resolution using compression technology. You may want to click here to find out more about renting a high-quality projector for commercial use. 

    Determine the Best Resolution for Your Needs 

    Projectors are often compatible with various resolutions that play a crucial role in converting different input resolution to the original output resolution. Also defined as scaling, this process contributes to the loss of picture quality. Therefore, it’ll not be sharp or detailed since the projector could be of low resolution. It is advisable to match your projector’s resolution to its source. 

    Every manufacturer has a warranty policy. It’s important to understand which warranty you should expect from the vendor of your projector if it develops some fault. It could be worth it to pay a little bit over the set price to anticipate the client’s services in case it develops some fault.

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    Since the internet began many years ago, it has increased in popularity so quickly that it has now become one of the only ways that many businesses are operating. The general public uses the internet as a means to make purchases and do their banking today. It is so much in use that many brick and mortar buildings have closed because there is no longer traffic that comes into them. For businesses, it has lowered their overhead operating costs and for the public, it has made shopping faster and easier. They do not have to leave the comfort of their homes in order to buy what they need. 

    Internet Use Has Its Downfalls 

    Since internet use has become so popular, there are also problems that have come along with that. There are many people who have found ways of hacking into personal and business information and using it to steal funds from users. Online security measures do not often hold up to these hackers’ methods and they are able to obtain anything they want. Security on the internet is a huge problem and there are now specially trained police units that are specializing in this industry. There are companies like Digital Defense who have put together a training program for officers who are working in this field. Additionally, UK Police Force Offer 120,000 Police Officers Cyber Security Training which includes all of the information they need to battle these online threats. These officers can take this information and use it to scan the internet looking for hackers and scam artists. With the right training, many of these departments have been successful in stopping these crimes before they become worse. 

    Social Media and Security 

    Another area of concern on the internet is the use of social media. Most people either have or know about any of the many social sites that are available. These sites have their own security measures in place but cannot stop the interaction that goes on between their users. There are predators on these sites who will seek out young people in order to abduct and harm them. Recently, police from many areas gathered together to take the UK police force offer 120 training programs. This was a special program that was designed to train these police teams in getting these predators on social sites arrested and convicted of their crimes. After receiving their training, many of them were able to find more of these criminals who were operating on the internet. Posing as potential victims, they were able to trap them when they planned to meet. The security that these programs offer to the public is invaluable and many police forces around the world are looking into them for their own training. 

    Cyber security is something that everyone must think about. Whether it’s your credit card and bank information or social media criminals, you want your experiences on the internet to be safe. With the proper training, you can recognize the potential danger of any website you visit.

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    Ever since the Y2K explosion, technology has been a major part of most, if not all, of our lives. From the way we consume information, to the way we interact with one another, technology is a major aspect. With every passing year technology has become more and more advanced. So much so that many of us no longer must leave home to enjoy entertainment, shop, and in some cases even work. 

    Nowadays, many people are opting to work from home, a convenience that the internet and new computer software has afforded them to do. For those who are still commuting to a physical office each day, there are various technologies and software used within companies which help their employees not only perform efficiently but get connected as well. A software company like  Interact Intranet can help employees connect with one another, making collaborating and workflow more efficient. 

    As of late, many companies have even been using artificial intelligence, also known as AI, to help with efficiency within their offices. If you are a small business owner, you may not see the benefits of using AI for your business. However, according to Forbes article, How AI Can Help Your Employees In The Digital Workplace, there are a number of benefits. One major benefit is AI in the form of a chatbot which is basically a virtual assistant. Whether you are a business owner, employee, or a customer, you can try this out. A chatbot feature comes in handy across many different platforms as it allows you to ask a plethora of questions and receive an almost immediate answer. 

    Prior to the convenience of a digital workplace, many tasks, which take minutes to do today, would have taken a much longer amount of time to complete before. Such as, sending an email, for example. Years ago, correspondence would have been sent via traditional mail. After waiting for the letter to be received, you would then have to wait for a reply. Now, something that would have taken days to do, can now be done in a matter of minutes. 

    While technology has afforded us much convenience, some would argue that the digital era has sacrifice some humanity. Though technology enables faster communication, it can also be very impersonal at times. For instance, prior to phones, people talked in person. Before texting came about, people talked on the phone. And when there was no social media, people actual talked directly and not just within the comments. 

    No matter what your take on the technological movement is, the digital era is not only here to stay, but steadily progressing at a rapid pace. Of course, technology has its cons but like anything else in life, it also has its pros. It is up to you to decide what works for you and what doesn’t. Even if AI or even many of the new apps and software isn’t your thing, technology has definitely integrated into, not only, our computers, but our lives as well.

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    Eye fatigue is a symptom of eye strain. The scientific name of this condition is asthenopia. Other symptoms of eye strain include blurred vision, headaches, double vision and pain around and in the eye. In this digital age, most people work with screens for long periods of time.

    The American Optometric Association includes neck and shoulder pain as symptoms of eye strain. According to a 2016 survey carried out by the association, 58 percent of American adults have experienced eye strain problems as a result of digital screens. In addition to this, the association points out that the digital devices reflect blue light which is responsible for eye problems.

    Causes of Eye Fatigue

    The causes of eye fatigue include: staring at the computer screen, phone screen, tablet screen, laptop screen, and TV screen for an extended period. When you focus on a visual task that is intense such as the above examples, the tightening of the ciliary muscles occurs.

    Consequently, the eyes will become uncomfortable and irritated. In addition to this, using screens with a refresh rate that is low also causes this problem. Moreover, staring at older screens of whatever nature also causes eye fatigue. Furthermore, rapidly moving images, blurred images or double images may also lead to this problem.

    Notwithstanding the screens, eye fatigue may also be caused by other issues which may cause you to strain your eyes. These include uncorrected eye problems such as binocular vision issues brought about by focusing on a visual image through a small region for a long time. This can be a camera or a video camera. In addition to, driving for long and reading a book for a long period while straining your eyes.

    How to Treat Eye Fatigue

    Eye fatigue is just one of the conditions that are brought about by straining your eyes. Therefore, relieving your eyes should be one of the ways that you can deal with this condition. However, you may be working and naturally, you can’t conveniently just quit your job. Following the tips below will assist you in dealing with it.

    Anti-Reflective Coating

    You can opt to acquire lenses with optical lenses if you wear glasses. These ones will assist in eliminating the glare that emanates from the digital screens and even the strain that is caused by driving at night. Additionally, you can choose to obtain computer glasses from a reliable dealer such as Felix Gray. The glasses will be fitted with the same coating. Furthermore, they are also designed to filter the blue light in addition to eliminating glare. Moreover, these lenses are automatically designed to remain clear even after they absorb the blue light.

    In addition to this, some of the glasses are also designed to decrease the strain on the ciliary muscle by having magnifications. However, you can opt for the non-magnified ones which also don’t have prescriptions. To find out more about these functional glasses log onto their link online.

    Take a Break

    Ophthalmologists advise anyone who uses a digital screen, to take a break from looking at it every 20 minutes. This will automatically give your eyes the much-needed rest. And with rest comes reducing eye fatigue.

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    Dr. Emrah Cinik Clinic is a clinic for hair transplants in Istanbul. They are an experienced clinic with a reliable staff and affordable price packages. They have been in practice since the past 15 years and are hoping to become one of the best hair transplants in Istanbul, Turkey.

    Dr. Cinik Hair Transplant and Plastic Surgery Clinic is a specialized clinic that has been in business for the past 15 years. It has treated patients from all over the world and consists of a highly experienced medical staff that has successfully conducted 1500 hair transplants in Turkey. Not only that but they have also conducted a large number of grafts. Look no further for a clinic that specializes in hair transplant Istanbul, Turkey.

    The hair transplant industry in Istanbul is large and ever-growing; it helps bring in tourism as well. There are over 300 clinics in Istanbul that specialize in hair transplantation hence, why so many people are attracted to visiting Istanbul for hair transplants. They gather patients from all over the world but mostly from the Middle East and the Gulf. They hope to build a name for themselves so that they may bring in customers from the USA and the UK.

    Dr. Emrah Cinik is the most experienced surgeon on their team. He specializes in advanced technology hair transplants paired with low costs.

    So who is Dr. Emrah Cinik?

    He was born in Turkey and has graduated from Uludağ University in 2002. He decided to go down the path of aesthetic and cosmetics in Bursa. He founded this clinic in 2007 and before that he was performing hair loss and hair transplantation practices in a hospital that was licensed by the Ministry of Health. As time passed by he became a reputable and trusted name in the industry.

    After his certification with ISHRS he has been regularly performing surgeries for 15 years with a high success rate. His clinic chooses state-of-the-art equipment along with the best possible hotels for accommodation that utilize only luxury cars; so that his patients are well taken care of. They offer exciting packages that are all inclusive except for flight tickets.

    Are you still wondering why you should visit Dr. Emrah’s Clinic?

    Here are a few reasons:

    • The clinic aims to be as hygienic as possible, at all times
    • Dr. Emrah is an ISHRS certified doctor 
    • The clinic is a JCI certified hospital 
    • They provide the best treatment plans
    • They have carried out a high number of grafts
    • They house an experienced medical team 
    • You won’t find an issue with a language barrier 
    • They provide the required aftercare services
    • They offer 24/7 customer service assistance 
    • They provide a 10 year guarantee certificate 
    • You won’t be caught off guard with hidden costs
    • They will offer you the best hotels for accomodation

    All surgeries are conducted at a JCI-USA certified hospital so you know you will be getting the best care possible. Along with the proper procedures and immense care that they provide for their customers their prices are 80% better than most countries like the USA, UK, Europe and Canada.

    Dr. Emrah Cinics’ Clinic offers two kinds of hair transplantation techniques. Once your consultation is over you can decide with your doctor which technique is applicable to your case.

    The two hair transplantation techniques that they offer are:

    1. FUE Hair Transplantation:

    So what is FUE Hair transplantation?

    It is mainly recommended for those people that want to get the best hair transplant that is done with the most advanced technology. It stands for “Follicular Unit Extraction” or “Individual Follicle Extraction”. It is the most advanced hair transplant technique in the market.

    It is conducted by extracting follicles individually without the need for stitches and without leaving behind scars.

    Hence, there is no better technique than the Follicular Unit Extraction and there is no one better suited than Dr. Emrah to conduct this transplantation. FUE is considered the best way to tackle hair loss at the 5-7 scale level of hair loss.

    But there is a criterion to meet if you would like to get the FUE technique done, such as:

    • People who have limited and controlled hair loss
    • People who prefer to avoid scarring
    • People with donor sites of low density
    • People who want to disguise scars from previous procedures

    2. DHI Hair Transplantation:

    What is the DHI method?

    It is the newest technique in hair transplant. The extraction is similar to the FUE method however the implanting process is different from the FUE method. Instead, the doctors use an implanter pen in the implanter process. This is called the choi technique. DHI stands for Direct Hair Implantation where follicles are implanted one by one to the thinned out area one-by-one.

    Why is a different implantation technique necessary?

    Well, it is necessary so that doctors may be able to get a higher level of density. However, DHI is for patients with a lesser level of hair loss and for patients below 40 years of age. DHI is considered the best way to tackle hair loss at a 2-4 level stage of hair loss.

    Hence, it is best if you let your doctor consider you case before settling on a technique. For example if you are a 25 year old with minimal hair loss in specific portions, DHI may be the way for you to go. However, if you have hair loss at the level of 5-6 then FUE may be your way to go.

    Below are some other services that are offered at Dr. Emrahs clinic:

    • Body hair transplant (BHT)
    • Beard hair transplant
    • Eyebrow transplant
    • Hair transplant repair
    • Strip scars repair

    In the rest of the world you may get the FUE procedure done in 6,000-10,000 € but in Dr. Emrah’s Clinic you will find it at around 2590 €.

    They have attractive price packages as well such as the primary package 2090 €, exclusive package 2590 € and the DHI all inclusive package which is priced at 2990 €. Their packages include everything like the consultation, PRP, surgery, transport and accommodation. Furthermore, if there is a language barrier they provide a host in your personal language as well. After the surgery you can even contact an expert through Whatsapp with any concerns you may have.

    The exclusive package contains everything the primary package does along with a Body Hair transplant if required a needle free anesthesia.

    The DHI package contains transport and accommodation along with Dr. Emrahs’ consultation with you post and pre surgery. They also issue a guarantee certificated where if your hair does not grow then the retreatment is free of cost along with the required medications.

    If you would like to get a hair transplant from the best hair transplant in Istanbul then Dr. Emrah Cinic Clinic is your place to go. With affordable and attractive price packages that are all inclusive of consultation, medication, accommodation and so much more.

    If you want more in-depth information about the choice you want to make their website has a blog as well through which they relay important information and discuss crucial topics in regards to hair transplantation. They have blog posts discussing things such as: what is the healing time? What are the maximum number of implants that can be done in a day? What are the benefits of PRP? What are the difference between FUE and DHI?

    Dr Emrahs clinic is the best hair transplant in Turkey, which is why you will not be let down by their highly experienced team that has been in practice for over 15 years. They offer you the best results and the best before and after care that is necessary after any surgery. Despite being the best in Turkey they are easy on the pocket and will treat you like you are their most prized customer. 

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Hair Transplant Clinic
    Contact Person: Dr. Emrah Cinik
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +90 542 234 00 34
    City: Istanbul
    Country: Turkey

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    As cannabis becomes more and more accepted throughout the country, businesses are going to need to accommodate to the new market. Specifically, dispensaries are going to have to make a concerted effort to hire the very best of potential employees. One of the most important jobs at a legal marijuana dispensary is that of the Budtender. Budtenders are essentially the retail clerks in charge of making sure that customers get their products while following all of the proper state and federal regulations. 

    The role of Budtender is highly coveted in this new market and that means that there are going to be many potentially bad faith employees looking to take advantage of the job. Today, we are going to look at how you can make sure that you are hiring the best people for any cannabis jobs. We’ll primarily be focusing on the role of a budtender, but these tips apply to many other jobs in the field. 

    Hiring for the Role of Budtender 

    Whether you are working for a brand-new dispensary or an old dispensary, you still need to focus on hiring the right people. As in any other retail service industry, the point of interaction between your customers and your clerk is going to be the most important moment of their shopping experience. With that being said, if a regular retail employee messes up then maybe they get fired. If a Budtender messes up, there could be real legal ramifications. Here are a few of our highlighted tips that could lead you to find the perfect Budtender for your business. 

    Look for Experience

    Rather than looking for employees who already have experience in the cannabis industry, opt to focus on experience. Look for people who have extensive experience in the realm of customer service. It’s easier to train a great employee to handle cannabis software like Green Bits than the other way around. When you DO look at experienced resumes, make sure to follow up on any potential references. Don’t leave any stone unturned, make sure that you maximize your ability to hire the right team members. 

    Embrace the Background Check

    While the cannabis industry isn’t intrinsically tied to crime, it never hurts to make sure that your potential employees have a clean background. Embrace a full background check and don’t hesitate to spend the money necessary to get all of the information that you need. Background checks don’t need to be the deciding factor, but they still count for something. 

    Be Patient in Your Search

    We understand that there might be a pressing need to fill a position quickly, but don’t fall into the trap of hiring too quickly. It’s easier to take your time finding the right employee than it is to fire a bad one. Remember the old adage, measure twice, cut once. 

    Hiring a Budtender is one of the most important positions in your entire company. Don’t hesitate to utilize our tips while digging for more information before hiring a new employee. With any luck, you’ll get the perfect staff member for the job.

    Media Contact
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    Contact Person: Maria R. Addison
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    Phone: 518-580-1241
    Country: United States

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    They say the eyes are the windows to the soul and for some, their eyes are considered their best feature. In many Muslim countries, the eyes are typically the only part of a woman’s body that is visible. And so, many Muslim women tend to emphasize and enhance their eyes with the use of eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara. 

    When it comes to makeup, not everyone is adept at such a skill. And so, the art of applying makeup flawlessly, especially eyeshadow, may not be for everyone. However, even if you are a novice makeup artist or an absolute beginner, there are lots of other simple makeup applications you can use to beautify your eyes. Amazingly enough, simply adding eyeliner and/or mascara to your eyes can enhance your look dramatically. 

    Eyeliner is pretty basic and doesn’t change much from brand to brand. However, when it comes to mascara, there are a few different options to choose from. There are mascaras that specialize in doing various things. Some claim to thicken the lashes, while others claim to elongate them. Regardless of whichever one you choose; most women have the same issue with mascara and that is clumping. In order to avoid a clumpy caked on mess, proper technique when applying mascara is important. 

    When applying mascara, for best results, you should apply in thin coats so that you can build up the product by layering it on. Your technique when applying is just as important as the product itself. You want to start at the base of the lash and using a side to side motion, slowly work your way up. This allows for the lashes to remain separate and also distributes the mascara evenly. 

    Eye makeup has always been a huge draw when it comes to makeup, as proven by depictions of ancient Egyptians. And in the Fashion industry, especially during the ’80s, lots of heavy eye makeup has been used for magazine shoots and even runway shows. Makeup has come a long way since then. So much so, that YouTube is saturated with makeup tutorials that can help even the most unversed novice recreate expert level looks. 

    If you are not even sure where to start, as far as what makeup to purchase, there are plenty of sites that offer more insight into different products. Rank & Style publishes Top 10 lists in a variety of beauty categories which they compile from various outside sources and are based on popular opinion. However, if you’d like to get more information on a particular item, such as an in-depth review, there are plenty of them available on YouTube. 

    Whether you’re just trying to enhance your look or wanting to become a makeup artist, proper technique is as, if not more, important than the product. A $50 tube of mascara will clump the same as a $5 one if it is not applied correctly. In most things, less is more. And when it comes to makeup, this statement couldn’t be any closer to the truth.

    Media Contact
    Company Name:
    Contact Person: Mae S. Deshotel
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 815-357-5940
    Country: United States

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    Worldwide Fulfillment Services | proudly supports Advocates of Love, the only children’s home in the Samana Province, Dominican Republic in order to help vulnerable children with physical, educational, and medical care.

    Chamblee, Georgia – December 21, 2018 – is an e-commerce order management company that provides fulfillment services around the world. In October of 2018, they hosted their 2nd annual client appreciation event, called Ghosts and Guns, to help raise money for Advocates of Love, an organization that provides relief to suffering children and orphans in poverty-stricken locations.


    Justin Singletary, the CEO of, remarked: “We’re more than just a dynamic e-commerce fulfillment service to the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Europe, Australia and beyond – we’re also working to better the world in which we do business.”

    About Advocates of Love – Helping Suffering Children in the DR Since 2013

    Advocates of Love was founded in 2013 by Mike Clark with the desire to provide care and education for children in the Samana Province of the Dominican Republic. With so many orphans and children in this area suffering and without assistance, they decided to create a partnership with a local church to create the first ministry and children’s home within the entire province. The home provides 24-hour care to meet the physical, emotional, educational, and spiritual needs of children who meet the CONANI standards as well as community-based care for those that meet certain standards set forth by the charity. Discover more about Advocates of Love and their commitment to helping vulnerable children while sharing their mission experiences with communities and organizations in the United States.


    About – Trusted to Manage the Complexities of Your Order Fulfillment! provides e-commerce fulfillment services to empower internet retailers to sell everything to everyone. They can help reduce shipping costs, automate fulfillment, and help businesses expand into new markets thanks to their optimized systems and processes. Their services extend to the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and beyond thanks to a global logistics infrastructure that can ship millions of B2B and B2C orders to more than 150 countries from their distribution centers.

    If you are interested in partnering with a company that offers dynamic services while working to better the world, contact to learn more about what they can do to manage the complexities of your e-commerce order fulfillment.

    Contact for Fulfillment Services that Help Make the World a Better Place

    Rachel Simons, Corporate Communications
    Phone: 800.277.6096

    Media Contact
    Company Name:
    Contact Person: Brenda Marion
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 1-800-277-6096
    Country: United States

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    Blinds and Shutters Perth, WA – Sola Shade
    Sola Shade is the leading supplier and installer of premium quality Kudos Louvre roof systems in Australia!

    Perth, Western Australia – December 21, 2018 – Sola shade is Australia’s most trusted brand that provides high-quality kudos louvre roof systems at an affordable price. They are specialised in supply and installation of high-quality indoor and outdoor blinds, shutters, awnings, and other shade systems from the world’s premium brands.

    One of the technicians of Sola Shade stated, “Sola Shade is the one stop shop for affordable, high-quality shade systems. All our products are fully engineered and tested for reliability. We provide the concepts that go beyond ordinary in delivering the most innovative patio structures that are suitable for any architecture.”

    He continued, “Louvre Roof systems create an extension of a house right in their own backyard. With adjustable louvre roof systems, people can enjoy the fresh air and natural beauty of their outdoors without feeling like they are actually outside. When compared to traditional awnings, the Louvre roof systems offer a more elegant look and more of a sun and shade combination to a backyard.”

    “Our louvre roof in Perth is made of extruded aluminium and is incredibly durable that provides years of high performance. The kudos louvre roofs are designed and manufactured to withstand high winds, hail, snow, rain, and the hot scorching sun. With patio and deck living, people will get the most beautiful louvred roof that fulfils the outdoor living space desires and uniquely matched the rest of the landscape,” he added.

    The firm’s manager stated, “The durable powder coated Louvre roofing systems are available in different colours so that you can customise according to your home décor and budget. Our kudos louvre roof is waterproof and features its own in-built guttering system and is available both in manual and motorised. In fact, with kudos louvre roof systems you can save on your cooling and heating costs to help keep your expenses down. At Sola Shade, we help you right from advising of your options and helping you choose the right shading solution to how to operate them once installed, “he concluded.

    One of their clients added, “All our dealings with Sola Shade have been pleasant and cordial from the attendant at Osborne Park showroom to Ash and Paul whose workmanship and effort have been exceptional. I’m delighted with the result; it enhanced my property.”

    The Sola Shade team has considerable experience in both residential and commercial project, with years of experience in Louvre roof systems covering Australia wide.

    About Sola Shade

    Sola Shade is Australia’s most trusted brand that supply and install high-quality Kudos Louvre Roof Systems at an economical price. Visit for more details.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Sola Shade
    Contact Person: Stewart Graham
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: (08) 9389 1003
    Address:127 Stirling Highway
    City: Perth
    State: Western Australia
    Country: Australia

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    One can choose from plans that have been designed on the concept of ‘pay as you use’. They have suitable plans for small businesses, startups, corporate enterprises and others.

    In the majority of the cases, the cost comes as one of the primary factors to determine the purchase of a product or a service. Waiver Digital has kept its subscription plans so reasonable that even a small business can easily afford it. They have different kinds of plans, however. The basic plan starts at $9.99 per month and one can store up to 70 waivers every month. They have an unlimited plan as well, with a monthly cost of $499.99 per month, and one can store unlimited number of waivers under this plan.

    Waiver Digital Introduces Waiver App & Online Waiver System With Affordable Plans

    The online waiver system has been designed, keeping the requirements of all types of businesses in concern. More importantly, they also offer a 30-day free trial of the plans, for anyone to evaluate the effectiveness of this digital waiver management system. The spokesperson reveals that a user needs to pay for as per the features used by him or her. A small company that requires 20 waivers or less every month can get a free lifetime plan from the company. More importantly, one can upgrade or downgrade their plan at any time. A user needs not to sign a long-term contract with the company and is also free to cancel the subscription plan. The spokesperson also reveals that the waivers are stored forever, and the company never deletes any waiver from their database.

    The digital waiver management system will work on desktops, tablets as well as mobile phones. The waiver app is a user-friendly application for anyone to sign up and store waivers electronically at a faster pace. The app is available in both App Store and Google Play for both iOS and Android users, respectively. One can simply install the application onto their device and can get ready for using their mobile devices as a mobile signup station. According to the spokesperson, whether someone uses the Waiver Digital’s mobile app or the online browser based system, their payment information and data will remain safe. By adopting a stringent validation process, the payment security is ensured for each individual subscriber of the plans.

    Waiver Digital Introduces Waiver App & Online Waiver System With Affordable Plans

    Instead of using paper waivers, Waiver Digital brings a user-friendly, cost-effective as well as flexible choice to sign, collect and store electronic waivers. The waiver software created by them offers a simple waiver signup process. One can collect waivers from a computer or through a mobile device that is loaded with the Waiver Digital mobile application. Interestingly, the mobile app can keep collecting waivers even in the offline mode. When there is no internet connection, one can collect and store waivers locally. Once the mobile device enters the Wi-Fi network, one can upload the waivers that were collected locally. The mobile application thus keeps collecting waivers incessantly, and this adds to the benefits of a waiver collection business. The spokesperson states that the waiver signup using a mobile device is a seamless process, and this is the reason why the Waiver Digital mobile app is becoming popular every day.

    One can learn more about the pricing model of the Waiver Digital online system by visiting the website

    About Waiver Digital

    Waiver Digital has created an Online Waiver System that helps people get rid of the traditional paper waivers forever. One can set up the digital waivers in 2 minutes and can start signing, collecting and storing waivers using a computer browser of a mobile application.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Waiver Digital
    Contact Person: Eric Johnson
    Email: Send Email
    Country: United States

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    Glendale, CA – Renowned personal injury lawyer, John Akopian, is pleased to announce the relocation of his law office to the heart of Glendale, Los Angeles.

    Since 2005, John Akopian has been certified by the Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization as an immigration and nationality law specialist. After graduating from the University of West Los Angeles, John Akopian founded his law firm, John Akopian Law Firm, and has since been providing reputable law services in the Glendale area.

    “Growing up, I knew I wanted a career in which I would be able to make a difference in the lives of those living in my community,” says Akopian. “Legal studies came easily to me and I believed becoming a lawyer would be a tremendous opportunity to help those in need. This is one of the main reasons I decided to enter the law profession.”

    In his law firm, John Akopian provides a full range of services to clients in the Glendale area, including personal injury, bankruptcy, criminal defense, civil litigations, immigration and business dispute cases. Along with his team of dedicated attorneys and consultants, John Akopian is fully committed to providing the highest quality support services for families and individuals with honesty and integrity.

    To help support his local community, John Akopian has relocated his law firm to a new location in the heart of Glendale. 

    “Having served thousands of clients over the years, I know how difficult it can be for clients to access the law services they desperately need,” states Akopian. “Whether because of transportation limitations, monetary restraints, or mobility issues, it is important for me to be a location that is easily accessible for my clients. This is what led me to relocate.”

    John Akopian’s law firm can now be found at 144 N Glendale Ave, Suite 206, Glendale, CA 91206.

    Video Link: 

    For more information about John Akopian and his law firm, please visit his website at John Akopian.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: John Akopian Law Firm
    Contact Person: John Akopian
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 1-818-244-0050
    City: Glendale
    State: CA
    Country: United States

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    Brooklyn, NY – Exotically Fresh: Events & Catering isdelighted to extend an open invitation to their pop up restaurant Christmas Fusion Twist which will be serving delicious Hawaiian-Caribbean fusion cuisine and crafted ciders. The event will be held over the course of three evenings, from Saturday December 29 to Monday January 31, 2018, from 6 pm to midnight, at 20, Cook Street, in Brooklyn.

    Founders Mila Belice and Moya Dewar say the event is the perfect way for friends and families members of any age to celebrate the New Year:

    “We’ve gone all out with the menus,” says Ms. Belice. “The dishes we’ve created are quite spectacular and are sure to be a huge success. And the cost for tickets is very reasonable. Be sure to get your tickets soon, as sales end on December 31st. You really don’t want to miss out!”

    Menus for each of the three evenings vary:

    Saturday, December 29 is a Sip and Chat, with wine and a choice of delicious appetizers. 

    Sunday, December 30 offers a delectable three-course meal, with a choice of appetizers, entrée and dessert. Wine, beer, and cider are sold separately at this event.

    Monday, December 31 is the Masquerade New Year’s Eve Party, complete with a three-course meal, and wine, beer and cider sold separately. 

    Click here to view the menus.

    About the Company

    A full service event planning, floral design and catering boutique, Exotically Fresh: Events & Catering is available to fulfill any event needs.

    Owner, Creative and Marketing Director Mila Belice has over 15 years of event planning and floral design experience. A graduate of the New York School of Interior Design, she is highly regarded as a marketing expert and has a gift of bringing an aesthetic flair to the events she organizes.

    Partner/Venue Manager Chef Moya Dewar, the founder of OM caterers, has worked with some of the finest chefs in the industry in a variety of sophisticated restaurants. Her love and passion for food is made quite evident in the dishes to be served at the Christmas Fusion Twist events.

    A portion of the proceeds for Christmas Fusion Twist will be donated to a Brooklyn resident, a dialysis patient who was involved in a fire that destroyed all his belongings.

    Ticket sales will end on Dec. 31, at 8:00 pm local time.

    For more information, and to order tickets, Visit:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Exotically Fresh: Events & Catering
    Contact Person: Mila Belice
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 347-470-3891
    Country: United States

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    Duletai New Material Co., Ltd introduces their new inflatable floating platform with astounding features and also materials for paddle boards.

    Maintaining the company’s well-known reputation of keep offering high quality fabrics and materials, Haining Duletai New Material Co., Ltd now brings materials for paddle boards and other floating platforms. With large air valves, the inflatable floating platforms are very much durable and stable for a long-term use. These platforms are suitable for working, playing or just for relaxing in an idle manner.

    Haining Duletai New Material Co., Ltd Launches Inflatable Floating Platform That Showcases Extra Stability & Durability

    The company spokesperson reveals that the inflatable floating platform consists of heavy duty drop stitch material that provides it an extra stability and durability.  The large air valves of the platform allow quick inflation and deflation and which adds to the flexibility of using the platform. It can easily be deflated and can be packed down to a manageable size for the storage purposes or transporting to a new location. A quick inflation allows to make it ready for a water-bound activity.  It has soft neoprene handles in all sides that facilitate an ease of using for each individual. They have inflatable floating platforms in different sizes that can accommodate different number of people. The common capacities may range from 3-5 people to 8-10 people.

    Besides the inflatable platform, the company also brings materials for paddle boards. Made by Durainflate, it comes with the advantage of the heavy duty drop stitch material. The company can handle all OEM/ODM paddle board orders and can provide samples to the clients as per their demand. Clients can also share their design and other details for getting custom-made paddle board samples. The spokesperson reveals that they already are working with several popular American and Canadian brands, and has the capacity of fulfilling the custom requirements of the client companies. They can supply both single chamber and double chamber boards with an outstanding flatness to maintain a precise balance for an adventurous experience on the water surface. According to the spokesperson, they generally require a couple of week’s time to customize the specification of a paddle board and supply it to the customers.

    The company is currently focusing on the double chamber paddle board to deliver it with the ulterior quality and safety standards in the paddle board market. With small isolated air chambers, it can guarantee a floatation buoyancy of 20-40%. The company’s advanced technology improves the user safety when he or she is in deep water on a paddle board. The double chamber of the paddle board comes with an integrated construction that adds extra air pillars for the safety of the user.  The chamber design increases the stiffness and flatness of the board, and which gives a rider a feel like riding a hard board. According to the spokesperson, this board is more dynamic, allowing one to explore or voyage more the deep sea water.

    To learn more about the paddle board or the inflatable water platform the company supplies, one can visit the website

    About Haining Duletai New Material Co., Ltd

    Haining Duletai New Material Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and exporter of all kinds of PVC tarpaulin fabrics, flex banner fabrics, projection screen fabrics, fiberglass roller blind fabrics and so on. The company has worldwide advanced weaving, calendering, laminating and knife coating production lines. The industrial fabric offered by the company comprises of high performance standard as well as custom finished industrial fabric options that are made available in different widths as well as for meeting different end-application demands, including in sectors of Automotive, Agricultural, Structures, Canopies, Covers, Military and others.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Haining Duletai New Material Co.,Ltd
    Contact Person: Alex
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86-573-87798816
    State: Zhejiang
    Country: China

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    Music lovers can once again explore the stock of China-hifi-Audio to find out a new range of Yaqin amplifiers.

    The online store of China-hifi-Audio keeps introducing new electronics for music lovers from time to time. They have products from popular brands and customers can find all high quality products in a single place. At the same time, China-hifi-Audio keeps the prices of the products pretty lower for customers to purchase them and enjoy quality, soft and sweet music at home or studio. Recently, they have introduced several new amplifiers from Yaqin, which can amplify the music quality for the music lovers to enhance their music listening experience.

    According to the spokesperson of the online store, they have now extended their Yaqin amplifier range by including a few new products. The Yaqin audio electronics factory is well known for supplying superior quality amplifiers, and customers can now purchase those amplifiers at reduced prices from China-hifi-Audio. Yaqin with a large team of engineers and technicians can design and produce world class electronics for the music industry. The spokesperson reveals that each Yaqin product undergoes a strict inspection and besides improving the process, the appearance of the items is also upgraded by the company. The online store has all the improved quality Yaqin amplifiers in their stock for customers to purchase them online, sitting comfortably at home.

     China-hifi-Audio Announces New Yaqin Amplifiers for Music Lovers to Enjoy Pulsating Music

    The spokesperson specially mentions about the Yaqin MC-100B tube integrated amplifier, which comes with a two connection mode special design. The amplifier can operate on the two modes of Ultra Linear Amplifier mode and the triode mode. With a shipping weight of 30kg, the 100% brand new amplifier is shipped in the original edition box. The body of the amplifier is available in three different colors of black, silver and golden, and it can operate in a voltage range of 100V to 240V. The spokesperson states that its preamplifier uses the SRPP amplification circuit and the Cathode output circuit. This one amplifier can have two different kinds of use functions of Integrated Amplifier mode and the pure Power Amplifier mode. The output transformer of the amplifier uses audio special stalloy and high-strength anaerobic enamel-insulated wires. The amplifier is often appreciated for its superior performance.

    Besides Yaqin amplifiers, the online store also brings the Copper Colour audiophile cable, available at affordable prices and with free shipping. The cable comes with XLR connectors and the Hi-Fi audio interconnecting cord pair. With a comprehensive strength, the cable exhibits an excellent performance in all frequency bands. The spokesperson reveals that this audiophile cable is capable of interpreting the emotions, rhythm and the strength for a smooth and natural transition of music.

    One can learn more about the Yaqin amplifiers and the audiophile cable now available in their stock by visiting the website

    About China-hifi-Audio

    China-hifi-Audio is an audiophile tube amplifier online shop. The online shop supplies a wide variety of hi-fi vacuum tube stereo integrated amplifier, hi-end CD player, cables, audiophile valve preamp, power amp and speakers. China-hifi-audio sells products from some great Chinese well-known brands, like Line Magnetic Audio, Cayin, MUZISHARE, Music Angel, Yaqin, Meixing Mingda, Qinpu, Bewitch, Shengya, JungSon, LITE, Dussun, Opera Consonance, Shanling, RFTLYS, Bada etc.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: China-Hifi-Audio
    Contact Person: Yong Lee
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86-1371134 6090
    City: Guangzhou
    Country: China

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    The Internet of Things + blockchain project Waltonchain has recently released a letter to its community supporters along with a Waltonchain ecosystem illustration and mainnet swap schedule. Waltonchain uses its unique parent/child cross-chain consensus mechanism, combines software and hardware, and utilizes RFID chips with blockchain integration to create an ecosystem that could potentially benefit all industries involving supply chain management. Mr. Mo Bing, Waltonchain CEO, revealed that in 2019 the project will seek community and operations autonomy.

    According to the updated schedule, the Waltonchain mainnet token swap will happen on March 31st, 2019.

    The just-released Waltonchain ecosystem diagram illustrates different layers in the ecosystem structure: from industry use cases and child chains that collect data through hardware devices to Super Master Nodes that deal with cross-chain data uploading to the main chain. As seen in the illustration, GMN and MN nodes will play their roles in the main blockchain; however, detailed information is yet to be released by Waltonchain team.

    In the letter addressed to community supporters, Waltonchain CEO Mr. Mo Bing said:

    “Waltonchain is an enterprise jointly operated by the global users. Our product is both software and hardware. Our core concept is that we use the product to expand our market, gain profit, achieve WTC circulation and thus establish a virtuous cycle. Detours and errors are common in this process; however, we implement it step by step and will not be hindered by small setbacks. Waltonchain mainnet is about to go open source, our software is ready and our hardware enters mass production. Waltonchain is just about to enter the rapid development phase.”


    Waltonchain positions itself as a global leader in blockchain and IoT. The latest update from Waltonchain team and the letter from their CEO calling upon supporters to join building the ecosystem have boosted confidence for this project during the prolonged bear market.

    Waltonchain’s highly anticipated blockchain + IoT supply chain management solutions will greatly affect the demand for WTC once we see working products and child-chain data synchronization with the main chain. We’ll keep an eye on its latest development.

    A Letter to Waltonchain Supporters:

    Dear global Waltonchain supporters,

    Thank you for your continued support for the Waltonchain team. As of today, Waltonchain has 18 SMNs, 2281 MNs (including 1563 GMNs) and 25,477 WTC accounts (excluding personal accounts on exchange platforms). Our nodes spread over 59 countries globally. Every day we receive messages with all kinds of valuable suggestions for Waltonchain development from our supporters. It is your continuous supervision that always reminds us that Waltonchain still has a long journey to go and a lot to be done.

    Waltonchain is an enterprise jointly operated by the global users. Our product is both software and hardware. Our core concept is that we use the product to expand our market, gain profit, achieve WTC circulation and thus establish a virtuous cycle. Detours and errors are common in this process; however, we implement it step by step and will not be hindered by small setbacks. Waltonchain mainnet is about to go open source, our software is ready and our hardware enters mass production. Waltonchain is just about to enter the rapid development phase.

    Blockchain is decentralized, so Waltonchain has to be decentralized, or multicentralized, as well. Our first step is comprehensive promotion of community autonomy in 2019. Walton Chain Foundation will encourage global users to join the Waltonchain community and accelerate the parent-child-chain ecosystem construction. The second step is operation autonomy. When the mainnet is open source, every qualified individual or enterprise can become a manufacturer and supplier of hardware and software products in the Waltonchain ecosystem to jointly promote the circulation and appreciation of WTC.

    It seems to us that you are not just “supporters”. You are rather Waltonchain “builders”; and the common cause brings us together. Although the cryptocurrency market in 2018 can be described as terrible, we remain strong. Warren Buffett once said, “Only when the tide goes out do you discover who’s been swimming naked.” And regarding the market fall, he also said, “…We welcome lower market prices of stocks we own as an opportunity to acquire even more of a good thing at a better price”.

    Therefore, our dear friends, the real battle has just begun!

    – Mo Bing, CEO – Waltonchain 
    December 19, 2018

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Shenzhen Wovochain Technology Co., Ltd
    Contact Person: Phoenix
    Email: Send Email
    Country: China

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    VLane Capital today announced that it had invested in the latest star in the blockchain gaming world, Ludos Protocol. While the investment sum was not disclosed, the fund’s CEO said that the investment was made in the middle of 2018 and expressed confidence that the investment would yield manyfold the original amount.

    “The growing gaming industry is ripe for disruption and definitely has room for new technologies and forms of gameplay,” said Joy Hao, CEO of VLane Capital, which has an early stage kitty of USD20 million to invest. The fund is often referred to as the Sequoia Capital of blockchain funds.

    Figure 1: Joy Hao at Ludos Protocol’s Dubai meetup

    According to Digi-Capital, the global revenue generated by selling game software and hardware exceeded 200 billion dollars in 2017. The year-on-year growth rate reached approximately 50% and revenue from software accounted for more than 75% of the total revenue. In 2021, the global game industry is expected to generate more than $300 billion dollars. Tencent’s game department has already contributed more than 70% of its revenue.

    “Ludos Protocol has demonstrated that their approach to blockchain gaming is sound. Their investors and partners are a testament to their innovative approach,” she added, referring to their long list of investors. They include Softbank, Du Capital, Punk Capital, BA Capital, CollinStar, ONO Capital and more. Their partners span many regions, including Zabeel Group in the U.A.E. and FullPay in Japan. They’ve also signed on their first gaming partner, Imperial Throne, a war-themed game.

    Ms. Hao will join their advisory board, which oversees Ludos Protocol’s development. She has nearly a decade of financial services experience and began investing in blockchain projects and cryptocurrencies in 2014. Her track record speaks for itself, where her investments have yielded a return of at least 30% annually. She has invested in equities, real estate and now promising blockchain projects.

    Her investment philosophy is to identify unique projects, invest in them long-term and lead their development. “VLane Capital is incredibly optimistic about technology. The next few years will be really exciting for the space and it’s possible that blockchain companies will have mainstream applications in the next 2 to 3 years.”

    Despite a cryptocurrency bear market, Ms. Hao is keen to continue investing in blockchain projects, but highlights her concerns. “There are many good ideas in China, with many underexplored, due to the current market. There is also an issue of funding, where funds don’t know how to approach investing in technology or ignore the sector altogether. That said, in every dark cloud, there is a silver lining. It simply means we have more options to invest in.

    “In China, we are blessed to have a big pool of talented professionals and the breadth of technical knowledge, which will be crucial in building sturdy foundations.”

    Referring to VLane Capital’s investment in Ludos Protocol, Ms. Hao doubled down on her support. “Blockchain gaming is really the future of gaming. VLane Capital is happy to support and grow innovations that will advance not only how games reward gamers, but also push the rise of independent game developers. This will create a significant economy of its own, as more and more people are willing to pay for games that entertain them, and reward them for their time.”

    About VLane Capital

    VLane Capital is a blockchain ecosystem fund committed to funding projects with a focus on building the blockchain infrastructure, improving security and scalability, and connecting business, user and developer communities across the globe.

    About Ludos Protocol

    Ludos Protocol is a purpose-built blockchain infrastructure project for the gaming community. As only the third blockchain project to be backed by Japanese investment giant Softbank, Ludos addresses numerous shortcomings in the existing gaming landscape. Its main chain + multi-sidechain architecture allows games to run entirely on their own blockchain, preventing scalability issues that have plagued previous blockchain-based games. Additionally, the Protocol seeks to create a gamer-friendly ecosystem whereby game developers and gamers can come together to easily crowdfund and build on the platform. The use of non-fungible tokens (NFT’s) within the ecosystem will allow gamers to swap assets in one game for assets in another. Finally, through their partnership with FullPay Japan, Ludos will give gamers the chance to use LUD tokens that are earned in-game to shop and buy at a range of retail stores in Japan and later the world.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Ludos Protocol
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Email: Send Email
    Country: Singapore

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